Monday, May 11, 2015

Student Anthology of Short Stories 2015

Edited by Karina Rahma Hadianti

By Abdul Rohim Indra W

You’re making a mistake.”
I’m sorry you feel that way, Mr. William. Our decision has been made.”
There’s nothing more to be said. Your final check will be in the mail tomorrow. Dean and I thank you for your services.”
Ben William sat behind the desk in the dingy room, his office, staring at the silent receiver held in his hand waiting the voice at the other end to come back. After a few moments, the phone started beeping, the call was off. The sound echoed hollowly throughout the room, perfectly showing the empty feeling that had suddenly appeared in his gut. His right hand reached down to the drawer where he kept a slightly dirty bottle of Miero, half empty and soon to be more. He removed the top from the bottle and took a long swallow. Ben sighed.
The case had been about kids, but for Ben it had started with this one. Mia Johnson, eight year old daughter of Nick and Dean Johnson, had gone missing after school about a week ago. The cops asked some questions at her school
So how is the result, sir?” Dean asked to the cops.
We had asked some important people in your daughter’s school. It seems like she had just run away.” The cops said. The Johnsons weren’t satisfied with that assessment and had hired Ben to find Mia.
Ben got some files in the department about similar case; there were a lot of kids that had gone missing in the last two months, almost three dozen all told. The most of the kids were low income, if not outright homeless.
Ben went down to the streets. He went to Mia’s school and the surrounding apartments. Then, found nothing, even he continued to the other side of the city. However, everywhere he went he asked the same questions: Has anyone seen anything? Does anyone know about these missing kids? For three days he was disappointed, until finally, he got a bite. He’d heard a group of old lady talking about the case. So he got Max.
Danny Max?”
Yes, my ladies. Did you know that he is the owner of a pharmacy store?”
The one kept a production plant outside of town?”
Yes. I think that he is so weird, creepy man, and you know what, he….”
As Ben walked and the sound of the ladies faded away, it made a sick kind of sense that Max might took kids as unwilling, unpaid subjects for new drugs they were testing. It was a long shot, but Mia didn’t fit the profile of the rest of the missing kids, but Ben had been desperate to find even the thinnest footprint to follow.
The plant lay on a property outside of the city where Max kept a house that served as his primary residence when he was in town. Ben had been stalking the place out for the last three days and had seen several unmarked vans driven by pairs of suit wearing toughs coming and going from the main entrance. He’d planned on taking a closer look tonight. But then, when he’d been at the office getting ready to head over to the plant, the phone got his ears.
Hello, Mr. Ben? It is me, Nick ”
Yes, can I help you, Nick?”
About my daughter, I would like to thank before. But we are sorry, we don’t need you to keep looking into our daughter again, Mr. Ben.”
The call ended. Ben leaned back in his chair and looked into the bottle. Suddenly, he came to the decision, there were kids at risk. He might not be getting paid for this. He took his coat from the chair and threw it on before reaching into the other drawer where he kept his Magnum, and make sure it was loaded. With that he stepped out into the hallway.
Dark clouds covered the winter moon as Ben moved the car to the side of the road and pulled into a small clearing he had discovered earlier in the week. He got out and hastily removed a tarp from the back seat and threw it over the car. He had stopped about a mile short of the entrance, getting too close wouldn’t serve for any kind of sneaking.
He reached the fence without incident. He had scouted the area and found an expanse of fence where the trees covered the view of the security cameras and was out of sight of the main gate. Earlier today he had used a pair of wire cutters to make an entrance. Then he was in. There didn’t seem to be any physical security on the grounds. He decided to start looking at the house.
He stopped behind the closest tree and was considering how to proceed when the front door opened and three figures stepped outside. The first Ben knew only by reputation, by his too wide smile identified him as Danny Max. Ben’s jaw dropped when he saw the people behind Max were Nick and Dean Johnson. Ben was just close enough to hear their conversation.
Can we see her, Mr. Max?”
Oh absolutely, absolutely my dear, Nick.”
Please hurry, Sir. We are so worry about her”
Relax, we’re going now. Just follow me.”
Max led the Johnsons around behind the house. Ben followed, silent as a shadow. At first Ben assumed they would be going to the pharmaceutical plant to the west of the house but he was wrong. Instead, Max walked directly south, straight into woods that were even thicker than those through which Ben had approached the compound. They walked for maybe fifteen minutes, Ben was struggling to stay quiet and keep the Max’s flashlight in sight. After a time he could see a strange stuff ahead which, once they got close enough, he could identify as a bonfire set. He stopped about fifty feet short of the fire and hid himself behind a tree. He could see the Johnsons were confused. Nick obviously enraged shouting at Max.
What’s the meaning of this, Max? You said you were taking us to see our daughter!?”
And so I have, Nick, so I have. She’ll be here shortly. The fire, you see. We’ve found it draws them.” Max smiled and moved to a tree at the edge of the clearing.
Where is she, Mr. Max? It’s just a bonfire set”
Calm down, Mrs. Johnson. Ah, here she is now.”
Oh, my God! Honey!” Dean Johnson ran toward Mia. Ben recognized Mia from the pictures her parents had given him. Her once sparkling eyes were dull and empty. A dried reddish stain was around her mouth. The girl was dressed in rags, her hands and feet bare. She shuffled forward almost stumbling into the fire, paying no mind to her parents or the heat. Something was wrong.
Dean Johnson grabbed her child sweeping her up in a hug. Ben saw a look of ecstasy on the girl’s face and suddenly, terrible hunger entered her eyes before she opened her mouth and sank her teeth into her mother’s neck. Dean screamed and Nick lunged for his wife as a fountain of blood came out from her neck washing Mia’s face in gore. The girl rode her mother to the ground like a wild animal.
Nick was struggling to pull Mia off Dean when Ben saw other small shapes had entered the clearing. Nick didn’t notice until the things that had once been children were practically on top of him. Ben turned and ran.
He sprinted through the forest to escape, mindless now of the noise he was making. Branches reached out and tried to tangle his arms. Unluckily, a root caught his foot and sent him down rolling. His head kissed a tree. Blackout.
When he awoke the first thing he noticed was the pain, next the cold. Shaking his head to try to clear it Ben looked around. His hands were united with rope to the trunk of a tree above his head. To his front, Max stood, the bonfire burning behind him. He held Ben’s Magnum in his hands.
Ah, Mr. William, good you’re awake,” he smiled.
You have my admiration. Excellent detective work these past few days, if not the most discrete. I hope you didn’t think you were being especially sneaky.” He sighed,
It would have gone easier for you if you would have just taken the hint when I had the Johnsons let you go. They were so frantic at the thought of being reunited with their daughter. They were fully prepared to do any little thing I asked. But here we are. I must say, this is truly an excellent firearm.” He admired the magnum for another moment before pointing it at Ben and pulling the trigger. The sound was enormous. A blossom of agony roared up Ben’s leg and then dulled. When he opened his eyes he saw the shattered ruin that had once been his right foot.
Brother, I’d tell you to simply walk away from this but you’ve missed that chance already and it’d be quite impossible now for reasons. However, as I’ve confessed my admiration, I’ve decided to give you a sporting chance. There’s a very realistic possibility you’ll bleed out before the children get hungry again. Good luck!” He walked out into the woods.
Ben lay there in the snow, the white around him slowly turning red. His eyesight was fading. At the edge of his vision, he could just make out small shapes enter the clearing and slowly walked towards him. He began slipping into unconsciousness, freezing flesh. His last thought before his entire world was consumed by blackness and pain was that he guessed he’d been right at the office after all.

By M. Abirzaim Veraldy

Time machine was finally invented in 3030. The first inventor was a genius and flamboyant professor called Josh Macintosh. That was me. My work had been received a patent. Other professors could not achieved what I had done, thus it created me to be the most famous figure in the world. I had received many awards which are mostly from his time machine. As a famous figure, I had drawn public’s attention and jealousy. This whole thing was not easily achieved by me though. I had been enduring in my life, living without parents and family. Hardships were very familliar in my ears. I thanked my assistant, Luna, who helped me creating the time machine.
Years ago, I was sent into an orphanage, but I owned my mother’s house. I was raised by an old woman there called Rylai. She really took care of me like my own mother, but she was not my real mother. I still loved mine. But, she also gave me support during my time creating the invention. And luckily, I was gifted since I was born from his mother’s womb.
I was a very smart kid that I always ended up being a top ranked student in my early years. I was also handsome whose face and appearance could melt any woman near me. Those factors made me to be who Josh Macintosh was, a famous figure. My presence had become a gravitation among women. Thus, this had been my negative personality. It led me to be a flamboyant figure, or people usually called me a playboy. I had slept with many women, mostly were famous actresses. That was what public does not like from me. I did not even care about it and I did what I liked to do. I was not giving any comment for public’s opinion. It was because I had been one of the world’s greatest influence and my inventions became very useful for human beings. So? Josh was Josh, and he would not give any fuck.
I live as who I am, it has been like this for many years for me. I do not like people giving their opinions to me that are negative, neither do I. Those are their perspectives. It is free for them, but try to keep it in your mind.”
That statement was quoted from my autobiography that was released a month ago before I did a trip to the past. It was the first time of using my masterpiece, or people called it the time machine. I started with public announcement that I would like to test my time machine. People came to the city hall where I held the event. Mostly were famous figures and professors. I always did a ritual before showing my invention to public which was going to my old house. I did pray in there, so my mother would give me strength. Then, it all begun. I presented and turned on the time machine. On August 25th, that was my greatest mistake.
Year 3000
I traveled back to 30 years ago where I was not born yet. It was on the same day as I traveled. This was because I would like to see how the world was before my eyes. Well, as I expected, it was much worse than 3030. I meant there was no flying cars, no automatic cooking machine, no automatic iron, and especially, no time machine. Maybe, this was because I was not there yet. This thought did not make me want to change the history of the world. But, there was my thought, my very personal thought, that was to find my mother whom I would say thanks to for giving me to this world. Because, all she had left only a house and money, and then she died in an accident when I was 6. Her name was Lina, Lina Inverse.
Then, it came to me, a very good looking girl in a bar, about 25 year-old blonde, with a ponytail. Her appearance distracted my searching. She was staring at me with her blue eyes. I was amazed with her. She was not like typical of a 3030 woman that only wanted wealthy man like me. Then, I was approaching her, sitting next to her.
Are you from here? You really look like a stranger.” She asked me.
No I am not, I am from fut.. (I almost slipped my tongue). I am from outside, I am an outsider here.” I answered her, and almost revealed my true identity.
Ahh, so you’re an outsider? Yeah, it seems that way, I can judge it from your outfits. It looks like it is not from the town.” She said.
Yep, you’re right.” I continued.
That was our very first conversation that I still remembered until now. We had a very long conversation, it was quite intimate, but we did not sleep together as I usually did with other women. It was because my time to come back was nearly close. This was also a test, so I could take longer time. I did not even have time to ask her name. She asked me my name, and I answered, then I left her. I was wondering who she was. She looks familliar.
Year 3030
I came back to the year where word “modern” really existed. I had proved that my time machine work by showing them a video that I took from a one day trip. People liked it and some of them wanted to try my machine. But, I refused it. I did not want other person to re-create it or own it. Because, it was dangerous to play with time. Therefore, I closed my presentation that day by saying that the time machine was not a toy. I also stressed out that I would keep the time machine and its secret technology that I had invented.
The test day was over, I went back to my old house. The success of my time machine drove me happy. I thought that my dream to meet my mother had become real. But, how about my father? Yes, it was still a mystery for me. I could not find his picture in my old house. That did not quite bother me. It was all because of my mother who made me like this.
That girl I met in the past reminds me of her. I meant the way she treated other people. I did talk a lot with this unknown lady. I felt the same. She was as beautiful as my mom and very caring. Maybe she was her.
The test day passed, then I realized that I lost my wallet. I put it in the bag, but there was a hole in it. The wallet might drop somewhere, or maybe it dropped in the past. That was my biggest concern. I tried to find it in my old house. I hardly found it. And then, I accidentally dropped an old safe box. It cracked open and I found something inside. It was a leather wallet, an old one. The box was written “father’s”. This really confused me. Because the wallet seemed like my lost one. And then I opened it. As I guessed, It had an ID card inside owned by Josh Macintosh. I dropped the wallet. I was really confused. I kept asking how that thing happened. “What was father? Who was he? Was he me? Myself?” I questioned it.
Those questions kept spinning in my head like a ferris wheel. Then I realized that everything’s was possible. It was the same when I finally built that time machine. I was afraid that I failed, but I succeded. I built the time machine using any knowledge I had studied. Then, I concluded, that I am the father. I am the father of myself. I made love with my own mother in the past. Then, it become me, Josh Macintosh. Maybe my mother named me after him, because he or I was very loveable, eventhough I left her. This made me cry. I cried a lot.
I suddenly remembered the moment I went back to the past. That was when I met that girl. She might be my mother. It was because I lost my wallet when I went back to the past and met her in the bar. That was why she looked like my mother. It meant that I had to go back to past to meet her again very quickly. Because I was born on May 27th, 3001, which was 29 years ago.
As I calculated and researched on the data of my birth. I spent 9 months in the womb of my mother. That meant that I had only one day to go back to the past. Well, I still had 25 hours left until the deadline.
I went back to my own house to start my trip once again. But, it was really shocking. Someone broke into my house. I was panicked, then I went to check my laboratorium. I dropped my knee. I was sweating, could not breathe as I saw the time machine was destroyed by a maniac. “What should I do? I wouldn’t make it.” I kept thinking.
Then I saw a letter on the floor. It might be left out by the maniac. I opened and read it. The letter shocked me. The content was mainly about revenge. The revenge of the fallen husband whose ex-wife had slept with me. I torned the letter apart. Then I sat down on a chair. I was musing. It was my mistake too. The mistakes that came from my very negative side. I could not resist it. Josh was Josh. The arrogant Josh, playboy Josh, careless Josh, lovely Josh, charismatic Josh, flamboyant Josh, this whole thing led me into this. I could not dodge or run. There were many mistakes I had made. But, I was quite relieved and happy that I had met my parents.
I could not repair the machine in one day. It took 5 years to rebuild it. Therefore, I wrote this short story of mine. I might be disappearing after someone found it and read the story, because I was never born. Josh Macintosh never existed in this world. Through this story, I hoped someone learn from Josh Macintosh’ mistakes.

By Y. Della Sagita B.

There was a child fourth grade elementary school in an area of the island. everyday, he followed a route which through rocky road in a dangerous highway where lot of vehicles go fast and irregular. Everytime he could to cross the highway, the boy stopped briefly to church every morning just to say hello to God, he regrads as a 'bestfriend'. His action so far observed by a Priest who was moved to saw the attitude of innocent boy who believe in God.
"How are you Andy? What you will go to school?”
"Yes father" Andy answered it with his touching smiled. The Priest was so concerned with andy's safety so that one day he told to the boy.
"Don’t cross the street alone, andy. each time after school, you may stop by the church and i will make sure you come back home safely."
"Thank you, father."
"Why you dont go home now? Do you often stay at the church after school?"
"I just wanna say hello to God.. my bestfriend."
After that the Priest left Andy to spent his time in front of altar to spoke by itself, but the priest didnt really left Andy alone, he shrink from somewhere to hear what was andy talking about with his God.
"God, you know, today I got bad mark for my math exam, but I did not cheating, although my friends did it. I ate one cake and drunk my water. my father had a bad season and I could eat this cake, God. Thankyou for this cake! I had seen the poor kitten and I gave a half of my cake for eaten by it. And funny thing I no longer feel hungry anymore. Look at this, God, this is my last shoes, maybe next week I should walking without footwear at all because may this one will be broken soon. But it's no problem, at least I can still go to school. Some people in my village said that we will experience a very bad harvest this year, even some of my friends have already stopped going to school caused by this way, please help them, God, so they can be back to school again. Oh God, you know, my mother hit me again, and it's feel painfull, at least I still get attention from my mother. would you see my wounds, God? I really sure you will heal this wounds immediately. Please don’t you dare to be mad to my mom, God. She's just got a lot on her mind, thinking about our living family expenses and thinking about my school fees, maybe that's make my mom rather feeling annoyed. God, I remember something! 2 days later is your birthday, do you feel happy? Just wait 2 days later, God, I have a surprise present for you. I hope you will be like it.. Oops! it's already evening, God. I have to comeback my home."
Directly he came over Father Agathon.
"Sir, im done talking to my bestfriend, now you can take me home."
Father Agathon shared this story to all of people in his church every Sunday, because he had never seen a faith and trust which is so pure to God. always positive thinking even in a negative situation.
At the christmas day, father Agathon was sick so he couldnt lead the church for some days. And temporarily the Church treated by 4 old woman who never smiling and always blaming everything that people done. They also always condemn people who offend them.
Until one day 4 old woman were praying together, suddenly andy came as usually just for say hello to his bestfriend.
"Hello God, here i come..."
"You are impudent boy!! Don’t you see that we were praying? Go out!!" shouted one of the woman in the church.
Andy was very shocked and devastated, and he said
"Where is father Agathon? He should be helping me cross the highway. He also told me to come after school. I also have to say hello to God, because today is his birthday, and I have a present for Him."
When Andy would took that present from his bag, one of 4 old woman pulled him up from altar and pushed him out the church, "Go out!!"
Andy was very worried, but he had no choice, he had to came back and crossed the street alone. when would crossed the highway, suddenly a bus came with highly speed. Andy want to keep the present which is brought into his pocket, so he didnt get to see that highly speed bus and of course couldnt dodge from that bus, and he was died immedietly. people at the area run directly swarm the poor boy who had no soul anymore. Suddenly, someone wore clothes everything in white came from somewhere it is, with the soft and smooth face was came over to andy. With the tears fell down, he came and hug that poor boy. People who arround were wondered and asked to that man,
"I am sorry sir, did you know this boy?" Asked people there.
"Yes of course, he is my bestfriend." His answered.
He took the present from Andy's pocket and put it on his heart. Then he stand up while he carried pick a back that boy, and both dissapeared from the guise of people. People who swarm there became wonderer and amazed to see the incident that had just occured in front of their eyes.
A few days later, father Agathon received a news which very marvelous. immedietly, he visited Andy's home for make sure the news of Andy's death and the curious news which blew up in the church area.
"How did you know that your son has died?" Asked Father Agathon to Andy’s parent.
"A man wore white robed brought him to us," Said andy's mom with a sob.
"What did he say?"
Andy's father said, "He didnt say anything. he very grief and loss, we didnt know him, nevertheless he looked very evanescence, it's like he know andy so well. but there is peacefullness that very undescribable from him" continued Andy's father. "He asides andy's hair and kissed his forehead. Then he whispered something."
"What did he say?" father Agathon became very wonderer.
Continuously he said "Thankyou Andy for the present, I love it, we would met again, and you would be always with me my bestfriend"
"You know? I feel everything going to be right, I cry but I dont know why. The most I know there is something happiness, I can’t explain it, father, but when he left us, there is peacefullness that fill our heart, I felt a love so deep in my heart. I know my son has already been in the heaven now."
They began silent in a moment..
"But help us, father, can you tell who the man was frequently invited to speak by my son in the church? you certainly know, because you're there almost everyday except when andy died where you were in the hospital."
Momentarily, father Agathon shed the tears, and with the tremble knees he said, "Andy doesnt talk to anyone who is in church, except with the Lord."

By Adityo Widhi Nugroho

She has her mother’s bright blue eyes, Daddy’s Little Angel does. And the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. She could melt an iceberg, she could. Everyone that knows her just loves her to death, and I’m so proud to call myself her father. She’s a gift from above, I know it, which is why I must protect her, no matter what the cost!
Some people just don’t understand.
It all started a couple of weeks ago. Some nasty little girl was teasing Katie, my Little Angel, and she just wouldn’t leave her alone. She was saying nasty things, saying how poor she was and saying she was dirty and such. She just had the filthiest mouth; little girls shouldn’t be so nasty. Well she followed Katie home that day throwing dirt at her and telling her to take a bath in it. Well my Katie showed her what’s what, yes she did! And Daddy couldn’t be more proud. I don’t think anyone should hurt a child, even if they don’t mean it! Don’t get me wrong! But Katie never did anything to anyone, and I love her to death.
You’ve gotta understand.
I was only being a loving father when I hid the body. You see we live in a very rural area, and that nasty mouthed little girl clearly had no business following my Katie in the first place. But I know no one would understand, and I just can’t let anything happen to my Little Angel!
Of course that’s when my wife came home and saw that our little girl had a few bruises. Can you believe she actually glared at me? As if I’d ever so much as think of hurting my Little Angel! Of course I was upset, but the sweetheart that she is, Katie set her on track sure enough. She told her how the filthy little girl harassed her and wouldn’t leave her be. And I tell you, that lit my wife right up, she was so angry. I had to restrain her, she was gonna call her parents then and there. It was nine in the evening!
Well, I finally talked her down, even though she was furious with me that I hadn’t handled it sooner. Of course by then she just didn’t trust me to settle it no matter what I told her. I said I’d do it first thing after work the next day but no, no! She insisted she’d call them herself the next day. Even Katie pleaded with her not to call her parents, she said she’d be so embarrassed at school if everyone found out she’d run home and told mommy.
Of course we both knew we couldn’t explain that the filthy little girl had gone “missing” after their little scuffle, now could we? I mean, she’s my wife and I loved her, but she just wouldn’t understand. But she just sent Katie straight up to bed and wouldn’t hear another word from me on the matter, her mind was made up. And she’s a very headstrong woman (it’s part of her charm, you see) so there’s no arguing with her once she’s made up her mind on a matter.
Well after that I went to tuck the Little Angel in and read her a bedtime story, and she begged me not to let mommy call the filthy girl’s parents, but I told her how persistent Mommy is, and that she wouldn’t listen to me. Of course that didn’t sit well with Katie at all. She knew that Mommy wouldn’t understand…and neither would her schoolmate’s mommy, no, especially not her. I told Katie I would think of something, and I promised that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her…but Daddy’s Little Angel is clever. Daddy’s Little Angel already had her mind made up.
I shoulda understood.
The next day I came home to see my wife lying at the bottom of the stairs in a crumpled bloody heap. There was so much blood, and it had long since dried into the carpet when I got home. She had never made it to work that morning. The official story was that she had taken a nasty fall down the stairs and cracked her head open like an egg on her tumble…but as I look into Katie’s eyes, so empty, so emotionless. No, no, no! Daddy’s Little Angel did not hurt anyone that didn’t try to hurt her first! She’s special…
Anyhow, there was a funeral and the whole family showed up. Katie couldn’t have been more bored; she just sat there staring into nothingness as the eulogy was given. When it came time to view the corpse she barely gave it a glance. I like to think she’s coping with the loss her own way. Daddy’s Little Angel loved her mommy more than anything.
It was just before the burial the next day that an investigator showed up at the door. It was Katie that answered as I was rushing to get ready. I rushed to the door as this man was questioning my little girl, gently scooted Katie outta the way and stepped up to the door.
May I help you?” I asked, trying to sound polite.
I need to ask you some questions about the circumstances of your wife’s death,” the investigator said.
Who are you?” I think some of my frustration was coming through, but it might have been my self-consciousness.
I’m sorry,” he said with a laugh. “Detective Kimble, local PD. I just got the results back from the autopsy, and the blunt trauma your wife suffered, and the bloodstains found on the carpet don’t exactly match up. I was wondering if you could give me a little more insight…”
Well I’d love to, Detective, but as I told the responding officers, I only found the body when I came home from work. I wasn’t here to see it happen.” The detective tried to speak again, I think, but I cut him off. Frustration was filling me. “If you’ll excuse me, we have a burial to attend.” I grabbed Katie’s hand and walked her out the door, locking it behind me. I glanced back to see that the detective was watching me as we drove away.
Katie was silent the entire trip there and back, and as soon as we got home she retreated to her room. The poor baby has it so rough, all this death surrounding her. I shampooed the carpet the best I could to get the stains out, and fixed up dinner for us. We ate in silence, and it filled me with pain to see her suffering. I’ll never forget, just before she got up to take her plate to the sink she looked at me and smiled so softly. Oh my little Angel has the sweetest smile you ever did see.
A couple days passed, and I thought things were getting back to normal–well as normal as they could be, without my beautiful wife to come home to–when it happened. You see I rush home each day to meet Katie as she’s coming in from school, but yesterday I was lost in thought and took my time getting home. You see, the day before my wife’s sister suggested that she come over and bring Katie’s cousin to visit, and I couldn’t refuse. So I had to get in the mindset…I had to show her we were coping.
The house was quiet when I got there, but that wasn’t so unusual as Daddy’s Little Angel tends to keep to herself and spends most of her time in her room playing with her dollhouse. She’s always so clean, and always so quiet, I couldn’t have asked for a better little girl.
I walked up to check Katie’s room and it was empty. I then proceeded to check the rest of the house and found her nowhere, until I came to the door leading to the cellar. Odd, it was cracked. I pushed it open and started down the stairs. I could see the light spilling across the floor at the bottom of the staircase, illuminating a small puddle of blood just a foot from the bottom step.
Just hand me the gun,” a voice said softly. “I’ll get you out of here, take you somewhere safe.”
I rushed down the stairs and found Katie standing a mere two feet away from Detective Kimble, who sat bound with rope and bleeding from the head. I approached my daughter and eased the gun from her hands as the detective seemed to eye me with the most dreadful gaze anyone’s ever given me in my life. I took the gun in my hands, and was surprised at how natural it felt, though I’d never held a gun in my life. The exhilaration that filled me as I lifted the gun and watched the detective’s face contort in horror almost sickened me.
Why have you come,” I asked him as I aimed the gun at his head.
Your wife’s death was not an accident,” he replied.
I was at work when it happened, and Katie was at school. It’s been deemed an accident. What did you hope to find here?”
The coroner stated that she died in the early morning, around the same time you leave for work.”
I loved my wife!” Unconsciously I began to pull the hammer back.
If you kill me, the police will know where to look,” Kimble pleaded. “There’s no way out of this. Do the right thing. Do it for your little girl!”
If only you understood…”
I put a bullet in his head. It’s all I could do. Of course I knew he was right, I knew the cops would come soon, looking for him. I turned to my girl–she stood staring at Kimble, vacantly–and I told her to run and get the tarp from the corner. She did. Daddy’s Little Angel is so good, she even helped me wrap the body.
And I carved.
My sister-in-law showed up that night with her husband and kid, as she said she would…and dinner was ready by eight thirty. I really think they loved it, my new recipe. I think they’ll be back for more.

By Aldi Imam F.

Once upon a time in the land of wild Texas in the mid 1880’s, there lived a man, one of the most legendary, fast hand gunslinger in his time, a man who goes by the name of Jericho. Jericho was a brown-slick-back-haired and brown-bearded notorious gun-for-hire who wore an eyepatch to hide his scarred left blue eyes. Jericho was a lone wolf among the pack of wild beasts.
The sun was high when Jericho arrived at a town named Serenity, a small town in the middle of nowhere, looking for someplace to hang his hat and had a drink, so he went straight to the only saloon in the town.
Wait ‘ere, Dust,” he said to Dusty, his loyal American Mustang stallion.
As Jericho walked into the saloon, the crowd turned into silence in an instant. He could see all the eyes inside that hornet’s nest was looking at him, but he knew he had no need to draw his gun. Because it was the look of fear that he got, fear, and a bit of respect.
Gimme any beer you got,” he said to the bartender, as he sat on the stool, “Just make it double and make it fast.”
The bartender just stood there, paralyzed while looking with his two own eyes the legendary gunman people always told him about.
Hey, am I gettin’ myself a beer or not?”
Oh! Ye... ye... yessir! Rightaway, sir!”
The bartender answered spontaneously and made a large glass of beer for Jericho, without asking a question.
In that silence-wrapped little saloon, an old man confidently unbuckled his gun and put it on his table, then stood confidently from his chair and was walking toward Jericho, reaching for the stool right next to him.
Yer’ the one they called Jericho?” asked the man.
Who’s askin’?”
The name’s Bill, son. Bill Murdock, and I’m the marshal of this small town. Nice ta meet ya.”
Without wasting any time, Jericho calmly yet firmly steadied his hand beside his gun, ready to properly reply the marshal’s demand for his head on a platter. And so the whole saloon instinctively readied themselves by holding their buckled guns, trembling. Jericho had long got used to dealing with troubles as soon as he entered a saloon, but he honestly didn’t expect the marshal himself would be in the saloon at this time around.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, easy, no need for blood and violence ‘ere. Just, hold yer horses and put yer guns down, alright?”
Said marshal Bill, trying to avoid any bloody mess in his little town.
Listen, son. I’m not here to arrest ya or anything, okay? Didn’t ya see I left my gun there on that table? This old man come to you unarmed, my son.”
The situation in the saloon returned to normal.
So whaddya want then, marshal?” asked Jericho.
Nice for ya to see reason, kid,” replied marshal Bill, “Look, I know yer a... let say, adventurer. I know ya did ‘favors’ for people who ‘needed’ ya. So I assume you can do a favor for an old marshal like me? And for the good people of Serenity? For a little fortune, of course. I know how it works”
Jericho listened in silence, waiting for the marshal to get to the point. And the marshal understood his silence.
For the past two years, this little town has been under the terror of a vicious outlaw, my son. And as the marshal of this town, I can’t, under my good conscience, let this continue.”
You got an outlaw ‘ere in yer town? So why didn’t ya call yer men and clean up the mess, marshal? Why bother hiring a gunmen like me?” Jericho finally replied.
Believe me, I did. Me and my men had tried to bring that basterd to justice once. And ya know what I got? I got 38 reasons why I won’t try the same stupid thing again, and those 38 reasons are now lying dead in coffins over by that grave.”
Jericho was a bit surprised, an outlaw who was able to single-handedly kill 38 men in one skirmish? Who in the world could be that strong? As Jericho wondered, marshal Bill spoke a name that answered every bit of Jericho’s question, and gave him more reason to accept the contract.
Honestly, my son. I believe it was a miracle that ya came to this town in time when it needs you, Jericho, the most.”
What does that suppossed to mean?”
I believe you, and you alone, know this man the most, my son,” answered marshal Bill, “this man, he goes by the name of Troy Earle. He killed over twelve innocent citizens of Serenity, including Wyatt Earp, the previous marshal of this town, the man we hold dear the most.”
Troy Earle?!” said Jericho, surprised.
Yes, my son. Troy Earle, the very same Troy Earle ya knew.”
No wonder, Troy Earle was once Jericho’s greatest rival, they have faced each other in hundreds of duels. You could say that Troy Earle was the only man that can kill Jericho, and vice versa. But Troy had been gone for ten years, and it was like fate had brought these two beasts together again for a reason.
So are ya gonna do this town a good favor, son?”
Dead or Alive?”
Away, my son. I want him away from this town.”
Jericho didn’t even bother to ask about the sum of money he was going to get, he took the contract almost like it was a voluntary. The name ‘Troy Earle’ really put him on the edge of his good mind, it was pride that mattered the most to him. Pride, that maybe he could finally defeat his long gone rival and claim the title of king of the wild west for his own.
Later that night, Jericho, marshal Bill, and a bunch of Bill’s men surrounded a small house that was assumed to be Troy’s hiding. Jericho told marshal Bill and his men to stay outside and cover him while he went inside and have his last duel with Troy Earle.
“The sound of our horses were loud, there’s no doubt he knows that we’re here, he must’ve been prepared by now, ya sure ya wanna go in alone, son?”
“Well, I want ‘im to be prepared, marshal. I want ‘im to be wide awake in our long ‘waited reunion.”
“Suit yerself, son. We’ll watch yer back.”
Jericho, with one hand readied beside his buckled Colt Peacemaker, opened the front door and entered the house. As Jericho had expected, inside was a familiar face he had not seen for a long time, the face that dissapeared without a trace, leaving a big uncertainty in Jericho’s life for over ten years. The face that battled him in hundreds of war, and still lived. Inside was Troy. But much to his surprise, Troy was sitting in a chair in his tiny, dining room and seemed to be waiting for Jericho to come over for a dinner while sipping on his coffee.
“Long time no see, Jericho,” said Troy,“I was a bit surprised when I heard you were in town. Figure you might be sparing your time to visit me here in my little house. Here, have a seat. I made a coffee for you.”
“News travels fast around this little town, huh?”
Said Jericho. As he cautiously sat on the seat right in front of his rival. He could clearly see that there was a gun on Troy’s end of the table, but Troy wasn’t holding it, his hand was holding a cup of coffee he was having.
“No, no, news travels normal in this town. News about YOU, though...”
“I see, well. It’s hard to slip from such thing when yer a gun-for-hire, especially a good one.”
Hahaha, I won’t argue to that, Jericho,” said Troy,”Say, how did you end up being in this little town, man? This town is not really an easy place to find.”
I dunno, I guess I just wandered here by accident, why?”
Nothing, really. You know, I just feel like there was some... magic that brings us here together again after those ten years. Fate, maybe? What do you think?”
Said Troy, taking another sip of his coffee.
Don’t really have an interest in such thing as fate, I say it is what it is. Nothing more.”
Hmm, maybe you’re right. But then again, who knows, right?”
Troy finished his last sip of coffee and cleaned his mouth with a handkerchief, and finally said that one word Jericho had been waiting.
So, this is it then?” said Troy,”The heartbeating moment we’ve been waiting for for ten years, I’m excited! Say, how about we do a single bullet duel, hmm?”
Sure, doesn’t make any difference, anyway I see it, yer already dead.”
Jericho and Troy both stripped their guns until only one bullet was left inside. Then they both put back their gun on the table a few millimeters away from their hand, while they were still sitting.
Ohohoho, You’re still full of confidence, I see. Shall we do it then? Shall we finally see who is the fastest gunslinger in the wild west?”
The room turned to much silence it was unnerving, both men were staring down at each other with the most intense aura they ever felt. The clock over by the living room ticked louder and louder, it was the moment they were waiting for, and at that point, nothing else mattered...
The loud noise were coming from both guns, the only thing that could decide who died and who lived was which one shot a split-second earlier, and who got the target. It was Jericho, he shot Troy in the stomach while succesfully avoided his shot. Jericho was victorious.
Nice one, man. Nice one,”said Troy, congratulating Jericho while himself dying.
Tell me one thing, Troy. Who hired you to kill Wyatt Earp and twelve other people? How much did they pay you?”
No one, man. Hah.. No one... ahem. Nobody hired me, nobody paid me.”
You murdered them in cold blood without any reason at all?!”
Oh, I remembered, I was there, in Wyatt’s office. He was lying on the floor, blood everywhere. What a sight.”
Ya goddamn psychopath, never thought ya would be this pathetic.” Said Jericho.
Psychopath? Hahaha! No, no... Jericho. Wyatt was already dead before I entered the office!”
The words came out of Troy’s mouth sent confusion into Jericho’s mind.
Whaddya mean?!”
It was a setup... they set me up to meet Wyatt Earp, they said Wyatt had a grand contract for me, said it was top secret and I had to go to his office myself..., but by the time I came, he was already dead. I intended to seek the evidence of truth so I stayed here a little longer while in hiding.”
Who set you up?! Who?! What about the other twelve killings?”
The twelve killings... were to cover up their one real target, to make Wyatt Earp’s death... looked like a part of a random kill spree.”
Jericho looked more surprised.
As for who set me up,” said Troy,”They were probably the same people who hired you.”
Recently, I got tired of this game that I decided to stop looking for evidence. I just wanted this to end... and then you came to end my life, what a perfect timing, man.”
But you lost to me in a duel!”
Not a duel if I didn’t have a bullet in my gun.”
Troy picked his gun and showed an empty shell, no single bullet was there. Troy tricked him into thinking he won the duel, he never did won any duel.
I let you win in purpose, I let you end my life, Jericho...”
You goddamn basterd! You cheatin’ goddamn basterd!” yelled Jericho as he choked Troy’s neck.
As Troy drew his terminal breath, he said his final partings to Jericho.
You see, Jericho? I didn’t need to put a single a bullet to kill you. There are plenty out there waiting for you.”

By Anessa P. Gunasiwi

I’m Havannah Brown, but kindly call me Hannah. I was 22 years when I moved from Michigan to Seattle. Previously, I’m just a normal girl who wants to get normal life like graduate from the university, get a job then wearing black skirt, blazer, and stiletto in your own office, and then get married with someone who you love. I passed the two goals of my “normal” life. I moved from Michigan to Seattle to get a job and then I dumped off in this office as an editor for a local Magazine in Seattle named Zap Seattle, Zap means What’s up?. It is “only” a local magazine which is not famous as Harper BAZAAR, ELLE Magazine, CHIC Magazine, etc. but, this magazine also provides news, popular news, world news, fashion, lifestyle, and everything which could happen in the Seattle during three weeks in the beginning of the month. Mr. Jimmy is a chief editor in the Zap Seattle. Sorry, I want to call him Jimmy even though he is my boss. I believe he is not much different from me I swear every woman whom meet him recognize that he is very cool, handsome, and type of romantic guy. I describe him in one word only. Yep! Steady. Steady Jimmy. Do not expect he will smile if your suit not neat and he would not say softly if you are one minute late from the appointment. But, he quite nice and care to all the employees in the office. In the many occasions, he always took me anywhere to meet his clients. I hate to tell this story but I want to tell you about my love-life story began. I remember, I met him in spring 2008. I love Seattle when spring comes. I was fall in love with James Griffith, a super model from Nottingham, England. He was our client, he taken the contract with Zap Seattle as a model for 3 month. He is nice guy, I swear you can see a wrinkle in his eyes when he smile, smell his masculine fragrance, and his heavy sound when he talked about jokes or business. Oh, my God! He is totally awesome. Sometimes, I thank to Jimmy, because of him I can met with Griffith. I have never felt in love again after my ex-boyfriend Alex, cheated with my best friend when I was high school. What an ashamed! It was a long time ago and so childish. It was Thursday evening after we had a photo session. Griffith invited me and Jimmy to join with his friend Max in the famous first coffee shop in the world, Starbucks. Even there are a lot of Starbucks spread in many location in the Seattle, the Starbucks first shop always the busiest. I do not know why.
So, Griffith, welcome to coffee capital of the world, this is Seattle,” said Jimmy.
Yep! This is my first time I come to Seattle,” reply Griffith.
Are you kidding me? What would the world do you live in? You are a super model Griffith but you did not come to here yet?” ask me.
Hahaha, I’m serious Ms. Savannah. This is USA. I’m come from different continent. I swear you were smart in geography class isn’t it?” said him.
Soon after that, a man with black parka, big blue eyes, dark brown hair, boots and jeans. Very neat and outstanding, come to us. He is Griffith’s friend from Nottingham too. But, he moved to Boston from 3 years ago.
Okay, friends this is Max. He is my very best-friend from Boston”.
Hi! Nice to meet you, Ms. Savannah and Mr. Jimmy”, said Max.
Come on, Max. Call me Jimmy, please. I’m not that old as you think”.
We spent our afternoon by talk about anything. Like jobs, hobbies, and interests. I love how Griffith speaks, loud but not arrogant. I see through the eyes and we made an eye contact, it makes me so high. As usual, I always set a “me time” on the weekend. I went to Pice Place Market, I want daises and red roses to decorate my room and make a salmon for my eating today. I accidentally met with Griffith and it makes me nervous. Then, he asked me to cook food, it is an honor and a gold chance for me. I cannot cook very well, but I can make good seafood. It would be the first time. A handsome man came to my apartment for cooking and watching the series together. The most beautiful thing I've never imagined before, since Griffith’s visited to my apartment, he continued to show his attention to me. The intensity of our frequent meetings although outside of work, but I've never completely come to his apartment. Until one day, I visited his apartment without his permission, I brought some food and coffee for breakfast, and took him out to Drumheller Fountain, because it's near where there is a very beautiful garden to relax , and take him to the International District to taste favorite Dim Sum in Seattle The Jade Restaurant . But the fate of the other said, when I arrived at her apartment she seems very surprised and nervous. Moreover, he just wearing underwear and a person from the room half shouted asking, "Baby, who is coming?"
I believe that voice is the voice of a man, and I'm no stranger to the sound , right. Max out of the room and was surprised to see me.
What the meaning of Baby. Mr. G?” asked me.
I can explain it, Hanna, but not now”, reply him
You do not need to explain anything, it turns out you're a gay. I really did not expect to fall in love with you you're so made me away with all your hope.”
I could not hold back the tears, if I've been cursed? To not love a man (again) because I always had it hurt. I walk down the Spring and 4st to cry alone, I live in the city of Seattle with high rainfall intensity. My whole body was drenched. I really hate Seattle at that time. In the middle of the road, I met with Jimmy, he found me with a very untidy appearance.
Hanna, what’s wrong with you? Tell me Hanna, who made you like this?”
I’m awesome, Jimmy. I’m okay”.
Hanna, I know you for a many times. You are not okay right now, I will take you home”.
That is where I tell him all, I did not think the stiff Jimmy willing to listen to all of my sorrow. He hugged me to keep me quiet. The next day, I do not see Griffith in a shooting. Less than 1 week he left the contract with our company. He left a letter for me which read

Dear, Havvanah Brown
I am sorry, I am really sorry. I did not tell you about anything at the beginning. I do not mean to hurt you Hanna. You are beautiful. I know, and I like you. But, I have this relationship almost 2 years, with Max. Max is my first love. Sorry I let you away with your hope. Havvanah, I am sorry now I should go to Nottingham, my father suffers a cancer. I do not let anything bad goes to him. Havvanah, believe me. I love you but not in that way.

6 months have passed. I increasingly close with Jimmy. He was a romantic, I was wrong. He was also very handsome with thick eyebrows and I love him as he loves me. Jimmy fell in love with me since I started working at Zap Seattle. Thanks, God. You met me with perfect Jimmy. 3 months we will get married. I will achieved all this in the near. I love you, my Boss. Notations, sometimes life makes choices for you and sometimes choices make you. Everything happens for a reason.

Semarang, April 20th, 2015

By Angitya Pangestika

I’m sorry, did I just hear that you’re going to send me to Somalia?” I asked disbelievingly. We were having a private meeting – me and my boss - in his spacious office. He had just summoned me a minute ago, saying that he had a very important job for me. I was not the biggest fan of him and clearly he was not one of mine either. These past few months we were not really in a good term. It seemed to him that all I did always contradicted him when in fact I just voiced out different opinions. So I thought this job must have been related to the issue.
Yes, you did. I want you to make a full coverage about the condition of civilians there,” answered him.
I understand that we, reporters, are supposed to make updates on world issues. But why this Somali task is given to me?” inquired me daringly.
Well, isn’t it clear that I want to give another chance to you to prove that you are indeed a proficient reporter? Besides, you like to challenge me, don’t you? You can consider this as one of my challenges for you,” he explained confidently and I heard a bit of mockery in his tone.
How long will I be in Somalia, then?” I asked.
You’ll be there for two weeks, and you’re supposed to go next month. The thing is you are going there alone,” he stated. “I still give you time to think about this job, though. I give you three days to make a final decision. Now you can start to think about it and by this I mean you are dismissed,” he said finalizing his speech and at the same time ended the meeting.
I walked out of his office with the restraint anger. How could he have the thought of sending me to the most unsafe place on the planet? Not to mention that I was going there alone. Was he out of his mind? Seriously, this was the cheapest way of challenging people. But I was not going to back down, I would prove him that I was truly a proficient reporter and he was the one lacking of better judgment.
Coffee was the best drink to cure all the stress I had endured. Since I came out from my boss’ office, I went straight to this coffee shop. Not only did it serve the best coffee, the place was also nice and comfortable. I enjoyed the drink while sharing the news to my best friend, Linda. She paid full attention to me without interrupting even once. After I stopped talking, she began to speak.
The decision is clear, then. You shouldn’t accept this job.”
What? I should Linda, my pride is at stake!” I half exclaimed.
Sarah look, this is Somalia we’re talking about. It’s a war zone, the most dangerous place in the world at the moment. Your boss is just being ridiculous and so are you if you accept this job. It’s not merely about your pride; it’s your safety that is at stake. You are a woman, you can’t wander around in the war land alone,” explained Linda rationally.
Despite her warning, I still insisted on accepting this job. Linda was mad at me, she said that I was the most stubborn person she had ever known. She also said that my pride was overshadowing my rational thinking. She stormed out of the coffee shop leaving me alone in bewilderment. I did not know why Linda could be so mad over this issue. It’s not like she was the one going to Somalia, it was me. If she thought the job was that dangerous, wasn’t she supposed to just tell me to be extra careful? No need to be furious. I didn’t care, I still accepted the job anyway.
I shared the news to my parents as soon as I arrived home. As expected, they both told me to reject the job. Their reason was basically the same as what Linda had told me. I did not understand why nobody supported me. I knew that Somalia was in chaos and there was no guarantee for journalists’ safety at all there. But this was what triggered me to go there and witnessed everything with my own eyes, so I could report it to the whole world through my own words. Besides, I had the ability of protecting myself and I could sneak around well. It’s not only a matter of proving to the boss that I was capable, though. It’s also a form of self-actualization to the world.
To make sure that I made the right decision, I began my research on the news related to Somalia made by other agencies. All the information I got made me think that my decision was right. The news was either too provocative or too bias for public consumption. I was determined to create more truthful yet invigorating news. Now it’s time to prepare my physical and mental readiness to face the chaos.
The next morning I was going to tell my boss about my decision but something stopped me. I was yet to convince my parents to allow me taking the job, and I should clear things up with Linda first. Therefore, I backed off and postponed the report. My phone rang, suddenly. It was Linda calling me, I wonder whether she still mad at me. I answered her call and to my relieve Linda did not sound angry anymore. In fact, she was apologizing and asking me to meet her during lunch break in the coffee shop.
When break time came, I rushed to the coffee shop. There, I found Linda sitting in a corner with a man. I did not know who it was because his back was facing me. I approached them and as I got nearer I finally knew who the man is. It was Jeff, Linda’s boyfriend. I was surprised to see him because he was supposed to be overseas. I didn’t know he was back.
Jeff! How are you? I thought you were abroad?” I said while hugging him for awhile then sat down beside Linda.
I’m fine Sarah. I’ve just come back three days ago,” answered him.
I was just about to tell you about his homecoming yesterday when you came up with your news,” explained Linda looking at me.
Oh…” that was all I could muster.
Listen, the reason I want you to meet me and Jeff has something to do with your job. He just came back from Somalia…” Linda said but before she finished her story I interrupted her.
Really? You said…” it was my turn to be cut by Linda.
I know, right. Listen to me first Sarah,” then I nodded.
Linda began to tell her story. She said that she also did not know Jeff went to Somalia until he came back three days ago. Just like me, all she knew was that Jeff went abroad to search for news. For your information, Jeff was also a journalist but he did not work in the same company I was in. At that point, Linda’s voice was quivering like she was about to cry. Jeff soothed her and continued the story for her behalf. He said he was so sorry and he knew if he had told Linda where he would go, she must have been forbade him. That was why he made it a secret.
Jeff said the condition in Somalia was horrible. It was worse than what I could imagine. It was indeed a war zone. Nobody could sleep tight at night, there was anything but safety even in the daylight. Innocent men and women were slaughtered even children became the victim of bombing. I could not hear it anymore, my anger flared up. What was Jeff and Linda’s intention actually? If they were about to tell me what a hell Somalia was, they better stopped right then and there because I knew how the condition was. I was a reporter after-all, I reported news for God sake!
Calm down Sarah, we didn’t mean to stop you from reporting news. We just care about you. We don’t want you to get hurt over a petty thing,” said Jeff.
Petty thing? Jeff you know how valuable news is. And you know how important this job is for my career. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself!” I exclaimed making the other customers look at our table.
Sarah, stop it. You’re making a scene,” said Linda. I huffed but somehow calming myself down.
Here, take this Sarah,” Jeff gave me a flash disk.
What is it?” I asked nonchalantly.
It’s what I got from Somalia. All the photographs, the reports, the journal I wrote are in there. I want you to study it and let’s see if that can change your mind. Believe me, this Somali task is not the only opportunity to brighten your career. There’s gotta be more in the future,” explained him. Linda looked at him puzzled, she was about to say something but Jeff gave her a look that stated ‘it’s okay, let her be’ so she stopped herself.
I came back to the office and started to check the flash disk Jeff gave me. The photographs showed all the terrible things like what Jeff told me. I skipped the report folder because I knew it was for his company. So I checked his journal instead. It was more like a diary for me. Jeff wrote his experience since he first arrived there. As I reached several pages something startled me. Some militants arrested him while he was taking picture of a collapsed building. He was dragged by several men and put to jail.
He was arrested for several days and left in a state of starvation. It was a good thing he wasn’t executed, though. He was freed after he told the reason he took the picture to one of the militia that could speak English. He explained to his leader and asked him to release Jeff because he meant no harm. I didn’t continue the diary for I started to realize how scary it was to be there. Jeff didn’t tell this story just know because I knew that he didn’t want to make Linda worried more than she already was.
Linda was right and so were mom and dad, I could not let pride took over my rational thinking. Nobody knew what would happen to a female reporter wandering around in a dangerous zone alone. She might get arrested and worst scenario ever she might get killed. If I agreed to accept the job, it was like I signed on my death pact. Now that I could think rationally, I wondered was it the boss intention to get rid of me? Did he hate me so much that he wanted to endanger me? Whatever, I would get the answer tomorrow when I told him my final decision.

Semarang, April 12, 2015

By Cindy Clarissa Suntiarko

It was a dark and a cold moment in my life. I was thinking that I saw something before I got my eyes closed. I thought I closed my eyes, so I was sleeping. Wait a minute, could I say something if I am sleeping? I sleep, but at the same time I talk to you? You talk to me either, but we are not alone. You brought your friends, who are they? I should know, I heard your talks, and felt something was cutting my eyes. I must be dreaming…
I am Sheila, a third semester student in a university. Living with my parents and having no siblings sometimes make me bored. I love watching. Most of movies I had watched are horror ones. When people asked me whether or not I believed that ghosts exist, I just smiled. Of course, they do not exist! I take philosophy because I probably can answer my own questions, such as why is there the world? Have you ever questioned if we are created by God, then who creates God? Or Is it possible for living humans to be able to see the dead? Okay these questions should be stopped. Oh I found it!
Hey Shel, what are you looking at?” asked Jess.
Oh, nothing’s. I just recall where I place my book. It seems that you are better?” I asked.
Yeah, I visited my doctor yesterday. I got some treatments,” she replied. You still talk to her? She added.
Ah, we should not talk about it. Not anymore,” I turned my face.
Okay then,” she answered.
I must say I was gifted. Exactly it was gifted to me after that accident. It was my sixteenth birthday and I got my driver’s license. At one night, I was driving home, I got an accident then I had my eyes transplanted. Since then, I could see something’s most people do not see. I have been gifted since then. For that reason, I believed that ghosts exist. Since I could see spirits, many friends of me avoid me because they had been capturing me talking alone. I hardly could determine whether a person I talked to is still alive or the dead one. This makes me sent to a therapist.
Hey honey! How’s school?” it was my mother asking.
I’m in university now mom, you know,” I replied her with annoyance.
Oh. I forget. It feels like you are entering your first class in the kindergarten,” she smiled.
Time flies. It’s not just a phrase. It happens, right?” I stared at her.
Yes, you are right,” mom turned her face away from me.
It’s okay Sheila, you were home now. You could rest. I talked to myself as I went upstairs. I entered my room, and I laid back on my bed. I closed my eyes, a moment later I opened my eyes again. Then I saw him. He was a friend of mine, actually a friend of my childhood.
You don’t look pretty well today?” I started the conversation.
Of course, I’m dead hahaha,” he replied.
Yeah, I know,” I said. I was silent. “Do you feel bored?” I asked.
No. I have you. It is more than what I can ask to God,” he smiled.
Then why you stay here mostly, and by the way, did you already see God?” I inquired.
Will you believe that God exists if I tell you?” he smiled again.
I did not answer him. I was looking at him. His name is Gerald. He was my best friend when I was small, but we did not spend much time so that I was little happy seeing him again although the way was not normal. I changed my cloth. I smiled to him then leaving my room. I went to my therapist.
Hi, Sheila. How are you doing?” my therapist asked.
Good, so far. Thank you. How’s yours?” I asked her.
Mind nothing about me. I am always fine,” she smiled. “Should we start now?” she asked.
Yeah, it is our schedule right,” I replied. She smiled at me.
Okay, Sheila now you are under drugs-control. I want you to tell me what you have seen today?” she asked.
Just one person. My childhood’s friend,” I answered.
You know that normally people cannot see someone who is dead,” she said. “I want you to block your mind from seeing dead people. You have to say to yourself that you do not see them whenever you see them. Even if they talk to you, please do not replied them, do not let your eyes stare at their eyes. I want you to block them and you can, you know,” she whispered to my ears.
Now you can open your eyes Sheila,” she said.
I opened my eyes, but I saw other people in that room. I was alone when I came to that room and there were only the two of us in my therapist’s room. How could this happen! I screamed aloud.
Sheila, do not forget what I told you,” my therapist looked me in the eyes.
I may say this to you, but I think I should be quiet. I should go home now. I thank to you for your time,” I smiled at her while seeing other person behind her.
I rushed to home. I just wanted to arrive at my home soon. But at home I did not see my mother. I looked at my watched. It’s 08.08 PM. Should be my mom going to the market? I laid back on the sofa in the living room. I closed my eyes, then after a while, I opened them again. I saw my mom!
Mom! I’m happy to see you again. Where were you going without leaving any notes for me?” I hugged her then I looked her in the eyes while holding her hands.
But my mom did not look me back. She was quiet. She was different from the moment I was home from college. I feel her hands were very cold and her face was so pale.
Mom, are you sick?” I saddened. I boil water to make a cup of hot tea. All of sudden, I remembered what my therapist said to me and I realized something.
Could it be?” I whispered to in a low voice.
Then, I carefully turned my body, and I found out that I was alone at home.

By Damayanti Sumamburat

Dawson and Lexy were walking down on the streets of Venice in their journey. The sun was shining and warm, they were looking at each other from time to time. Together, as usual, side by side, without touching each other , but feeling the presence of one another. Both was smiling. Dawson tried to extend his hand, to grab Lexy's, but he froze. She turned her face toward him and smiled.
"Do you remember the first time we met? It was like this day. Spring was ending and you were training along the river. I was taking pictures. I saw you and I took a picture of you while doing a double high kick. You know, from my point of view it seemed like an action movie scene, I was stunned!" She giggled, and looked at him, he was smiling...Ah! She wanted to take a picture right now.
"And the time you stopped me from taking a picture of you because you thought I was stalking you? Well, I was, but it was my job. I like to take pictures anywhere of everything and everyone. You were just one of the many!" She laughed hard, and Dawson couldn't hide his laugh too.
"That was when I realized that I was falling in love with you. My heart couldn't stop rolling fast. My mind was thingking of you only.. and my camera too. It was full of pictures of you. You were everywhere in my life. And believe me I tried to ignore you, I really tried, but every time you popped out. I turn around a corner and you were where... I almost hated you!"
In the middle of their journey, there was an old woman sat near the sidewalk, Dawson looked at her with pity. Then Lexy asked "what are you looking at?". "Look at the old woman, what a pity” Dawson answered. With tattered clothes, old woman was looking at Lexy and Dawson. The longer they saw, the sharper the old women gazed at them. Then they passed in front of the old woman and suddenly the old woman asked. "Young children, come here" and then they turned towards the old woman. "Yes" said Lexy. The old woman looked at Lexy “How old are you, girl?” the old woman asked with a moaning sound. "23" Lexy replied with a smile. "You are still very young, but you're very lucky you get happiness to find someone who loves you, soon happiness and love will you take away" Lexy smiled at it, but the old woman said with a sad face. Lexy was little confused but she was too ignored, but in the minds of Lexy, there was little wonder upon greeting the old woman said. Then Dawson invited Lexy to get out of the way, with compassion, Dawson gave money to the old woman, and hurried away to continued their journey.
Lexy and Dawson stopped at a traffic light. They stayed silent for a little while. Then they crossed the street together to find themselves in another part of the city. A long straight street, with trees on both sides. Lexy was trying to catch his attention hopping beside him, she was always a happy young girl, and nothing would have ever stopped her. She was strong, strong enough to make him fall for her, strong enough to endure his selfishness. Dawson always was a stubborn guy, always thinking about himself and no one else. But she changed him. She really did, she came into his life like a wave, and brought him the joy of living, the joy of sharing memories and things. She brought him love.
She looked at him and once again she smiled. "The first time we kissed... Do you remember it? I do. Well I remember everything; it was on a rainy day. We fought because of some stupid things. I left without a word, and I didn't have an umbrella. I was crying, but the rain helped me hide the tears which were falling down from my eyes. I closed them and suddenly I didn't feel the rain on my face anymore. You were there, in front of me, looking at me with your eyes full of tears too. You just left the umbrella fell down, and cupped my face in your hands... You kissed me like I've never been kissed before. It was like a movie... Ahhhh! I got shivers, thinking about it!"
He was shivering, but he smiled, and a little tear dropped down. Lexy was trying to hug him, but she couldn't. He turned to her. And finally Dawson spoke.
"Lexy, I love you, I really do. I will always love you. But I need you to go. I need you to be free, I need to be free. It's not our time anymore. Please don't make it harder than it already is. Please." His voice was broken by the pain, broken by the tears which were falling down from his eyes, like a river. He couldn't stop them anymore. She was looking at him, she was crying too. He cupped her face in his hands and for the first time today he touched her with gentleness, with love. He softly kissed her lips, while he was crying louder.
Her image was slowly fading. The strong Lexy, the Happy Lexy was fading away in front of him. She was smiling at him while waving goodbye. "Just always look after me!" he finally yelled to no one. She was gone, for good.
He just heard a voice from afar, maybe in his head..."I will always look after you...I promised you this a long time ago! Don't forget it! I will always be by your side... I love you."
He cried out her name, and knelt in front of her grave...
She was a strong young girl; nothing would have ever stopped her except death. She died 3 months before that day, but she couldn't leave him, not yet. Dawson wasn’t ready to let her go. But now, he did. Actually, the old woman they met on the street know that soon Lexy will die and take away his love and Dawson was aware of the words of the old women he had ever met. Someday he will be fine, but she will always be by his side, walking silently beside him, helping him when he will fall, and holding his hand when he will need it.
That's what eternal love would be like Lexy and Dawson forever. He left flowers on her grave, caressed it, and finally left, walking on the same streets.

By Dewintha Primadinda

A sunny afternoon, the two lovebirds was sitting on a bench in the upper balcony of their home enjoyed the beautiful view of the sea was visible from a distance. While brewed the tea warm, they interacted remember the old story that happened in their relationship when they were young. There were smiles and laughter between them amid the conversation in romantic atmosphere. She laid her head on her husband's shoulder. It was clear that both were in love. The woman named Franda and the man named Frans.
Do you remember honey, when we met in senior high school but I was your senior and you were my junior, then we met and known in one extracurricular,” Franda said then laughed.
Ah..ya, that was an awkward moment when I crushed on you, whereas you were my senior and you had a boyfriend. Hahahaa such a ridiculous moment,” Frans said. “ I remember I’d been like you about 2 years and I had to do was the hardest thing, which was just to wait for you to break up with your boyfriend,” he laughed.
Hahahah really? Go for it.”
Yeah, people told me that I was crazy because I’m falling in love with my senior who had a boyfriend. But I don’t know, I just love that girl.”
Ah.. you make me shy,” she covered her face.
It nice to see them was joking affectionately remember the things that made them more loved one another. Where there were many couples who couldn’t defend their love at the age that was no longer young. So many couples out there destroyed their relationship just for the reason already doesn’t in love anymore. The reason often spoken couples who actually bored with their own relationship. The loss of affection that ever existed rightly to be questioned. And one that can be seen from the couple Frans and Franda was just a good communication.
How dare you to love me, my junior,” Franda was joking.
When you were on 12 grade and I was just 10 grade I felt so low self-esteem, beside you had a boyfriend, you were one of the charming girls on school, you had so many secret admires including me,” Frans confessed.
Hahahaa owww so sad . Do you feel desperate actually?”
Yeah, but I was very grateful I could see you in distance in extracurricular even you didn’t know me,” he said.
But, I knew that you always staring at me hohohoo”
The sun began to sink in the west, it was clear from the view from them. Very beautiful. Their laughter broke the silence that was so peaceful and quiet. However harmony and warmth of them both further clarify the strength of their love until now entering the no longer young age. Franda was 2 years older than Frans. Maturity, understanding and support and a more compliments led them to the age of marriage to the nearly 30 years.
However, the harmony was not always occurs between the two lovebirds. Similar with the other relations in general. The misunderstanding certainly ever faced by them. Until the both feel that the quarrel was not important to be forwarded. But after debated and fought, they could realized and eventually reconciled and more romantic than before. Such an awkward moment but sweet. Suddenly, in the amid of the stunning sight, the two lovebirds were surprised by the arrival of someone.
Hi, mom and dad!” Joanna, Franda’s and Frans’ daughter hugged from back.
Oh God, Joanna!” Franda was shock. “When are you coming here? If I have heart attack you should responsibility. Oh gosh!” Franda still shocked but then hugged Joanna.
Ohh mom, I’m sorry. I’m officially missing you both,” said Franda. “Hello dad,” Joanna hugged them once again.
How are you?when are you coming here? where is your husband?” Frans asked Joanna.
Dad, you have so many questions. I’m fine dad, I arrived here last night, but I’m sorry I’m not call you first I was tired last night with my flight. And my husband still have meeting and he promises to come tonight after meeting and he sends regards for you both,” Joanna answered her father. Joanna was her second child and she had been married and lived in other country with her husband.
Oh come on, sit here with us and tell us what happen to you after a long time we didn’t meet,” Franda wondered.
Hahahaa I’m fine mom dad. As usually Adam and I take care of our business and praise to the Lord our business success,” Joanna smiled.
Oh thanks God, I’m so proud of you,” Franda and Frans looked so excited.
And yeah, how are you mom dad? Is your asthma still relapse dad?”Joanna asked her father.
No, I feel better now, because your mom always by my side,” Frans smiled and embraced Franda.
Oww..both of you still be my Idol couple in the world mom, dad. I love you all so much. I’m very grateful to have you and I’m your child.” Joanna was moved. “And yeah, I heard you were laughing so loud before I was shocked you. What happen?” she continued.
Oh,, your father and I remember our moment in the past when the first time we met and so many things that I don’t know which funny story. Do you want to hear your father’s story how he got me?” Franda offered her daughter.
Wow, of course I want it mom. Come on dad, lets get started,” she excited.
Hahahaa I forgot, where were we?”
Hmm, until you stare at me, isn’t it?”
Oh ya ya,okay, you know that your mother was my senior in high school and I was falling in love with her. We were one choir extracurricular, we met just in practice when we would on choir competition. During practicing I always stared at her and when I closed to her I never call her name because I felt so nervous. As long as I closed to her, I know that she was fun and cheerful girl. I’m loving it,” Frans tell his past. While, Franda’s face was red and Joanna still listen her father.
Oh dad, you’re kinda cute,” Joanna teased her father.
Then, after a long time, almost 2 years waiting for her break up with her boyfriend. But, I thought they never break up because they looked so love each other. So, with desperate I convinced my self to not like her anymore. But, I can’t. I never tell anyone about my feeling to her until she graduated from high school. I was so sad I couldn’t tell my feeling to her. Suddenly, my friend introduced me to other girl and that was my junior. She is also interesting. Then because I thought I still single so I tried to close her and forget about your mother. Then she and I in relationship,”Frans told to Franda and Joanna.
Wahh dad, you with someone else?” Joanna shocked.
Of course, because I didn’t know what I have to do and I was so desperate. Even, I didn’t know why I was so love my senior at that time. As time goes by, I felt uncomfortable with my girlfriend at that time because she was so uncommunicative. Suddenly, in the middle of my relationship with my junior, I heard that the girl who I love so long time broke up with her boyfriend which I never thought that they could break up,” he talked so enthusiasm.
So, what were you doing? Do you broke up with your girlfriend?”Joanna wondered. Franda still listened.
No, not yet. I didn’t want to broke up a girl first. I just hang up my relationship. Actually I know that was so mean, but I just confused. But then, because there was a reunion of choir, finally I could meet my senior girl that I love. She more beautiful and I was so excited. Then from there, I can make communication with her. First, we just shared our experience until we shared about each relationship. She told me why she can broke up and I told her about my confusing toward my girlfriend at that time. From there, we closer than before and I didn’t know what is it call, but I’d love and more comfortable with your mother than my girlfriend at that time. And my time with your mom exceeding my time with my girlfriend. Maybe we could be call cheating. Then finally my girlfriend at that time realize that we didn’t match then broke me up. But I was so happy. Even, a lot of people said I was crazy because I’m waiting for and I’m cheating with same girl, but I believe that girl I was waiting for and cheating with is my wife. My first and my last of cheating is only with your mother,” Frans talked almost all of his memories and ended his story with smiled. Franda smiled and hold Frans’ hand then tears.
I really really grateful to have you, you are my insipiration in my life. I love you,” Joanna hugged her parents so tight and tears.
Franda and Frans were soulmate, though their story was complicated in the begining. Frans to be a secret admirer and waited for his soulmate was long enough. They were a happy couple who spend their time with share, care, understanding and certainly love. From the past to present, their love story was full of drama but eventually their love was immortal love.

Semarang, April 10, 2015

By Diah Wahyu Asih

Jason woke up hearing sound of water. He taught he’s dreaming, a beautiful one. But then his head was hurt and suddenly he remembered bout the accident. He started opening his eyes, then saw the sky was bright and blue and he realized he’s on a boat.
Finally you wake up, we almost throw you” said a boy who bent to the oars. He looked mess with his hair everywhere blown by wind. He looked darken but still Jason can recognize him as Toby, his neighbor.
How could I get in here?” asked Jason.
We found you on this boat, then we just jump to this boat and then wave push us away from home” Toby answered.
No, no. We need to go back” Jason insisted.
How?” asked the girl who sit next to Toby. She had a short hair with dark skin and looked intelligent.
Well, I don’t know, we can turn around, right? Jason asked.
No, we can’t. It’s not that easy, you know. We have gone about 70 miles. It needs about two days to get there and we have no food. We could die here” said the girl.
Well, who are you can talk so much thing about that?”
Um, Jason. She is my cousin, Velice, and she used to travel around the sea, so she knows much about it. Sorry I haven’t introduced you” said Toby.
Travel? Alone?” Jason was curious about her.
My dad is a captain, and I used to come with him” Velice answered shortly.
I see. Well, now what will we do, Velice?” asked Jason
The best way to survive in this condition is go to the closest island, then find some food to survive about three days” Velice stopped saying, then slowly she opened her mouth and said, “The closest island we can find is there”. She pointed to an island on their left side. It looked so green and it seemed that there are no people there.
That looks good enough to get food, we can fishing and get some vegetables or fruits there” said Toby vigorously.
The problem is, that is a wild island” said Velice.
Wild? What do you mean by wild? Is there any snake there? Jason asked while laughing with Toby.
You don’t understand, there are monster shaped like crocodile there. People call it Dragobad, it’s a very dangerous animal which eat everything. I ever hear that last time people go there, there is only one survived.”
Jason and Toby was stay still and speechless. They stared at the island and tried to see another island to land, but they found nothing except the wild island.
Can we go to the other island?” Toby asked.
Yes we can. That if we can survive until tomorrow on this boat” answered Velice. “But seeing our present condition, we really need food immediately. We can go to that island, get food then immediately go to the boat or we die here. That’s the option”
Or we just stay here and wait till someone save us” said Toby.
Oh really? And who is that? An angel? Well, maybe yes” said Velice. “Wake up Toby, our island was destroyed by the storm. If they search us, it will take about two days. And in two days, if we stay here, we will be just corpse”
Then what we do? Going that island will make us die faster than” said Jason.
No, if we focus. Dragobad can’t swim, but we can. They may a good runner, but we can run faster. We only need to take food then go directly to the boat, and they can do nothing after that.” Said Velice convinced them.
You sure about that?” asked Jason.
Yes. The one who survive from there is one of my friends. So I know about the dragobad.”
Ok then, what’s your plan?” Jason asked to Velice.
Toby came close to them then they three discussed their plan to survive. For about half an hour, finally they decided to go there. They three are good swimmer so there will be no problem if the dragobad come close to them. The most important thing is that the boat must stay on the water, and they didn’t need to go so deep to the forest.
After they boat came close enough, Jason went down to the water heading to the island then saw the cost. Toby watched him and warned him if he saw any movement. Jason got inside then brought some fruits like watermelon, coconut, and some kinds of peanut. Then he ran and swam fast to the boat.
Ok, now is my turn” said Toby. He then jumped into the water and moved to the coast. “Don’t worry about me, I can handle it”
Hey, what are you doing? Come back here” said Velice. Jason and Velice shouted at him asking him to go back to the boat. They have planned to go there in turn, but each of them must wait about two hours to go to the island again.
What are we doing now?” Velice asked.
We wait him. If he hasn’t back in an hour, I’ll search him.” Jason answered. They both then ate whatever they get from the island while they waited for Toby.
Hey, it’s him!” said Jason. Toby was running and brought branches and fabric on his hand. He waved his hand to show what he’s got.
That’s good, Toby. Come on” Velice shouted at him. But suddenly a dragobud run after him. Toby was panic and he ran faster and faster. Their distance is only five meters. But his distance with water was still 15 meters.
He won’t make it” said Jason.
How could you say that?” Velice asked him unbelievable.
Toby, you must climb up to that tree!” Jason shouted at him. Then Jason jumped into the water approaching the dragobad from the other side. Then he shout at the animal which no longer chased Toby. Toby was still on that tree when dragobad leaved him there. Velice who saw this condition suddenly move the boat to get Toby.
Toby, go down now, then come here. Fast!” Velice shouted. Toby stared at Jason whose still in the water shouting at the dragobad. “He’ll be fine, he’s on the water” Velice convinced him. Toby then climbed down slowly then ran fast to the boat.
Come on, let’s get Jason” said Velice after helping Toby came up to the boat. They two then came approaching Jason and brought him up to the boat. Finally, they three saved and survive. After that, they three were laughing at what has happened to them.
Then they suddenly become silent. “Do you hear that?” Velice asked them. There was storm coming with big wave approaching them.
Oh no.” Said Jason. Their boat was got hit by wave and going up then landed on the island. The dragobad was gone inside the forest because they can’t swim, but they’re on that island. They three were panic then pushed the boat into the sea. While they were pushing it, a dragobad chased them. Jason and Velice ran to the sea leaving the boat, but Toby was still pushing it.
Leave it, Toby. Run!” shout Jason.
Toby, watched out! Run! Said Velice.
Toby then ran to the sea which about four meters away, but the dragobad has got his leg.
No!” Velice shouted. Jason was speechless and tried to helped Toby. Jason got his hand, but dgarobad was much more powerful than them. Toby finally was eaten by the animal. Jason was shocked and Velice was crying. Jason then huged her and calmed her down. They’re still in the water with the boat still on the land, so they decided to be more careful and wait for the perfect time to get the boat out of the land. They were cold there, but they strengthen themselves.
After they sure that there is no dragobad around, they pushed the boat to the water then stayed away from the island. Velice used the branched and the fabric that Toby brought to make a sail, so they didn’t need to paddle but they could use the wind to move.
Toby has saved us” Velice finally started speaking after the accident.
Yes, he really is a good friend. We owe him” Jason answered.
Do you think we can make it?” Velice asked Jason
Absolutely, I won’t waste his sacrifice” Jason answered. They two then headed to their home with their new spirit.

Semarang, April 7, 2015

By Erzal Pratomo Kurnianto

In the middle of night, there were two college students who eat dinner together in a little restaurant. The first student was Harris, he was an American. He was one of the famous guys in his college and he was a playboy, an extreme playboy. The second student who sits beside Harris was Joana; she is Harris girlfriend, one of Harris girlfriend exactly. She was not very beauty, but with her brown skin and black curly hair, she looks like an angel from South America. Joana was a famous singer in her college. They still waited their friends who will joined ate dinner in this restaurant.
What are they doing?” said Harris, “it’s almost one hour we wait them, where are they?”
Maybe they still on their way to this restaurant, hon,” answer Joana to Harris.
Hello!!” one of their friends comes into the restaurant, “where are the others?”
I don’t know Clarke,” said Harris with his bored face.
Clarke was Harris’s best friend; he became Harris’s friend from elementary school. They always study in same schools. Until now they still study together in same college. Clarke is the smartest student in his faculty.
Clarke came inside the restaurant and sits beside Joana, he orders his food and he asked his friends about their next holiday. He wanted his holiday spent with them, so he asked them the place that they want to go to holiday.
Hi Joana,” Clark greet Joana, “hey guys I have an idea, how if this holiday we go to some place together?”
Oh that’s great idea, to the mountain I think it will be fun,” answers Harris.
Last holiday we were went to the mountain, think the other destination beside mountain,” said Joana. “Nowadays I heard there are tourism village near here, I think we should try to visit that village.”
You know the way to that village?” asked Harris.
My friend know, he will join with us and guide us to the village if we want to visit that village,” answers Joana.
Last week, Joana met her old friend. She is Lina, she came from Japan. Joana knows Lina when she visited Japan by herself. They met inside of temple in one of village in Japan. Lina is a calm person. She often talked to someone, but it different if she meets her friends. She very attractive if meet her friends, she will tell any story to them. Last week Lina came to England to continue her study in one of famous university. She told Joana if she will study in her country. After knows Lina would came, Joana felt happy because she never met her again around 4 years. They met in central park near Joana's University; they felt very happy in there. Lina inform Joana that near the city there are tourism village. Joana didn’t know that village before, she asked Lina to accompany her to that village.
Will you accompany me to that village?” asked Joana.
Ok, I’ll show you the way to the village,” answers Lina, “when we will go?”
I don’t know Lin, maybe on next holiday,” said Joana, “I’ll invite my friends to join our holiday,”
Ok, call me if you have decided the date for the trip,” said Lina.
Joana and Lina left the park and went back to their home stay. That’s a little information about Joana’s friend who would join them to the tourism village. Next week after they met in restaurant, they met together again in Harris’s house to discuss the date they would go to the village. Clarke said that they must went on the middle of the night because they would arrived in the village on the morning and they can enjoyed the village scenery on the morning. Harris and Joana seemed agree about what Clarke said, so they would go on Friday night and would be arrived on Saturday morning. After that Joana call Lina to inform the date and asked her where she would join with them.
Hello!” greets Joana.
Hi Jo what happens?” answers Lina.
I just want to inform you that we will go to the village on Friday night,” said Joana.
Oh why we go in the night?” asked Lina.
My friends think that if we go in the night, we will arrive in the village in the morning and we can enjoy the morning scenery in that village,” answers Joana.
Oh ok,” said Lina.
Where will you join with us? Or you come to my home stay and go together?” asked Joana.
I think I’ll come to your home stay,” answers Lina.
Ok see you tomorrow, bye,” Joana ended the chat.
Friday night. Harris, Joana, Clarke and Lina were in Harris’s house, they prepared all of their needed. Lina introduced herself to Harris and Clarke. Harris checked his car and make sure his car had no any problem. On 1 PM they moved left Harris’s house to the village, on the way they talk about anything, Lina makes any jokes and the other laughed out loud because her jokes. Outside the car, they didn’t realize that a mysterious shadow followed them. They still didn’t realize until in the middle of forest rear tire of Harris’s car deflated, Harris stopped his car and checked the tire. All came down from the car and see what happened, Clarke helped Harris changed the tire with the alternative tire. Around thirty minutes they changed the tire and done. While Harris and Clarke changed the tire, Joana felt something wrong; she thought that they were watched by someone or something. Joana asked lina about her feel, Lina also felt same as Joana but she sometimes saw a shadow around them who watched in a distance.
They continued their trip, Joana want to ask Harris or Clarke about what that she felt but she doubted. She thought that they would think that just her feeling. Lina suddenly wake from her sleep and cried, she said that she had a dream same as this trip but in her dream the trip became a big accident. She saw that Harris’s car hit the big tree and from behind the car there were a giant truck with high speed hit them. Harris tried to told that dream was a dream, it just the imagination of the dreamer before they sleep. Lina still cried and Harris stopped his car to the side of the road, Harris and Joana tried to soothe Lina from her nightmare. Clarke went out from the car and light his cigarette to warmed his body, because they still in the middle of the forest. Clarke saw a black shadow passed tree by tree in front of him. Clarke put off his cigarette to the ground and came back to the car.
Guys I think we should move now,” said Clarke with his fear face.
What’s happen Clarke?” asked Harris.
I saw a shadow, black shadow out there, I think it watched us,” answers Clarke.
Oh that shadow,” said Joana suddenly.
What shadow? Who are them?” asked Harris.
I don’t know,” said Clarke, “just start your engine and move from here.”
Ok Ok,” said Harris.
They moved from there and Harris tries to be calm because he felt fear too. Lina had stopped crying. Clarke still with his fear face and tries to forget what had he saw. Two hour again to arrived in the village; in the middle of the trip they met a giant truck. Harris try to overtake it but it not easy, after twenty minutes they just drove behind the truck Harris tried to overtake again with more speed and it success. However after they overtake the truck, there was hairpin curve in front of them. Harris couldn’t dodge it and they hit the big tree in front of them. The truck behind them lost his control because shocked sees a car with high speed beside him and hit a tree in front of him. The driver tried to avoid them but he couldn’t and hit back of the car that had overtake him. The driver came down and checked his truck conditions. He saw the car wedged between the big tree and his truck. All of the passenger were died, he call police to inform them about this accident.

Dream is only a dream, it just an imagination of the dreamer before they sleep. However sometimes the dream will become true”

Semarang, April, 13th 2015

By Muhammad Faizal Hira

The kingdom of High Valleywas the most prosperous land in Middle Realm, called a land where dream came true by many. It bacame one of the richest kingdom in Middle Realm, wheat field are scattered across the land like ocean of gold, silver were raining from the sky and the home of beauty throughout the Middle Realm, any objects could be found on this kingdom.
The High Valley was known for their Royal Garden that called by many people the Golden Flower because of its shape and most of the ornaments of that garden were made from gold. Only highborn and Royal Family could enter that place due its sancity and it located behind the castle of High Valley. Many people visited that place, but the most notable being on that garden were king’s children, Areen and Thomas.
They visited that garden everyday to play something, Areen the older sister always thought royal education to Thomas while they playing in the garden, on the other hand Thomas was always stubborn kid who never listened to his sister.
Are you listening to me Tom?” Areen said
Not in seven hells I will listen to you!”
You better do now, because one day you will be king and a king must know how to be a king.”
I will be the king that I want to, not a king that you want me to.”
In the middle of the fight there was a bark of a hound that break their stubborness, the dog was looking at both of them with slimey mouth, barking and barking, his ferocious teeth made their soul burn into dust and they looked like a dead meat to the hound. Areen trembled and closed her eyes as the dog ran towards them.
Areen thought that they were dead and she was on the other side right now as she open her eyes and saw a beam of golden light blinded her eyes, but she did not see the other side what she saw was her brother in front of her confronting the dog while she sat on the ground. Thomas let his arm bite by the hound to protect his sister and he smashed that hound with the a dummy sword that he always carried whereever he go.
Areen was shocked and cannot say a word after he saw her 12 years old brother stood up before her against the hound and saved her life that day. She looked at Thomas’ hand and he bleed a lot from the wound. She got up and held Thomas’ hand she terrified as she looked that open wound the her sight was distracted to her brother’s face.
Why you do that?”
Are you okay?” Thomas replied with heavy breath
Stop talking you bleed a lot.”
Hah, you think this thing will kill me?”
Why you do that? you can run, no one will blame you.”
How would I be a king if I can protect my own sister.”
Then Areen cried with his brother on her lap, her brother shed her tears and said calmly.
Its okay don’t cry.”
Promise me you will live.”
I will try for that one, but I can promise you one thing.”
What is that?”
I will protect you and if that cost my life, I will gave up my life, just for you, you will not die while I’m in The High Valley”
Areen screams and the royal guard came in time to save prince Thomas’ life and this event would never forgotten by both of them for the rest of their life.

King Johann was a warlorld, a conqueror and a battleseeker. He got his tittle by killing the previous king and conquering half of the Middle Realm and slaughtered most of the major houses that against him.
He was a man full of pride and dignity, he never let the other houses to see his own house weakness, it also goes to his children, Areen and Thomas. Lord Johann always thought about nobility and highborn, how to mantain the family pride. He was a strict person, whenever his children made a mistake the king would not hesitate to punished his children in front of everyone. One day Areen let a poor boy to ate her leftover and his father cought her, she ended up whipped in front of the castle while the poor watched her in silence.
King Johann was a man full of anger even after his wife death, killed by one of the rebel from House Radgar a long time ago when Thomas still a little baby. After killed all of the Redgar clan, from that day he promised that he will slaughter every house that related to Radgar no matter what. He did not want to
Thomas was on his 27th birthday this week and his father sent him to battlefield to fought the rebels that bothering his father for the last decade. He always Johann’s number one child, he never lose a battle and marched to High Valley with dignity when the war is ended. He presented all of his winning in the battlefield to his father and his father expected to won everytime, there are no room for a child that lose a battle in my house, his father said.
Thomas as known by a lot of people in the kingdom, he and her sister are very close. People were aware of the story of brave young Thomas who stood up against a ferocious hound for the sake of her sister. But they did not know anything.
I’m worried about you,” Areen asked Thomas as she kissed him passionately.
I fight for our house, for our family, for you,” Thomas replied.
All of these war you won, all of the kingdoms you conquered, all of the land you took. Still we couldn’t found our freedom, our own palace, or our own land.”
You know I love you no matter what right?”
But what is the point of loving if we must hide it in secrecy.”
You know what will father do if he knew about us right?”
I’m aware of that, but first youre mine tonight, I miss you since the day you walked through that bloody gate to satisfy our father,” Areen push Thomas’ body to her bed as they made love passionately like its their last day on Middle Realm.

King Johann married to another woman, she was Margareth of house Jorlak and currently she is pregnant. It is a custom when a queen was pregnant they will make a feast and everyone on that country were invited to the castle. On that night the King made several announcements.
My people! It is known that our kingdom has became the most powerfull kingdom in Middle Realm and I will do anything to mantain that I don’t want to anyone in the Middle Realm to look down to my house. The house of Andals, the conqueror!”
Everyone screams and praise the king, as Thomas and Areen they were surrounded by terror as their father saw them in the eyes when gave the speech. Lord Johann continue his speech, but now with anger in his tone.
I willingly to do anything for the sake of my house I will not any houses mocking my house for any reason! For that I order my son to take The Blood Keep that hold by house Karparoff that any men never done before. Succeed this and you will be the next king by the third moon. I will gave all the army you need to do that mission.”
Crowd were shocked, some men screamed in glorious cry singing the song of Andals the conqueror, a song that reminded people of Johann slaughtering all of the house Redgar. Areen’s tears were almost dropped as he knew that Blood Keep was a suicide mission.
And for my daughter!”
She applaud by that loud voice as Thomass saw his sister in deep fear of what was coming to her.
My lovely daughter.... For my lovely daughter you I already arranged a married for you and the house Baggins, the second richest house on this land.”
Both of them were shocked and their eyes were hollow as the kings smile and say his house word
All must die! For one who lived!”
All must die! For one who lived!” the crowd replied.

The day has came where Thomas marched to battlefield with his army at front of the Blood Gate. Thomas charged to the keep with his army, slayed everything on their path. Archers, cavalry, swordsmen were fighting for their life as they charge upon the gate
On the castle a wedding party was held to celebrate the wedding of Areen to John of Baggins. She looked so sad on this wedding and everything was seemed so bored on this party but one thing shocked her is the looked on his father face. He never smile this big before not since he slaughter all of the Redgars she knew that something was wrong.
At The Blood Keep Thomas were succeed to put those man on surrender he lost half of his army, but his gut was never wrong this is too easy for him, this is not the army of unpenetrable Blood Keep, he knew that something was wrong.
King Johann announced something in the middle of the party, everyone was silenced.
Today is the happiest day of my life!, my daughter are getting married, and Blood Keep maybe already surrender by now thanks to my son, and I gladly to asked all of the Baggins to the Golden Flower to attend the sacred ceremonial of the wedding.”
Areen were shocked and worried that her fear came true, she never knew any of sacred ceremonial that held by her house on Golden Flower, but as the door to Golden Flower shuted she awake from her head and lstening to her father speaking.
Of course you know what is my promise back then when i killed all of Redgars in the Middle Realm?”
Crowd became silenced, Johann continued his speech with anger
I will kill everyone who related to the Redgar!”
I realized Redgars was just a puppet, there must be someone who pull the string.
Someone who need to conquered this land and have source for it someone called Simon... Baggins”
Areen was shocked, but he felt something more, something cold, not for the fact that her father going to killed the Baggins, but something cold pierce her body. She looked down and saw a spear strike her belly from behind.
On the Blood Keep all of Thomas’ army were screaming in joy as everyone gather around Thomas to congrats him, but Thomas notice all of them were on battle stance with a smiling face, then before Thomas could reached his sword The Fearmaker, an arrow was strike him right in the left eye then followed by 7 spear that stabbed his body. A man from distant said
Your father sends his regard.”
Kneeled on the Garden Flower Areen was dying and sa all of the baggins butchered and killed by kingsguard. When he gave up to live she remebered Thomas and tried to get away from tham slaughter house. Then his father voice was heard on the distant.
Tell me child where are you going?”
I’m going to leave this mad house!” She replied.
So are you planning to go away with Thomas?”
How did you...-”
I always know my child, you think I would both of you disgrace our family?
Our house?! Go for Thomas and see his dead body.”
But Thomas won.”
I am a man with plan my child, thats why I married another woman to continue my bloodline.”
Areen was starred at her father in anger, but soon she gave up and tried to kill herself by removing the spear on his belly then stab it to her heart, but before she did that a lance strike trough her head form behind ripping his brain, jaw and nose. Blood was everywhere and Johann drank his wine and sat on the bench of Golden Flower and said
"All must die. For one who lived.”

By Farida Sukma Dewi

At the dining room in Friday morning, sounds of spoons and plates were coed. In the middle of that room, a large table stands with several chairs surrounded. There were two people sat on them, having their breakfast in the silence.
One of the people was a young boy in his junior high school’s uniform. While beside him, the one who sat after the empty chair was his father with his neat coat.
Dad…” the young boy finally said his first word today.
Hmm…? What is going on, Justin?” asked his father while see him at glance.
Umm… After the school over today, could I go to my friend’s house?” said he rather felt hesitate.
Why is so sudden?” It sound there was an objection inside of his respond.
My friends and I had some home works yesterday, and those are the group works. So we should finish them together within this week, Dad...” said Justin. He really hoped his father would grant his request today. Justin knew that his Dad was strict person who did not believe everything easily. Actually, beside of doing his home works with his best friends, he had a plan to go to studio for training their performance in school farewell party. But…
No, you should stay at home today…”
Dad answered it without took off his eyes from his meal instead of his son. If he didn’t, maybe he would see the disappointed face from his son’s.
Why don’t, Dad? It is really important for us. We have no longer time to accomplish our works. It is due to the day after tomorrow…” Justin tried to persuade his dad. ‘Okay, I will cancel my secret plan, Dad… but, please… this is serious situation… This is about MY GRADES!!’ Justin didn’t even believe that he finally began worried to his grade at this time.
Do your homework at home, you can ask Rico to help you…” Daddy continued, ignoring his son’s question. Justin bitted his lip as much as that time. ‘Rico… Rico again…’
Rico was one of his father’s assistants. He was still young, about 20 years old. If he still study, he may be studying in college right now. However, he chose to work with his father. Because of his loyalty, Rico also had the duty to guard Justin. Yes, like a bodyguard.
DAD, Rico is not my school friend! This is my school group task, and the members are my friends and I! So, it will be ridiculous if Rico who are not the student of my school IS DOING the tasks for our team!!” told Justin. He was so tired with every effort of his father to make him only stay at home. ‘Why it always happened to me?’ ‘How could you to do those to my life? What is my fault until you do that for me??’ said he in his heart.
BRAKK!! Justin dropped his meal tools on the table harshly.
WHYY??! Why Dad always forbid me to go out? I feel bored supposed to be a little kid like this!!”
I don’t want you to go out with those mischievous boys anymore…”
What did you said..?? Who are you mean as the mischievous boys?”
Of course, the two boys that always around you at school.…”
Why do you judged them like that?!”
You don’t need to know about such thing. The important one is that you have already known that they are not good to be your friend from Dad…” said Dad, kept in calm tone as looked at Justin in calm way too.
How could I believe that if I don’t know the clear reason of your words, Dad?!” the boy began to angry. ‘You don’t know anything about my friends!!’
DAD! You always restraint me, forbid me to do something outside, even just to do my homework, give me some people to guard me everywhere such I am a prisoner. And NOW, you asked me to keep away from MY BEST FRIENDS??”
They are my best friends. You even haven’t known yet about them, so don’t say something without any proves!!”
JUSTIIN!!” shouted Dad while stood from his chair. “How dare you are speak to your father like that!”
It’s because you don’t know about ME!!”
What did you say, Justin?!! I’ve raised you from you are small, so I really know what you are…”
NO!! You don’t really know everything about me!!”
Then, the silence came again. The only sound was come from the kitchen, where Mrs. Nani, their maid, washed the dish plates. For her, the situation in the dining room was like the next series of quarrels in every daily morning since her worked at this house several years ago.
I will make it clear for you. I don’t want to hear anything about Rico that will go home without you today…” stated Dad explicitly. Then he took his briefcase and left Justin alone in his disappointment. He didn’t get the answer of his questions… even the PERMISSION…
* * *
Hey… Justin, my Bro! Are you going to come at my home this afternoon?” Ben, his friend punched his back softly. He was rather curious to Justin who kept silent when they entered in library. They were accompanying Daniel, their brilliant-and-smart partner looking for some books as the reference of their Biology’s group assignment.
I’ve prepared all of the equipments!! So, you will do the practices, and Daniel… he do the report!! Hehehe…” Ben tried to joke while opened a book from Daniel’s gathered. But then he closed and put it back. ‘I got sudden headache after looking at those writing…don’t understand!!’
I don’t know…” answered him without any expression.
Let me guess this… Your Dad didn’t permit you?” Daniel guessed in his business looking for books at the shelves. Justin just nodded.
How poor you, guys. If I were you, I will escape from my house…”
That’s enough, Ben. As friend, we should help him. Don’t tell anything except you can give good solution!” Daniel complained to Ben. He then took the books from Ben and sat beside Justin.
Justin, these are may be such a punishment for you. You’ve always broke your father’s rule and his advice which you shouldn’t do. And you also ever tried to escape from your home when you want to go out with us. I think your attitudes had blown his stack. If you obey before, your father will be try to trust you.” said Daniel at length.
I think it will be useless, Dan. That’s My Dad! When I was child until now, he is very protective to me. Sometimes his rules and his effort was driving me crazyyyy!!” Justin directly shut his mouth. He saw around that all library’s visitors were looking at him sharply, especially Mrs. Bertha, the librarian.
I think that’s normal. You are child of one of the richest businessmen in this city. Your Dad may have his own reason to do that.” said Daniel concluded something.
But, that shouldn’t be the extreme one. I can visit my friend’s house just for doing homework. He said that I HAVE BAD FRIENDS…”
WHAAT…???!!” Ben shouted. All visitors took their death glare on them again.
Be calm please” said Mrs. Bertha softly. Ben could only give his guilty smile and nodded for apologize. ‘Be calm Bertha, they are just children who never came to library…’ said her in his heart.
Your father said that? I cannot believe it…” Ben rather felt shocked. “A handsome, kindly, polite, and innocence boy like me, is BAD Boy?? He should meet me before told like that. I always suggest it every time girl wanted to know about me.” Ben murmured, felt offense.
I think that’s not the problem, Ben. It may have misunderstanding. You know, when Justin pal up with us, he often came to our home and go home lately. And also there was a moment that Justin having fight with Alex cs because helping you, who hit his girlfriend with your bike.” said Daniel remembering the past.
I didn’t hit her. I always passed that small path every time I go home. That her fault why they hang out at there. So that’s not my fault when she fell down to the river” Ben tried to answer in lower tone than before. He didn’t want to be out of control again.
And… There was also a fact, which may be made Mr. Jimmy believe in his assumption about us! When we are at bus stop yesterday, you found a discarded cigarette, right?”
Eee… He’em…” Ben tried to remember that moment.
And then… you sucked it. Am I TRUE?”
Eeerrr… Yeah. I’m curious about the taste… hehe…” he laughed inocencely.
THAT’S IT!! That’s all because your foolish curiosity!! That’s why his Dad judged us as BAD BOYS because at that time HE SAW US!!!” shouted Daniel as point up the book to Ben’s face.
Three of you…” Mrs. Bertha smiled in front of their desk.

To be continued
Pati, May 2, 2015

By M. Hilman Rasyid Yudistira

These eyes were so sad to see the fact that could not be accepted. Right in front of me, I saw two bodies had been in a bloodbath. I could not move, my breath stood still, my heart was beating irregularly. I cried as hard as I can, I was just a kid who could not believe what I saw tonight.
"Aaa.., aren't they John and Michelle?" I said and stunned.
"Why did she do this?"
"Is this a dream?"
"Lizbeth, why did you have the heart to kill so many people?"
Two bodies laidthere were John and Michelle, uncle and aunt who lived next door to my house, precisely before they were killed. Outside, so much blood seemed to be a sea of red hell for this city and it wasvery hard to believe to know the fact that she wasthe assasin. Lizbeth whoIprouded of, respected and cared about, had killed so many people, even John and Michelle, she had the heart to kill him.
From the window of my room, I looked at the beauty of the sky which was covered with snow in the morning that day. I lived alone in a suburb Turine with Valentino, my iguana. We rented a small apartment on the Inroy street 57. My home was located on the 17th floor next to the house of 'Dried Snotter' Adriano. He got his nickname because you know, he always did his habit any time, any place, anywhere, and even with whoever he was talking. My house was not so big or wide. My room itself was located in the house with a variety of martial arts performer posters on the wall and books were a little scattered.
Around 10:30 pm, I was lying in my bed, still thinking about the thing that happened 2 years ago.
"I still could not forget the tragedy."
"Tragedy that claimed the lives of many people in this town.
"Even my aunt and uncle," I said as I looked at the sky of Turine city from my bedroom's window.
I kept thinking and still puzzling over what really happened to Lizbeth. I wonder what's on her mind until she was willing claimed many lives of residents of this city. Even this timeshe became the most wanted fugitive after she escaped from the incident. However there was one thing whichpropped my mind when I was thinking about the incident, and I would still not convince and believe that she was willing to do it all just because of her own will, because she said something to me at the time,
"You shall know the truth one day, believe me, I always love you Bryan!" she said, smiling at me.
That's what made my spirit burning to practice, practice martial arts to be exact. Actually, I and Lizbeth were two people who were very respected and honored at the Blue SkySchool. Blue Sky School was a martial arts school in Turine who taughtmartial arts of Ninjutsu, or more precisely the ninja martial arts. However, since the incident, our School was dissolved because many schoolformers who were killed in the tragedy. I as the person who was left of the school must continue to strive to discover what really happened. Every day I practiced with the sole purpose of carrying out to find the truth about what really happened to Lizbeth.
Once in a Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from one of thepopuler ninja in the school who was also my friend, Kouji. He wasthe one who was also very respected at that time. He was a boy who was famous for his speed in the fight.
"Is this Bryan," the caller asked.
"I heard that you want to go to look for Lizbeth, aren't you?"Kouji asked.
"Yes, I plan to look for the truth behind the tragedy Kouji,"I replied.
"Do you mean looking for the killer?" Koujiasked in a tone full of anger.
"We still do not know what really happened, Kouji," I said irritably.
"Did you believe with all those evidences Bryan?" Kouji asked.
After a long conversation we finally agreed to begin the adventure or rather to say our quest after tomorrow. But unfortunately,Kouji determined to find Lizbeth to avenge her because she had killed Kojiro which was a brother ofKouji, he was also the senior in Blue Sky. Kouji and Kojiro are brothers of the Wada Family. They were a family of Japanese descent who had settled in the city centuries ago in Turine.
Once in a sunny thursday morning we began the quest.
"Kunai, shuriken, money, and hmmm ..." I said while checking the preparations.
"Oh yes, I have to leave Valentino on Adriano!"
"You are such a sloppy, get hurry,leave your green reptile!"
"I will leave you if you're late," Kouji said with exasperation.
Various equipmentsI had with me such as, ninja weapons, the money from my savings account asthe resultof my work, and I did not forget to dropValentino to my neighbor, Adriano. Kouji did not carry a lot of stuff, he only brought a small bag on his back, which I thought only a few pieces of clothing. I and Kouji actually were not a close friends, but we had a such of rivalry. However, because of the rivalry that often occured in between us, as if we understood the feelings of each other, maybe it madeto take me to find Lizbeth.
At around 4 pm we arrived at the outskirts of the forest Isabella, the place that became our first goal.In the forest there was an old man who reportedly was the last descendant of a half human turtle. According to the story, a turtlemanhad the ability such a radar that could find out where anything was. Therefore we decided to go there.We boarded the bus to get to Isabella which took about 48 hours from my apatment.It was also well known that many Zoas inthis forest, a lizardman that famous to be wild.
"Let's go in," I suggested.
"Do you know there are many Zoas in Isabella, Bryan?" said Kouji
"Do you mean human which is shaped such a lizard?" I replied as I turned to ask.
"It's true, but however, entering this forest is the only way to be able to see the turtleman," Kouji said.
With a deep breath I began to enter the forest withKouji. The scenes in this forest was actually quite beautiful, and sometimes I saw a deer behind a beautiful pine tree covered snow. It was getting dark and we decided to set up a tent in an ample ground in the forest. I and Kouji agreed to take turn sleeping. We did this as protection of the unwanted things.
On two o'clock in the morning, it's time for meto guard. The sound of the hissingsounded softly. I started to enjoy and observe the sounds that are around the tent. Suddenly, there weretwo shadow of creatures that had a tail and head as high as about 2 meters. The Shadow made a snake hiss which sounded unusual.
"SSSS, upakata, nanobi?"
"SSSS, nanobi, nanoobii," the second shadow responded.
Although I did not understand what were discussed by both creatures, but I had a bad feeling, and I immediately went into the tent and woke Kouji up.
"Koujiget up fast, there seems to be a strange creatures out there!." I whispered to Kouji.
I immediately grabbed the wood which was still burned by fire. Kouji that had justgot up immediately took his bag and pulled out a kunai and crawled out of the tent. It was true. Outside there were two lizardmans. It werezoas. Zoas were walked over with their large nails in their three fingers and toes. Saliva dripping from their mouths which were full of sharp teeth.
"Zreeeet,"with a quick movement Kouji threw the kunai to the Zoa's eye in the right side.
"SSSSSS," Zoawas hissing loudly.
Then Zoa that was beside, approached me. I swung the wood which was still burned as I picked up my bag.
"Kouji, let's run!" I shout to run to Kouji.
I did not have any other choice, because we knew it was very difficult to beat a Zoa. Zoa had a healing power that fast, so there was no means to attack them with all the ninja weapon we had.
Unwittingly we had run quite far from the pursuit of the two lizardmans. After feeling quite safe, we began to walk. Shortly after that, we found the most amazing scenery,
"Kouji, look at the light!" I pointed to the thousands of twinkling light glittered beautifully in front of us.
"Isn't it beautiful?"
"It's generated from fireflies," Kouji said.
"The light seems to show us the way to somewhere," I added.
We then followed the path created by the fireflies. Then we arrived in front of a wooden house surrounded by thousands of fireflies light. The house stood under a large tree that grew behind it. With slow steps we walked towards the house. At the door of the house was written the name of Mr. Kame. By the time we knocked the door, then came up a figure of an old man wearing sunglasses with tortoise shell on its back. He was wearing a patterned shirt flowers with yellow pants.
"Are you looking for Lizbeth?" asked the old turtleman.
"Oh yeah right, how do you know?" I said in surprise.
"I've been waiting for you ,''the old man replied.
"Come, let us talk about it all in," the old man allowed us to enter.
"In the past she was my student," he began.
"Lizbeth was a good-hearted and diligent girl. But one day, there was a report that there were Blue Sky officials who would conduct a coup because they wanted to overthrow the local government in Turine that time. Lizbeth secretly had been seleted to become a spy by the local government of Turine. To run the purpose, Lizbeth was sent to kill the people."
"Your sister reluctantly must kill the formers herself who were even the teachers or friends of Lizbeth in the Blue Sky. The mission was successful, a disaster occurred when she fought against Kojiro. Although she managed to defeat Kojiro but Lizbeth got very severe injuries and exposured to toxins from Kojiro weapons. Because she did not want this mission uncovered, Lizbeth decided to go and keep this secret from her family and especially from you, Bryan. She then contacted and told me all of this before she died in the end. She advised you to train harder in order to be a leader for Turine and put an end to the hostilities that had occurred in Turine."
After listening to all the stories of the old turtleman, I was in silent. It all became clear now.

By Indah Zumrotun

London was rather quiet this day. Perhaps, it was because it had been rained all afternoon. Amanda, a girl who looked sweet in red sweater and brown hair, was sitting in the edge of the window of the TAP Coffee’s corner, looking at the people outside who many of them were running from the rain. A cup of hot coffee in her table had been served since a few minutes ago but Amanda still had no intention to drink it immediately. She was busy with her mind and the rain which reminded her of her experience when visiting Indonesia three months ago.
It had been already a week for her in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java as one of her destination city due to her tour in Asean’s country for hunting photos when she knew that little boy. Just like this day, it was also raining and she was standing in front of one of the historical building near a mosque in Kota Lama, one of famous tourist area of Semarang, when she saw a little boy were walking along the street and offering an umbrella to the Kota Lama visitors (lately Amanda knew from his Indonesian friend that the offering-umbrella act was called ojek payung). For Amanda, who had never seen that scene in London, it was an interesting object for her photograph so she immediately took the picture of those scenes.
Her curiosity was getting rising when she noticed that the little boy who still in his white-red uniform was the only little boy who were doing that offering-umbrella job in the area because as far as Amanda could see, the others offering-umbrella doer are adult. When the little boy came and sat next to her to take a rest, Amanda really wanted to ask the boy why he was doing that job but Amanda thought that it may be impossible that the boy knew how to speak in English.
Good afternoon Miss…,” that small voice of a greeting was sounded from the boy. Of course Amanda was surprised to hear it.
Can you speak English?” asked Amanda to the boy.
Little-little” said him with a shy smile in her face and Amanda also smiled hearing it.
Why are you doing this?” said Amanda, pointed to his yellow umbrella. She hardly tried to choose the easiest word so the boy could understand.
He was silent for a second and finally answered,
I need money for my father,” said the boy.
At that time, what’s on Amanda’s mind was that the boy’s father was sick and the boy needed to help the financial need of his parents. However, that assumption was wrong and the true answer was greatly surprising for Amanda. An unpredictable answer coming from the little boy had never come across her mind even once. She had never thought that there was an answer like that came from a little boy like him.
The boy was fourth grader. His father was a parker and his mother's didn’t work because she had to take care of her sister who suffered brain system disorder. His grandfather was a veteran so he and his family were a little familiar with the English language because his poor grandfather often spoke in English.
Is your father sick or something?” asked Amanda.
I need to earn money as much as possible so my father doesn’t need to work really hard so he can have a time for God,” answered the boy to Amanda.
How come?” asked Amanda.
One night, I heard my father told my mother that he couldn’t do his duty toward God because God has given him so many problems in his life. He is too busy to deal with the problem so that he doesn’t have time for God. He need to earn money as much as possible so he can make me become a success person and he also want to provide the best treatment for my sister,” he continued and Amanda was almost crying hearing that boy’s explanation.
Kota lama was still raining. Amanda was looking at the little boy from his head to toe. It made her almost crying because she didn’t find any expression of disappointment, sadness, or indisposed toward God or his father.
The night of that day, Amanda couldn’t sleep at all. Her mind kept thinking about the boy she saw in Kota Lama.
How could there be a father like that? How could someone not have time to his God? Does it mean that he does not trust his God? If someone is not doing his duty to God, of course he's sinned and unfaithful, isn’t he?’
Those questions kept disturbing Amanda all night. The boy and his family was a Muslim and Amanda was a Christian. Amanda did not too understand about Muslim and the religion. Over her life, she always thought that the differences between religions were only in the name of the religion and she believed that all religions taught the same thing that was to be faithful to God.
The next day, on Friday, Amanda wanted to meet with the boy again and she planned to meet his father too. She went to the place when she met the boy. It was at 12.30 pm. She was standing at the same place with the day before, in one of the historical building near a mosque. There were so many men in the mosque so she moved a little farther from there. She knew that there was a special time to pray for men who is Muslim in Friday. While waiting for the boy, there was an old man in about 50th years old came to her and asked,
Is there anything I can help Miss?” asked the old man friendly.
Oh no, I’m just waiting for my friend,” said Amanda.
This old man was not going to the mosque so she thought that he may not a Muslim. A curious Amanda could not refrain herself not to ask about what she had thought last night.
Ehmm, I’m sorry sir. But I wanna ask you something, may I?”
What it is?”
A friend of mine knows a poor Indonesian man who doesn’t do his duty toward God because he’s too busy dealing his problem which is given to him like a rain by the God itself. What do you think about that as an Indonesian?” she asked very carefully because it was a sensitive topic.
The man was smiling and answered,
When you work and your boss gives you a lot of works, will you dare to meet him if your works has not done yet?” The man threw another question back at her.
"Of course I wouldn’t dare."
"Perhaps, someone you’re talking about thinks the same," said the man.
Amanda couldn’t say any word. She wondered if it could be said like the man said.
If he doesn’t do his duty, it doesn’t mean that the man you’re talking about do not believe in God. He may think that he can serve his God with another way,” said the old man again.
Suddenly the old man shouted and pointed to the mosque where the Muslims had done with their pray.
Ah, here is my son,” he said.
Amanda looked over and realized that a son whom the man called was the boy whom Amanda was waiting for that day. The boy was coming from the mosque.
Hello again Miss,” the boy greeted her.

Amanda was still staying at her seat in TAP Coffee’s corner and then drinking up the last gulp of her coffee. She was winding up her daydream of A BOY in Semarang three months ago and till now, she had not found the answer about it yet. She was clearing her stuff and preparing to leave the cafe. Before leaving she calls the waitress.
Have you done?” said the waitress to Amanda.
Yes, I have,” Amanda answered and directly took a step of her way for leaving the café. Though, she suddenly turned her step to the waitress.
Are you leaving your things?”
No, I’m not. I just want to ask your opinion. Do you think that all questions must have its answer? Because I haven’t found one of my question yet,“ asked Amanda hesitantly.
For me, sometimes, knowing the answer will make it uninteresting.”
Why not?” said the waitress in smiley expression.
By Irmawati

The cold winter wind blew. It was christmas eve. Weirdly the snow didn’t fall as usual that night, however, it was still a white christmas. Almost every side in Hyde park was filled with colorful light, including the christmas trees, and very crowded and also noisy that it felt like people would instantly missed each other at the park. The biggest christmas tree stood in the center of the park with benches around it. Right under the christmas tree were two youngsters: a boy and a girl. They didn’t seem like couple, but soon to be.
Hey, can we talk for a second?” asked the boy.
Yes? What is it?” the girl replied with a question.
To be honest, I’ve been always paying attention at you, every day, every time. I’m not sure if it’s only a crush, or attraction, or even love. But you know, I want to be by your side, always, because it hurts to see you near another boy. So... Would you be my girlfriend?”
She stayed quiet, a bit surprised she seemed, but then she smiled with no doubt. “Do you want to hear a secret? Actually, I’ve liked you since we became classmates a year ago. And yes, I don’t have any reason to say no to you.”
Athena was the name of the girl. She would make every other girl jealous with her traits. What could be better than having rich parents, high grades, beautiful and model-like appearence, and a perfect boyfriend? The next day Athena told everything to her best friend, Jessica. She always came to Jessica whenever she felt happy or even when she had problems. They shared secrets too. Typical girls best friend. They met on their usual hangout spot, a coffee shop near their school. It was a small shop with mostly wooden furnitures in it and also had collection of books, just like a library. That was why they always went there for doing homewok, or simply for a talk. Very comfortable.
You’re so lucky to have him by your side. I haven’t met someone like him too, even my ex can’t be better,” Jessica said then slurping her vanilla latte.
I know, he is truly a blessing from God,” Athena replied light-heartedly.
Just make sure you won’t dump him in the future, okay?”
Why would I? More over, make sure you don’t get jealous of us. Don’t even try to steal him away from me.”
NO WAY! Why would I?”
Hey, don’t copy my words!”
They made weird faces and laughed together.
Anyway, Jess, don’t you think you should get boyfriend too?”
No, I guess, for now. I want to remain single for now.”
On every christmas eve, Athena’s boyfriend would always give a surprise for her. Mainly they would be a lovey-dovey couple, and it went on until their fifth christmas eve. Their sixth year was the hardest part of their relationship. Communication became very rare due to their busy job. However, it was also the beginning of something new, something full of happiness, but somehow saddening. Every time Athena asked for a meeting, her boyfriend would mostly refused, saying that he was busy. It continued until a week before their sixth anniversary, their sixth christmas eve. Knowing there was something weird, Athena’s thought was just like freefall.
He couldn’t be cheating on me, could he?” murmured Athena. “Ah, no way. Everyone knows he’s the most faithful man in the world,” she continued. Right after that, her boyfriend texted her:
I’m sorry for being busy these past few weeks, honey. Don’t forget this Xmas eve @ 8 p.m. I’ll pick you up. Be prepared! Haha~ I wanted to see you in a white dress. Much love and kisses xoxo.”

He remembered afterall. And she knew he prepared something special for her just like the years before. The next day she went to her favorite boutique, buying the best white dress she could find for the big day. Cost didn’t matter as long as she could look gorgeous.
Here came the day she was waiting for. Her boyfriend came to her house at 8 o’clock. Wearing a white tuxedo, he looked like a gentleman, very handsome! Together they went somewhere. She didn’t know what would happen, but her thought was currently filled with anxiety and her heart beated fast. Thirty minutes past and finally they arrived.
Your apartment?” asked Athena.
Yes, honey,” he answered. “Before we continue, you must wear this blindfold.”
Eh, a surprise? I wonder what.”
You’ll know soon.”
She wore the blindfold he gave her and walked to the apartment. She couldn’t see anything, but she was sure it was all dark. He turned off the lamp, it seemed. Then suddenly became bright. “Release the blindfold, honey”, he said.
What a wonderful sight she had! She saw a white room decorated by colorful balloons and red rose petals. There was small white christmas tree on the corner, full of lamp. On the wall, “MERRY 6th XMAS” was written. She was speechless, unable to say anything due to the excitement. It was different from the passed six years. He never prepared something so complex yet beautiful before. She walked around the room and stopped in the middle.
Thank you so much, honey! I thought you forgot about our anniversary. I thought you forgot about me,” she said with teary yet happy eyes.
He smiled softly, then took a small box containing a ring from his pocket. He grab her right hand.
I want to give this to you”, he said, and put the ring on her sweet finger.
A christmas gift? Or... You proposed me?”
Again, he just smiled. This time his smile looked different. She didn’t sure why.
I’ve found another girl,” he said with a soft and low voice.
Eh...? What do you mean, honey?”
We reach our end. I’m sorry for not telling you this, but I’ll marry her soon.”
Hahaha. Please stop joking, my love.”
I thought we were meant to be together, but after our fifth christmas I realized everything wasn’t fine. It was boring, our relationship. And then I met this girl and I instantly fell for her. She’s different from you. She makes me feel alive and full of spirit. I’m very sor-”
Before he finished his words, Athena dashed outside with a dark face. No, she wasn’t crying. She was strucked by a shock that nearly killed her, and her tears seemed refused to fall. She couldn’t cry, literally. Her heart beated so fast just like the drum of war. She had never thought that first love would be so hurt. It hurt so much that she couldn’t even feel the pain anymore. Was this the end that she was longing for? Was this the reality she had to accept? Was everything worthwhile for wasting time with someone like him? Was it her fault for being too boring or was it his fault for being unfaithful? Her mind was blurred.
At a time like that she had no one to comfort her except her best friend. And on that day her feet guided her to her Jessica’s house. She knocked the door with a panting breath. Jessica was shocked seeing her in a mess and asked her to go in.
Came home from a date?” asked her bestfriend. She handed Athena a cup of hot chocolate.
N-no, Jess. It’s worse! I don’t know where to start. C-Chris is cheating on me!” Athena said with a trembling voice. Her eyes became teary.
How come?”
Today is our sixth anniversary. He prepared everything well. I thought he was going to propose me but suddenly he said he’s gonna marry another girl. I don’t understand.”
But you’re not crying? Does it not hurt?”
I don’t know. My heart is in pain but my tears just like dried up.”
You know, I can’t recall since when we became best friends. But one thing I can remember is you never shed any tears when it comes to something like this. Either that you are too weak or you just don’t care.”
I know I’m weak. I’m just an ordinary coward girl. I’m too afraid to cry, I’m afraid to show my weakness. I’m afraid of losing my fiancée, so I tried to play safe and Chris thought it was boring. Everything was fine at first, but now… I feel like I want to die fast,” Athena said while covering her face.
Here, here… get a grip for yourself! So, you don’t know the girl?’
She’s me.”

By Karina Rahma Hadianti

New York had never been colder than that time. Snow was going to fill the city that day. A girl in her black coat walked alone through the downtown. She was going to Cypress Hills Cemetery. It only took 25 minutes from her apartment to there with a cab. When she arrived there, she walked to her parents’ resting place, which gravestones were inscribed with her parents’ names, Alex and Linda Harper. The girl put some red roses there.
Morning, Mom, Dad. It’s me, Emma,” said her. “I miss you. Today, it’s been seventeen years, right?” she continued.
17 years ago, on December 28, 1997, Emma’s parents were murdered with gun shot by a man called Black Bob. Not long after the accident, Black Bob was captured. Emma was only 8 years old at that time. A year after the accident, Emma and Mia, her sister, moved to Washington, D.C. to live with their aunt. However, as Emma grew up, she started to disbelieve that Black Bob meant to murder her parents. She knew that he shot them, but she thought that Black Bob did it because he was sent by somebody else.
Emma stared at the gravestones, her tears dropped.
I promise I’ll find who is behind all of this. I promise I’ll find somebody who sent him to kill you,” said Emma before she left.
Emma went to an apartment in 8th St in Brooklyn. She knocked the door. A woman with medium blonde hair opened it. She was Mia, her sister. Emma entered and sat in the couch. Mia brought a cup of hot chocolate and gave it to Emma.
Well, you move here? To New York? How’s D.C.?” asked Mia. Emma nodded. “When?” Mia continued.
I’ve been here for... a week. Nothing happen there,” Emma answered.
Then why?” asked Mia.
I know it’s not him, Mia. I’m going to find it. It’s not Bob,” said Emma undoubtedly.
Oh My God, Em. How many times I say to you? All of evidences pointed to him. Don’t you satisfied? You should trust it!” said Mia firmly.
Yes, he did it, Mia. Yes. But he was sent by someone. He is a good man. His family were kind to us. He doesn’t have any reason to do this, Mia. After he killed our parents, look at his family! They became rich. Where is it come from? Do you think he got money from lottery? No, Mia. No! He was sent by someone to do that and he was paid off. Don’t you see that?” said Emma. Her tears dropped. She breathed out. “Would you help me, Mia? To find our parents’ killer?” asked her sobbingly.
Mia cried. “I’m sorry, Em. I have other important things to do. I have a husband and kids who need me. I don’t have time to that,” said her.
Really, Mia? It’s for our parents. Your parents! It is the only gift that we can give to them. A justice,” said Emma.
Mia still cried. She didn’t answer anything. She just shook her head. Feeling disappeared, Emma left Mia’s apartment. She was crying in the cab. As she arrived to her apartment, she directly opened a file, where she kept all information about the murder of her parents. She read it. It made her become more sad. Her feelings were messed up. However, it also convinced her to find who was behind all of that.
It was another long day that Emma had been passed. She was tired. Before she was sleeping, she was thinking. She didn’t move to New York from D.C. to do nothing. She planned to go to Black Bob’s prison next day. She wanted to reveal the truth. She slept then, hoping the next day would answer the question that was haunted her for seventeen years.
Emma woke up and washed her face. She looked at the view from the window. She could see Queensboro Bridge from there. Snow were decreased. That day was bright. She took something from a drawer. It was a picture of a man. Emma stared it. A man with black skin and he was wearing glasses. It was Black Bob that she wanted to meet later.
In the prison, Emma waited for Black Bob in the canteen. Ten minutes later, a prison officer came with him. Black Bob sat in front of Emma. It was a weird situation. Emma had never been met him after the murder of her parents. Before that, she knew him as one of her neighbours who loved and cared with her. At first, neither her nor Black Bob were speaking. But then, Black Bob began to break the silence.
How are you, Emma?” said Black Bob.
Em... I’m... I’m fine,” said her.
You’re alone? Huh, Mia doesn’t want to see me anymore, doesn’t she?” asked him. Emma didn’t answer anything. “Don’t want to talk about it ya’, okay. Then... Uhm... How’s Mr. Bob?” he continued. Emma smiled. She remembered a joke about her neighbours, two man named Bob, and people called Black Bob because he was a black man, but for the other Bob people called him Mr. Bob, not White Bob. Emma always smiled everytime she heard about that joke. She closed her eyes and breathed. She convinced herself.
Bob...” said Emma. She confused.
I did it, Emma. I admit it. I... I’m sorry, Emma,” said Bob nervously.
Bob, tell me... Who sent you, Bob? Tell me everything,” asked Emma.
Are you ready to hear it, Emma?” Black Bob turned to ask Emma. Emma nodded. Black Bob deeply stared at her. “Are you ready?” asked him again.
Emma nodded again. “Ya.”
J.J.,” said Black Bob to her. It made Emma confused.
Who is J.J.?” asked Emma frowningly.
Black Bob didn’t want to explain more. However, Emma always pushed him. Then, he told everything about J.J. who sent him to murder Emma’s parents. All about background and reason why that person murdered her parents. Emma had never stopped to listen to Black Bob. She was asking more and more. She wouldn’t miss anything for the details of that case. Emma’s feelings were mixed. She was glad that she finally can reveal the truth, but she was also sad. Her heart was painful and she wanted to take revenge. Emma tried to not cry. She asked Black Bob one more thing.
Is J.J. here now? In New York?” asked her.
Of course. You must know her. She is the deputy mayor of New York,” Black Bob answered it without any hesitation.
Emma shocked to hear that. “Jane... Jane Johnson Miller? Isn’t... she? Who... who having affair... with my dad? M... murdered them?” asked her stutteringly.
Affair, jealousy, broken, anger, ya. Perfect motive. Ya. She did sent me, ya,” said Black Bob so sure.
Emma went home. She was thinking everything about Jane Johnson Miller. She still disbelieved that the woman who once helped her when she was little, was the same woman who murdered her parents because an affair. She didn’t want to waste the time. She prepared anything to revenge. She looked for find any information about Jane. She also called Jane’s office and made a schedule to meet Jane.
Emma was scheduled to meet Jane at 9 a.m. in Jane’s office in The City Hall. Emma came half hour earlier. She was looking calm although actually she was impatient. A receptionist invited her to enter Jane’s room. After she entered Jane’s room, Emma met Jane. She closed the door. Then they were having a conversation that actually wasted Emma’s time.
Alright, Jane. Now, I want to ask something. Just say yes. You sent someone to murder my parents, did you?” said Emma no doubt.
Jane shocked, but she tried to deny it. However, Emma kept pushing her to admit it.
I know. I know that this day will come, Emma. You waited for seventeen years to uncover it. Me? I took thirty years to recover my painful heart because of your dad!” stated Jane.
Thirty years, huh? Being politician is your escapee? From my dad? Maybe you are his whore but he is your only prince, right?” Emma laughed.
Jane was angry to hear that. She pulled Emma’s collar and pushed her. Emma fell but came back to beat Jane. They were fighting. Even when somebody knocked at the door, they were still fighting. Emma pushed Jane to desk and Jane couldn’t do any more thing. Then Emma took a scissor from the drawer, her hands shuddered, she stabbed Jane in her heart. Jane was immediately dead. Emma’s hand was full of blood. When she left Jane’s room, people were crowding and police were already waited her. They knew from a security camera that was placed in Jane’s room. Emma was quiet while police took her to the police department. She never spoke.
Police called Mia because Emma didn’t speak any word. They hoped that Mia would make her say something. After Mia came, police allowed her to saw her sister alone. Mia cried.
I don’t believe you did it, Emma. Wh... Wh... Why?” asked Mia.
Emma, who always looked down before, immediately stared at Mia.
It’s a gift...” Emma answered. “A gift for my parents,” she continued.
But it’s not a justice, Emma,” said Mia.
Mia was crying more loudly. She left Emma. Meanwhile, Emma was smiling. She might go to the prison then, however she was relieved and satisfied because she had took her revenge.

Semarang, April 12, 2015

By M. Salman Tesaindra

Ten years ago, there was a girl crying in her mother’s grave. She had been crying in five days and she always stayed in her mother’s grave. Only in the night she was in home locked herself in her room and the next morning she cried again in her mother’s grave. At the same time, there was a boy looked the girl crying in the grave. He always saw that moment four days in a row. Until the fifth day, the boy approached the girl and gave a rubik’s cube. He only asked to play these rubik’s cube until done. He also gave advice her not too sad. Her father called the girl to hurry.
Eli,quickly into the car, We will miss the plane,” her father shouted.
I just want to stay in here!”
Come on! We’ll miss the plane!”
Here, play these rubik’s cube until done,” said the boy.
Thanks!” the girl said and she run into her father.
After that day, the girl never appeared in her mother’s grave.
Ten years later, when the alarm clock rang, Raffa got up and immediately walked into bathroom with spirit even though the sun was not fully rising in the sky. It was not his habit because he was usually lazy and sometimes he did not shower to go to campus. Today was the last orientation day in campus, and there was a preparation to Orientation Camp that will be held in Puncak. Raffa was a junior student in Gribouille University in Bogor. After showered and dressed up, Raffa went to his friend’s home, Armand, his best friend since senior high school who also entered the same major. When he arrived in Armand’s home, this house was looked very quite without any people in it. Raffa who already memorized the structure of that house walked into the back yard directly. When Raffa wanted to open the door, the door was opened by Arman.
Holy Crap! I thought it was a thief! ” said Raffa.
It was your fault, because you enter someone’s house without permission,” said Armand.
Come on! Take a shower now! I don’t want to go with you if you looks like a homeless.”
Okay, wait for five minutes.”
Armand,hurry up! I can’t wait any longer!”
After that, Raffa and Armand went to the campus. In campus, they went to convention hall to attend the last day in the event named The Orientation Day. The event made by senior to give information about Orientation Camp that would be held tomorrow. When the juniors divided into some groups, Raffa felt sad because he was not in the same group with senior he like. Instead of Raffa, Armand was in the same group with her. Her name was Lisa. Raffa shocked when Armand looked very friendly with Lisa, but Armand knew that Raffa liked Lisa. When the Orientation Day has been over, Raffa did not go home with Armand. Raffa thought that Armand can not accompany him because he was in date with Lisa. Raffa drove the car slowly until he saw Armand and Lisa entered the merchandise shop. Raffa shocked and he did not realize that his car run into the roadblock. His car crashed in roadblock, and Raffa hospitalized.
In the next day, Raffa was insisted to attend the Orientation Camp, despite his left hand was bandaged. He went to campus by taxi, unfortunately he saw Armand and Lisa went together to campus. In campus, Raffa met Armand and Lisa. Armand shocked when he saw Raffa’s condition.
What happened with your hand?” asked Armand.
It’s alright, just a small injured.”
Are you sure that just a little injured? Why do you looks so terrible?”
If it is terrible, there are maye a broken bone or at least it may crack,” Lisa added.
Really? How can it be?”
Hold it, hold it. Yeah, your smart girlfriend is right that my hands are broken, buy it is okay and it will healthy again tomorrow,” Raffa answered.
Oh, Sorry! This is Lisa, my senior, who will be my tentor in the event later,” Armand just smiling to respond Raffa’s statement.
Hi, my name is Raffa.”
Hi Raffa, my name is Lisa.”
Okay then, let’s go to the hall, the ceremony will start in a few minutes,” Armand interrupted.
They went to the hall immediately. During the way, Armand and Lisa looked clearly making eye contact each other. This kind of situation had been known by Raffa. Then, he was getting more angry, because Armand was already know that Raffa liked Lisa at the first time of going to the campus. However, why did Armand become like this? As Raffa knows as Armand’s bestfriend since in Senior High School that they never had a problem about a girl.
When departing by bus, Raffa felt little happy because Armand and Lisa did not sit together. Lisa got into the bus at the last round that made her must stand in the bus when the bus started to move. Of course, Raffa sat with Armand when Armand wanted Lira to sit beside him. Then, Lisa sat on the Armand’s seat, which is beside Raffa. This situation made Raffa became nervous. He gave a code to Armand, but Armand did not care about it, he made a long conversation with Lisa.
Hey Lisa, you can sit here and I will stand to replace your place,” said Armand.
Thank you Armand, you always be my hero hahahaha.”
You are lucky to get me as a man to replace your position in here. What if I were not a man? This two hours journey would make your feet injured, just like Raffa’s hand hahahaha.”
Although they were laughing together, but Raffa just pretended to laugh. He thought that Armand would give a chance to him to get along with Lisa, but it was clear that Armand wanted to compare his gentle with him. Of course, in this situation, Raffa would loose.
When they arrived in the peak, the participants and their tentors made a tend to sleep. This event had a theme of Orientation Camp, so there were no villa or hotel. Raffa just could watch his friends worked together, because his hand was still injured. Below the tree, Raffa looked Armand and Lisa was joking together while built a tend. He was getting more curious why Armand could get so close with Lisa.
When campfire begun, each group showed its performance. Raffa shocked when Armand sang Thank you for loving me he asked Lisa to step on stage. Raffa looked clearly that Armand and Lisa were making eye contact each other, again. Raffa left the campfire and went to his tend.
Raffa tried to sleep when Armand came to raffa’s tend. With high tension, Raffa talked sarcastic to Armand. Raffa shouted Armand and his hand was ready to hit Armand. Before they fought, Lisa broke up the fight but Raffa felt down. Lisa helped Raffa to get up and Lisa showed a rubrik’s cube to Raffa.
As I know, a best friend never over take the girl that loved by his close friend, right?” asked Raffa.
It is absolutely right. Like our friendship, isn’t it?”
You such a joke, Mand. You are briliant when you say that!” Raffa shouted.
Can you not to fight? I will show you something,” Lisa asked.
Do you remember with this stuff?” Lisa asked.
What? This toy, how can it be?” Why this rubik’s cube is in your hand?” Raffa shocked.
Yes, you must know this cube. Finally, you know me well.”
Are you the girl in the grave ten years ago? Are you Eli?”
Yes, I am Eli or Lisa. Actually, my name is Elisabeth hehehe And you are the boy who gave me the rubik’s cube. The boy who told me that a loss could not be prevented, and the God have the best plan.”
And your relationship with Armand?”
Lisa is my friend when I was junior high school. She told me her old story, when her mother died and when she met you, a boy who helped her with his attention. I string up every story and I can conclude that the boy is you. I also made a scenario so you can showed your jealousy hehehe,” Armand answered.
What? So, you are just acting? The eye contact? When you went to the merchandise shop?”
Yes, we were just acting. All of these scenario were made by Armand. He wants to see your jealousy because he never see it and he bored with your flat live,” Lisa explained well.
A best friend never over take the girl that loved by his close friend, and this is what happened with our friendship,” said Armand.
Finally, Lisa and Raffa could try to make relationship. Armand as a close friend of each other could give their relationship more colorful.
The rubik’s cube ten years ago had already healed Lisa’s sadness. She finally understood why Raffa gave her the rubik’s cube. They could through the problems although the God prepare it with a hard way. They could solve these problems with diligence, patience, and belief.

Tembalang, April 12, 2015

By Midna Nur Marsyadiah

Stop crying or I will hit you harder!” shouted a woman to her daughter.
I’m sorry mum, but I really hurt...,” cried a young girl and she continue crying.
I don’t care and no dinner for you tonight!” threat the mother
This was daily situation in Mrs. Darkbloom’s house. Mrs. Darkbloom was a widow and she lived with her only child named Holly Darkbloom. Since Mr. Darkbloom died a year ago Mrs. Darkbloom never treats her daughter well. She always tortured Holly every day.
Holly was a 12 year old girl and this year was a last year of her in primary school. Holly always walked alone to the school as her mum was too lazy to walk her to the school. Holly went to Bishop Road Primary School in Bristol. She always felt sad whenever she saw her friend’s parents walked them to the school, kissed them and said good bye lovely. She prayed to God that someday she also will gets that kind of love from her mother.
One day, in class Holly didn’t really pay attention to her teacher. She still hurt at her belly and arm because her mother hit her and tortured her at the previous night and she also felt hungry.
Are you okay Holly?” asked Miss. Ray, Holly’s math teacher but Holly didn’t answer her. “Holly, hey,” Miss Ray came to Holly’s desk.
Ah yeah,” Holly shocked
Are you okay? Did something bad happen?” asked Miss. Ray again.
Ah no, I’m alright.” Holly answered with smile
Why you didn’t pay attention then?” asked Miss Ray curiously.
Oh, maybe I’m just a bit sleepy Miss. Ray. I’m sorry.”
Okay Holly. Remember, if something bad happen to you can tell me.”
I will Miss. Ray. Thank you”. Holly smiled, Miss Ray continue teaching. However, Holly couldn’t really pay attention to what Miss. Ray taught.
At the time break Holly sat alone in School Park. She still thought about how life is so unfair for her. Holly felt very hungry as her mother didn’t give her dinner last night and her mother also didn’t give her money to buy food.
Hey, can I sit here?” asked Jamie. Jamie was Holly’s classmate.
Yeah sure,” Holly agreed.
You want some?” Jamie offered Holly sandwiches, but Holly just shake her head. “Oh come on, this is too many sandwiches and I can’t eat those alone. Please help me to spend on these,” Finally Holly took and ate one of Jamie’s sandwiches.
Thank you Jamie..,” Holly smiled.
Anytime, but emmm, Holly can I ask you something?” Jamie asked Holly hesitantly.
Sure,” Holly answered.
Every day I look at you, you always look sad. What happen?” asked Jamie.
Huh, I’m alright,” Holly answered.
Come on Holly just tell me, I’m your friend,” Jamie persuaded Holly to tell him her problem.
Okay then I will tell you something but I want you to promise not to tell anyone. Can you?” asked Holly.
Oh sure, Holly. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” Jamie promised to Holly.
I just want a happy family, Jamie.” Said Holly shortly.
Eh, what do you mean?” asked Jamie curiously.
I want to have parents who will love me. My dad was passed away last year, and my mum never loves me since then. She always tortures at me every day and she never walks me to school. Even last night she didn’t give me a dinner, so I really thankful you share your sandwiches with me,” Holly told everything to Jamie.
I’m so sorry Holly. But why your mum is so cruel?” asked Jamie.
I don’t know. She becomes like that since my dad dead. Maybe it is because we live in poverty family and she considers me as a charge”
I’m sorry once again Holly. Oh, could you come to my home for dinner with my family tonight?” Jamie felt pity to Holly.
I would like to but I guess my mum wouldn’t allow.”
Oh, that’s so bad. But Holly, you can come to my home without your mum knowing” suggested Jamie.
Ah okay I will try then.” Holly
Good, I’ll pick you up at Canford Park at 7.”
Holly felt very happy because she finally met a friend who could shares with. At 7 pm Holly goes to Canford Park to meet Jamie and luckily her mum was not home.
Glad you come, Holly,” said Jamie
Yes and I’m lucky my mum is not at home.” said Holly happily
Good lets go. My parents are waiting for us.”
WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?” yelled the woman and she was Holly’s mum. “How dare you going out without my permission?”. This was a bad luck of Holly, her mum is at Canford Park too.
I..I..I want to go too….,” Cried Holly
Good evening Mrs. Darkbloom. I’m Jamie, Holly’s friend and I invited her to come to dinner at my home.” Cut Jamie
I don’t care!! Let’s go home!” Mrs. Darkbloom drag Holly harshly. Jamie follows them to their house. At Darkbloom’s house Mrs. Darkbloom hits Holly.
I’m sorry mum, I’m really sorry,” Holly cried
Shut up you uneducated girl, you didn’t even ask my permission and just go out! Who do you think you are? Do you want to escape for me? Do not ever dream little prick!” Mrs. Darkbloom was so mad and kept on hit Holly.
Please stop it, Mrs. Darkbloom! It’s my fault, I force her to come to my house.” Jamie defended Holly.
You better hands off from my family and go home little boy.”
Witnessed this situation, Jamie went out from Holly’s home and he knocked to Holly’s neighbor to borrow a telephone to call police and ambulance. Less than fifteen minutes later the police came and take Mrs. Darkbloom with them. The ambulance also came right after the police and Jamie accompanied Holly in ambulance.
Thank you so much Jamie. I’m really glad to meet a friend like you.” Said Holly inside the ambulance and Jamie just smile “Keep strong, Holly,” He said and Holly fell unconscious after that. They took Holly to the emergency room as soon as they arrived at the hospital. One hour later a doctor came out and approached Jamie.
We did our best but we are really sorry because we couldn’t be able to help your friend.” said that doctor.
What do you mean doctor?! Don’t be kidding at this time!” Jamie sobbed.
We are not kidding. We are really sorry but your friend is rest in peace now” answered that doctor. “And we find this letter in your friend pocket.” The doctor gave a piece of paper to Jamie and Jamie opened and read it suddenly.
Dear God, I know you love me. And I know you are the only one who loves me. Is anybody there loves me? Well I guess there is not. Even my mom doesn’t love me. How can anybody love me?.
Dear God, I know you have a heaven for me. But before you take me there, can you please make my mum love me for at least one day? I want to eat with her, I want her to walks me school, picks me up from school, kiss me and plays together with me. Please let this happen God, because I love her and I want her to love me too.
Jamie cried after he has finished read Holly’s letter “I will never forget you Holly. I hope you have a better life in God’s heaven till we meet again in there,” He smiled with tears.

Semarang, April 12, 2015

By Nailah

The sun was covered by the grey clouds till the circumstance looked like gloomy that morning. I remembered when you were walking away being escorted by the tears of the sky. I only saw your wide back that disappeared into a silver thing with four tires. In the home yard, I was in my silence and the tears of the sky were flowing with another water drops.
This is my duty for my profession. I’ve to do this and I hope you’ll understand. It only takes one year.” he said.
I do understand your duty, but why don’t we legalize it first? I needn’t the huge party. I only want to make everything clear for our relationship.” Clara said.
I know but I can’t do it now. This is not the right time for that, dear. I will come back next year, honey. Please, forgive me and I promise to you. Next year, after this voyage, we will do our future. We will be together and never be apart. Believe in me, my sweetheart. You are the only one who exists in the deepest side of my soul.” he said and circled his hand to her waist.
I love you my sunshine. Take care yourself.” he whispered softly.
I do love you, Peter Walker.” Clara said with more soft voice.
Peter took off his hand from Clara’s waist and he kissed her. Clara waved her hand to him and she was still crying. After that, she went into home and locked herself in the room. She took and looked the reflection of Peter and her self that was framed in pinky with flower carved in the border. Ellen knocked her room and asked what happened to Clara although she had known well the reason why her friend acted like that. They had been living together about three years. As a good housemate, Ellen would accompany and calmed her down. She would suggest to Clara wisely and told her why as female they could not look like fragile.
Are u okay? Would you mind if I get into your room?” Ellen asked.
After that, only about one minute, the door was opened. Clara stood in front of her with wet hair and clothes. A little river was still flowing from her eyes. Ellen hugged her friend and she had known what happened to her. She entered to Clara’s room and sat beside Clara. She looked around the condition of Clara’s room. The room was full of flower ornament for the wallpaper. In the corner, there was a standing wooden lamp. Overall, Clara’s room had looked like feminine girl as usual. Ellen asked her to wash her body and took of her wet clothes. While, Clara was washing, Ellen helped her to clean her room and made two cup of hot chocolate for them. After that, she helped Clara to dry her hair. Clara looked like a little sister for Ellen.
Before I went to market, I looked Peter’s car. It seemed like going to this house.” said Ellen.
Yes, Peter came to this house when you went to market.” Clara replied.
Oh, is there something wrong both of you? I don’t know why, I only feel that there must be something among you and Peter.” Ellen said.
He has to do a voyage for one year. I have told him to marry me, because I want to legalize our relationship but he said that it is not the right time.” said Clara.
He must have a strong reason why he said like that. You have to be more patient, dear. May be he wants to prepare everything well for your marriage and life. You should believe in him. I think Peter is the better one for you than some guys in your past.” explained Ellen.
Yah, I think that’s true. He is the best one but I cannot accept when he leave me alone like that. I cannot be apart from him. I’m always worried about him although he has promised me that he will always contact me when he is in voyage.” said Clara.
Dear, Peter has promised to you. He has encouraged you to believe in him, so you should do that. A relationship that is constructed and ran by disbelief will be destroyed in the middle. You should be stronger for him. Don’t look like a fragile one and I believe that you can do that.” Ellen said.
Six months passed by the time distortion since Peter went to sailing the ocean. In the beginning week of seventh month, Peter never contacted Clara. He never answered some calls and short message from Clara. It made Clara so worried about him. She asked what happened to him. A lot of questions fulfilled every single part of her brain. Did Peter betray her? Did Peter find another woman? Did Peter forget her? Clara just asked the reason why Peter did this inside of her head and soul.
Those matters always disturbed her activity and made Ellen worried about her. Clara could not focus on her job and her own self. She looked like confused person and did not have any power to do her activities.
You should wake up. You cannot be like that. Don’t loss your consciousness. Please don’t loss your mind.” said Ellen.
I don’t loss my mind. I only have lost my direction in my life. He has lied to me. He has betrayed me. He has left me. He has broken my belief to him.” Clara said and cried.
Dear, I really know what you feel right now. I also cannot encourage you again to believe in Peter, but I want to encourage you that Peter is not everything. There are a lot of men who are better than him. I don’t ask you forgetting Peter. If you still believe in him, you should wait for him. If you do not believe him any longer, please don’t destroy your self by this way.” Ellen said.
I don’t know. I really don’t know. I have lost the one who I am waiting for. I have given my full belief to him. Now, he has betrayed me. He wrecks my self. He flings me to the earth from the sky. How poor I am.” Carla cried.
Ellen only could encourage and motivate her to wake up from her depression. She also wondered why Peter did this matter to Clara. She thought that it was not Peter as usual. Did something happen to him? She still wondered and did not get any answer from her question.
A week later, there was news on TV that reported, a cruise had missed in the part of the Pacific Ocean. One of the victims of this accident who was reported was Peter Walker.
Ellen heard that news when she was cooking in the kitchen while watching TV. Clara was going out with her friend. She said that she needed refreshing after her broken heart feeling.
Ellen was so shocked when she heard that news. She did not believe that this accident happened. Everything changed dark around of her. She did not remembered anything till she woke up in her room and she looked Clara was crying beside of her.
Have you heard the news?” asked Ellen.
Yes, I have.” Carla replied softly.
He has really gone. Peter has gone.” Ellen said.
They knew that the man who was the suspect of them, actually the victim of cruise accident. Furthermore, the man had really gone from them. Inside of the Ellen’s soul and mind, she remembered how she looked Peter for the last time. She saw his wide back that disappeared into a silver thing with four tires. In the home yard, she was in her silence and the tears of the sky were flowing with another water drops, she looked at the man who she loved.
In another place, the sun shone the gold sand so greatly. The voice of wave considered ears noisily. A view of blue ocean is widely appeared in front of the eyes. A line of coconut trees seemed like a fence of the island. What a great painting of God in the world.
There was a view like person who lied down and collapsed. He must be a victim of drowning. He was still breathing but he didn’t get his consciousness.

Semarang, April 13, 2015

By Novita Chandra Dewi

Last summer, four Nantes teenagers named Hary, Paul, Kim and Magie drove through Seine for a short holiday. It was their first meeting after a year because Hary rarely back home as he was study abroad. Hary seemed very excited in such a way that he picked Paul, Kim and Magie who lived far apart in town. They arrived in Magie’s house and pushed the horn.
Yeeees, wait for me for a minute,” Magie shouted as she opened the door then run in rush to the car.
Wow you look girly today, how come? Do you finally have a boyfriend? Hahaha,” asked Paul jokingly.
Just shut up!” said Magie with messed Paul’s hair up. The others in the car laughed and they were really in a good mood that day.
You look really good in that way,” said Hary, the one who drove the car.
You do Mag,” Kim added.
Really? Oh, thanks. I should have done this before. But please, open the door,” Magie answered
Magie came in to the car and they continuously talked about things which made them laughed hardly. One of the topics was about their high school mate, Mika. He was always be a center of communication wherever and whenever because of his absurd behavior.
Paul, Kim, you guys did a great job last night. I saw it,” Hary said.
Is it about Mika? Kim was crazy. She started it,” Paul replied.
What did she do last night? I don’t know,” Magie asked curiously.
She commented on Mika’s post and she ashamed him by talking the fact that he was at home last two weeks while he said on his post he was not at home for the last 5 weeks. Then, Paul commented ‘HAHAHA’ which followed by other Mika’s friends. Paul and Kim are partner in crime,” Hary explained to Magie. They laughed.
You are really awesome, Kim. Well done! He really does everything to attract others’ attention. Poor Mika,” Magie said.
Yes, he is. His behavior will never change and I will never stop to comment to his social media account whenever I know the fact,” Kim answered.
After two hours, they arrived in one of Paris-Plages known as A Sandy Paradise of Seine. That was a beach where we could do snorkeling, swimming, laying or just tanning. No sooner did they enter the beach area, they changed their suit and took preparation for snorkeling. However, Paul said that he can’t swim so he just wanted to play in the banks of the Seine. He just laid on one of the chairs and looked at his friends enjoyed the beach. As he got bored, he rented a life jacket and started to swim without his friends’ noticed. Hary, Magie and Kim realized that Paul was not in his chair anymore.
Where the heck is he?” Hary said and searched Paul.
Let’s come out and search Paul,” Kim asked Hary and Magie. They came out from the beach and started to search Paul.
Who is the one in red t-shirt over there? Is Paul wearing a life jacket?” Magie pointed someone.
It seems to be him, how come he swims that far,” Hary replied.
He must be bored and rents a life jacket,” said Kim.
Look! He is flirtting a blonde girl. He is now the happiest person alive,” said Hary jokingly. They laughed and moved to Paul.
They played cheerfully ‘till they forgot about time. The sun went down and they took a shower before they got dinner. They had dinner in a fancy restaurant near the Seine River, Lily de Neuilly. They were really enjoyed the foods.
In the night on their way back home, they talked about many things. They came out talking about something related to feelings, sincerity. Paul was now in relationship with Zee. She was Hary’s ex-girlfriend.
I want to officially tell you something,” Paul talked to Hary seriously.
About what?” Hary asked him.
I’m now in relationship with your ex, Zee. Sorry,” Paul added.
How long have you in relationship with her?” Hary asked.
It’s about 4 months. Sorry,” Paul replied.
You damn bastard!” Hary shouted and stopped the car.
I’m sorry,” said Paul.
Is that all you can say? Sorry?” Hary shouted and hit Paul. The girls screamed and calmed down Hary.
Hit me as much as you want. I’m all alright,” Paul seemed sorry to Hary.
So, tell me how come you finally fall in love with my ex, you know we talk about her recently,” Hary said.
Let’s jump to another question. I’m not comfortable with that one,” Paul replied.
Why? I am no longer having such a feeling to her after you said that. I just curious,” Hary answered.
Let me explain, he said to me that it is because they excessively go along, just the two of them. Here, I feel sorry for not coming when they invited me to join. It’s because I have things to do,” Magie said.
Well, he told me that he loves her since he was in junior high school. I’m not sure about it because he had a girlfriend he loves so much in 5 years,” Kim added. They had a short silent moment.
You two have known about it?” Harry asked.
Yes,” Magie and Kim answered simultaneously.
Um... So you fall in love because you meet her intensively. Then, why you don’t tell me about it earlier. I feel bad for some reasons,” Hary asked Paul seriously and started the car.
I think so. I wanted to tell you, absolutely. I was waiting for you to come back. I wanted to talk with you, not by phone,” Paul explained.
We met at Kim’s house last two months, but you didn’t tell me. I remembered when Zee phoned you but I’m the one who answered the phone and talked with her. I flirted her. Now, I feel tricked and feel bad for you,” Hary expressed what he felt.
That’s okay. I understand that so I’m not jealous. I thought about it when we were in Kim’s house, Kim’s also already knew about it. She was worry and looked at me. I just feel that it was not the high time to tell you. I was very enjoyed and I didn’t want to change the atmosphere. I was scared to dead if we couldn’t be the same as we are,” Paul replied.
As the boys talked about their feeling, the girls sat at the back just kept silent listening the boys talked seriously. The girls were amazed seeing the boys in a very serious moment. They used to do something crazy together but now they have grown to be men talking about a woman.
We will be the same forever. I mean it. What I felt just now was I lost you. In one side, I think that you are my best friend. You know I still love her before this. In the other side, I feel bad for you because I kept talking about her. I’m sorry,” Hary answered.
It’s alright. I also feel bad for you because you are the one who asked me to accompany her if she needs a friend to talk to. It makes me comfort because I have someone to share my opinion with. I started to like her and gave her some attentions. What I felt is, she was catching my fire,” Paul said and smiled.
She is catching fire?” Hary, Kim and Magie asked simultaneously.
Yes, I think,” Paul answered.
Sometimes, I think that Zee gives more attention to her boy friends than the other girls do. I thought that you are misunderstanding her attention because you told me she was shocked when you told her that you love her. Now, I was mistaken,” Magie said.
She is the type of girl who loves someone she used to meeting and chatting intensively,” Hary added.
What a serious topic it is! Well, I wish you have happy relationship and be more open with us. Don’t be too worry to others feeling. Let’s play the music to enjoy this night,” Kim broke the serious situation and turned the music on.
The music played. They sang the songs together as nothing happens. Paul also decided to play a song titled My Friends by Red Hot Chilipeppers and said that he was blessed to have friends like Hary, Kim and Magie. They were really enjoyed their time in the middle of the night with the moon looked beautiful as their friendship which has long for more than 6 years.

Semarang, April 2, 2015

By Richie Adi Syahputra

Jokes and laughter of the nobles who attended the party which was held in the Blackwing Palace by King Hermaeus filled the entire ballroom. Many tasty foods lined up the table presented to the nobles like Barons, Duke and Duchess, Lord from across of the England. In the middle of the room, sat the King who was white, short, fat, have thick beard growing in his face and shoulder-length brown hair while wearing flashy royal gown to indicate its status and power to everyone who was at the party. Beside him, stood a strong knight, handsome and have a mustache that any women could not resist the temptation it emits, a knight who respected and admired by all people, became an idol by the poor and the pride of his King.
Would you like to eat something, Your Higness?” asked the knight.
Of course you idiot! Why would I offer the best food from the whole country when I can’t eat it myself? Go get that roast beef over there and bring it to me quickly!” told the king.
With a little annoyed because King’s attitude towards him, the knight walked towards the table where roast beef was. His gaze shifted to the women who were standing nearby him because they seemed preoccupied staring at the handsome figure who walked in front of them. Pelagius felt familiar about it and he continued to go to the dining table to get the King’s order. His job only one but divided into two purpose, to serve people and his King. When about to take the food, someone called him.
Well, if it’s not Pelagius the famous Blackwing Assassin! Fancy eating some meat eh?” her voice was soft yet so clear like a warrior heard from the back.
And who am I speaking to?” turned around and politely answered. He saw a beatiful woman dressed in brown and gold gown, full with furnace. She has a straight and short red hair. Her eyes were blue like clear water. Her body was slender yet showing her body curves and it looked so sexy in Pelagius’ eyes.
We never met before, so it is no wonder if you don’t know who I am. The name is Leliana, Duchess of Royeaux. It is pleasure to meet you in person Pelagius,” with her blue eyes shining bright.
It is an honor to meet you My Lady. Yes, I am hungry enough to eat the whole plate myself. Would you like to join me ma’am?” said Pelagius while offering her the roast beef.
I prefer something more light, like that,” pointing the apple pie on the table across.
Let me get that for you My Lady,” as he put the beef back on the table and rush quickly through the crowd and took a slice of apple pie with right hand and a glass of wine in the left. “Here you go. In case you might get choking while eating the pie,” lifting the wine in his left hand.
Thank you. This is delicious,” as she kept eating the pie “Tell me Pelagius. Why still sided with that greedy King when you are able to rule your own kingdom outside with your power?”
I didn’t have any choices ma’am. The man took me from the orphanage when I was six and trained me to the best knight he ever had. He’s like my father to me,” as he watching King Hermaeus having fun with his wives in his throne.
Such a shame. Well, you could rule Royeaux with me if you are brave enough to leave this kingdom,” staring Pelagius with her sharp eyes.
Thank you My Lady, I appreciate your offer. But I need a time to think about this.”
It is your choice handsome. I will take my leave then,” walked so elegant passed other guests and dissapeared in the crowd. “Lady Leliana,” he said.
In his throne, King Hermaeus watching angrily when Pelagius talked with Leliana so close. He knew her because he made an alliance with her for assisstance to win the war between Blackwing and North Lake. He also knew that she has a very appealing figure that men cannot ressist. He thought that Pelagius has drown deep into her beauty.
After the party was over, Pelagius laid over the bed, staring at the window and thinking about Leliana’s offer. “If I ask this to father, maybe he will allow me to rule over Royeaux and it will make him proud of me.” Leliana’ beauty glance in his mind as he thinking. He remembered what Leliana said about bravery to leave the kingdom. So, Pelagius woke up, walking trough the door and went to the King’s chamber. There, the King was sitting in his royal chair while staring at his desk, he didn’t realize that Pelagius stood in front of him.
Father, do you have a minute?” Hermaeus stared at Pelagius. “What do you want?”
At the party, Leliana the Duchess of Royeaux offered me a position in Royeaux as long as I leave Blackwing.”
And then?” Hermaeus began to raise his voice, always like that when he’s angry.
I would like to accept her offer and I think this is our chance to spread our territory wider to the south. It will bring more benefits to our kingdom,” he explained vigorously.
My Kingdom,” short but Pelagius knew that his father was angry. “After all this years I spent to raised you, and you dare to leave this kingdom??” His voice became louder.
I don’t meant to do that father, my intention is to spread our territory,” he asnwered with tremble voice.
When the sun starts to rise, I don’t want to see your face anymore in this kingdom,” surprised with what his father said, Pelagius left the room to his bed. He walked with mind full of his father words. Pelagius was banished by King Hermaeus.
The next day, Pelagius get ready and leave Blackwing and headed Royeaux to meet with Leliana. The journey he traveled using his favorite horse through the woods and fields to get to Royeaux. After hours of riding, Pelagius was up in Royeaux. There was no response so he got. He didn’t know a thing about this place, he asked a blacksmith where Leliana is. He pointed to a majestic and large house, guarded by Royeaux soldiers. Pelagius rushed into the house. When about to go inside, he was prevented by the soldier who guards the entrance.
Who are you and what bussiness do you have in here?” one of the guards asked him.
I’m here to see Lady Leliana. I am Pelagius,” As he answered the guards, the door opened and Leliana appeared. “It’s fine, I am who invite him. Let him in,” the guards nod and let Pelagius walked to enter the house.
Pelagius walked inside the house and he felt so amazed in what he saw. Full decorated house with every ornaments that looked expensive and rarely to see anywhere. Leliana’s question broke out Pelagius’ amazement.
Do you know, that your father, King Hermaeus was put a bounty on you for stealing Blackwing treasures?” she stared at him and gave him a flyer about the bounty.
Excuse me?” he could not believe what he heard from Leliana. “How did that happened? I was banished by father in the first place because I accepted your offer.”
Maybe he wanted to get rid of you because you left Blackwing. And recently I received a news from my men that Blackwing people are suffering from your father rules about everything in Blackwing are belong to him. And my people are feel scared because many assassins are trying to invade Royeaux. This is cannot be forgiven!” She explained with angry felt in her voice.
It seems I settle things up with my father. Excuse me My Lady but I have to go to Blackwing,” he walked to his horse outside and began to galloping back to Blackwing, but Leliana prevented him to went back. “It is dangerous if you confront your father alone. I knew that he got so much power in his pocket and he surely will kill you whenever you step inside Blackwing,” she grabbed his sleeve.
Don’t worry My Lady, I have good friends at the army that I’m sure they will help me confront Hermaeus,” he saying goodbye to Leliana and rushed quickly to Blackwing.
Hours of riding didn’t make Pelagius felt tired. As soon as he arrived Blackwing, he rushed towards army barracks to meet his friends. But inside, there were hundreds of soldiers with swords on their hands and ready to kill Pelagius. Behind them, a familiar face shown up.
Well well well, look who is here to die!” Hermaeus walked towards Pelagius. “I don’t know what was your intention by putting a bounty on my head, but I won’t just stand still and waiting to die in your hands. How dare you treathen Royeaux people!” Pelagius angrily shouting to them, “And why you are obeying his rules? Are you afraid of his power? His promise of something that only brings benefits for him? Answe me!” he asked to soldiers but they didn’t say any words. They have affected by Hermaeus treath and were blackmailed with sum of money they cannot afford in years of work.
Tsk. I cannot die here. I must leave,” Pelagius left Blackwing, without any fight happened between them. Then he went back to Royeaux to staying safe and planning something in order to freed Blackwing people of Hermaeus’ tyranny.
After he arrived in Royeaux, he discussed this matter with Leliana. Leliana suggested that she would like to gather forces from another kingdom that have any revenge towards Hermaeus. Weeks passed by. Leliana plan was worked. Many kingdom across England were joined Pelagius to fight Hermaeus for saving Blackwing people.
They marched to Blackwing in the dawn. With surpise attack when they lower their guards down, all of corrupted soldiers were killed during the invasion, leaving Hermaeus only inside his chamber. Pelagius asked to let him finished what he started by killing his father, King Hermaeus to end Blackwing sufferring. After minutes of waiting, Pelagius appeared in the balcony with Hermaeus head in his hands. All soldiers shouting Pelagius name. “All hail King Pelagius!” The fight between Pelagius and Hermaeus was over with Pelagius won and left him to rule Blackwing.
With Leliana as his wife, they ruled Blackwing in peace with purpose to make the people of Blackwing live happily under the reign of King Pelagius.

By Rifqi Adzani

There’s always a way back home” written on the wall of a café between two palms on the North Shore of Oahu. As a group of young Asian people were crossing over the road, there seemed a girl in red looked like an old-fashioned lover with her odd brunette hair and floral necklace. This girl looked so tired yet her tanned face showing that she’s into her earphone and already on swing mode. The sun shone so bright as always picturing that tropical land had been ready to cheer up every heart of the visitor on this khaki sandy beach. She was about to take her clothes off wandering that it had been a perfect day. As she was taking the top piece, a guy came and held a glass of yellow juice yelling at her.
Kalea! Ya ready for the surfing competition next week?” asked him vigorously.
Aloha Kris.. Krisanjani, you seem so right! How’s life? Been a year, huh?” asked her while shaking hands and hugging.
Life’s been so dashing! I’m back, you can rely on me,” he simply answered.
This twenty four-year-old guy had bright eyes, dark hair and about six feets in height. He firstly met Kalea on the annual event of surfing competition at Waimea Bay. Kris came from Mentawai Island and annually pursued himself to join the event to have a chance gathering with famous surfers and certainly Kalea, his ex-girlfriend. After deciding to have a relationship, once, Kalea came to Mentawai Island where Kris had been growing up since his joyful young baby boy.
One year ago, Kalea visited where Kris lived in Sumatra, Indonesia. Since her first day, she was dazzled of the beauty of Mentawai Islands. Tropical beaches never let her down. Who could deny the island fulfilling with palms, mostly white sand, dolphins-magnificent sea creatures and turquoise salt water, imagining paradise. She took her luggage, directly went off to shore, met new friends, pretended that she was just the local and surfed in a summer mode. She was just a twenty two-year-old girl who was typically friendly, passionate, and down-to-earth. Every local Mentawai man had just starred at her and couldn’t stop to keep their sight towards her. Kris came and joined the talk that just went way fun about one hour in the orange evening. He was about to invite her to look around on the West Coast. One of the guys meant to join them, he had to make sure that it was more appropriate to go there minimally by three. There was a myth, people on the island believed that it was forbidden to go there by one or two due to many incidents happened. They said that there was a huge sea monster living in the cave off the shore and in the evening the monster usually came to the shore for hunting food. Kris had never believed it because he usually spent his day there and everything was just fine. Then, he told to this wavy haired man that nothing would happen, he just wanted to show Kalea about the place that Kris used to have his daydream. Ipoel, this wavy haired guy used to call then argued with Kris. Kalea laid down on the sand and had no idea about them. Kris stayed on his will, he persisted to go there just two of them. Ipoel couldn’t agree more, he worried about his friend. He had no power to ban this, and then he let them go. She really had no idea about what they just talked about. Along the shore, Kris told her about the myth in hoping that she was not going to be scared of it, it was just a myth believed by the locals since very long time in order to protect the conservative area for green sea turtles, dolphins, and coral reefs. Knowing this, she was surprised and she couldn’t wait more to get there. Kalea had expected that this place would be completing her first day on the island.
About twenty minutes of walking, they finally got the shore. The sun set in the dark horizon and the seagulls flaid over the blue as if they formed a formation of happiness dancing. Off shore, a bunch of dolphins were moved in harmony followed by the shadow of schooling barracuda. Indeed, perfection in the evening breeze. Kalea beamed and kept her smiles on fire, she had already been in love with the island and her lover. In the shade of palm tree, they laid down their bodies enjoying this wonderful evening. The wave harmonized with the crystal clear water inviting them to be playful in the water. Mentawai Islands had been well known as one of the paradises for surfers, Kalea had no doubt to adore the wave even on her first day there. She had seen a majestic coast with great cliff dashingly stand on the other side of the shore. She realized that many other wonderful things she would find in the islands.
The sun literally went deep down into the ocean as this in-love young couple lulled by the sweetness of making love. The day slowly got dark, yet the orange horizon gave them a little light to come back to the village. On the way back home, there was a strange feeling she felt. She really wanted to get off shore and swam a while. She couldn’t deny her desire of playing and swimming in the water. Without asking Kris, she was very sure to jump off the fifty-meter cliff standing on her left side. Running as fast as she could, she got the edge. As if she had wings to fly, she really had no doubt looking down the dark water and directly she jumped off. Realizing his lover in danger, in a rush, he caught up her. Kris had no idea what just happened, all he knew that he had to get her soul safe. Kalea had been in the water then followed by Kris. She had been lost in the darkness, Kris even couldn’t find her. Kris looked over around, he could see the moon beam align with the water surface arousing sprinkle green wave. From a distance, a silhouette of dolphins looked majestic, he found himself alone and then reached the shore. A hard fighting in his heart led him to stay on the shore trying to discover his first girl in life, he was already upset. In searching of Kalea, meanwhile, he was sure that he had heard Ipoel yelling hardly and calling their names. Carrying torches, Ipoel and some villagers just realized something bad was happened to his friend. They came closer to the shore and didn’t find Kalea around him.
Kris, tell me where is she!” Ipoel hardly yelled at him.
I have no idea, she’s been lost there down the cliff,” his heavy voice sadly answered.
What just she had done? You already know the story about the cliff, how could you let her do that?” he blamed Kris.
It just happened, I don’t know why,” he was sobbing.
They continued to search where Kalea was. From the shore to the water, since six hours, it resulted nothing. Ipoel and the villagers decided to go back to the village, yet Kris refused it. He wanted to keep searching his girlfriend. Ipoel kept telling him it was too dangerous to stay alone there, it was way better if they continued it in the next day. Kris felt empty about anything and was already hopeless. He followed them to go back home. By any means, clearly seemed on his dirt face about his chaotic mind about the girl he just met two months ago. He had been in love with her, hard to explain how sad he was to meet this. Passing through an alley, a lush daisy bush, and the sounds of nocturnal creatures deep in the woods created a sense of mysterious path. Village lights had finally on their sights. They had planned before to come to the house of the paranormal living on the dale near the small lake in order to ask for help. They arrived to the face of the village, they should take about thirty minutes to get this old man’s house. Silent village, six of them walked through a quite lane in a rush. Dogs barked as if they had seen ghosts in each corner of the village. They finally arrived at the old man’s house. Cinnamons, cheddar wood, and amber were the typical impression about ten meters by the house. It was mystique and exotic at the same time. Knocking at the iron-wood door needed a little effort so the one inside could hustle it.
What kind of thing that makes you have no doubt to be here? I guess it’s about the stranger.. that girl,” said him in such a low tone voice.
How do you know her? Please help us to find her,” Ipoel answered.
Hard.. it’s just no chance,” he convinced.
How could you say so? It’s the monster who did it right?” Ipoel digged him.
I din’t find any mystical thing here, it was an accident,” said him.
She acted so strange, like she had no idea what she had done to jump off the cliff when the day was getting dark! How could it be there was no mystical thing here?” said Kris loudly.
Hearing what just Kris said made Ipoel rather confused. He had lost himself, Ipoel thought so about his friend. The only thing that the old man said was she could be surviving on the ocean or somewhere, the old man could feel that way. For them it was rather unbelievable, they used to think both logically and rationally. Nevertheless, there was always a hope.
A new day had come, the sun shone strong as the fishermen just came back from the ocean. They had been ready to search Kalea. There were Kris, Ipoel and Jun. In the fish market, the villagers did their daily business. It was crowded. The last fishing boat just came from the shadow of the horizon. It could be seen a man with bucket hat docking his boat, Heri, two meters next to his red and new fishing boat. They had been ready to leave the island for some days. After sipping a morning coffee, the boat slowly threw off the dock. As the daylight was getting blazing, they never lost their sight towards every direction. They had been arrived around an island which had been known as the wildest. There, some boars welcomed them. Kris never stopped shouting Kalea, so did the others. Six hours passed by, nothing was found but some wrecks of fishing boats around the island. The island with big wave was the next stop. It was forbidden to be here due to the local belief that there was a big monster which had been living. They never lost their belief, they trusted God more than anything. The day got dark, the storm was about to come. The boat then docked in the shade of a lush tree. It was impossible to be continued, the storm had already been so remarkable. Suddenly, such a giant creature came up from the sea. It looked like an octopus. The eye was deep red, he was about to enfold the boat with his long tentacles. It didn’t work, their effort had managed to chase the monster away.
Sunday morning had begun, in a big hope they started to go to the next island. A set of huge rocks was before the boat. There was no other way, the choice was about going back or getting wrecked. Never losing their spirit, they went forward. The wave had alarmed them not going so far, the boat quickly hit one of the keen rocks. Heri fixed it. Their food supplies had diminished. They got to back home really soon. In the afternoon, they decided to go back home. In the strait, something weird happened. The wave stream pushed them away from the island and took them somewhere. They got an island which was never told and known before. Strangely, another giant octopus blocked their way up. They tried and tried, this one was bigger and stronger one. Ipoel’s father had told him once that if someday he met a huge sea creature, the thing that he needed to do was reading the spell he taught and hit the head part. He immediately practiced his father’s suggestion, the monster hurriedly went away from the boat. Everything seemed under control so far. The stream couldn’t be controlled, they hardly control the boat but it was useless. The boat just followed it. Now, they had arrived exactly to the cliff where Kalea had jumped off. Jun, the guy controlling the wheel now surprised and said he had seen a yellow scarf on the rock before them. Everyone simultaneously saw to the rock, but nothing they could see but a rock. Jun convinced that there laid a yellow scarf. Ipoel believed there was a power which protected the scarf, it was mysterious. He knew that Jun could see and hear anything that ordinary man couldn’t. Ipoel then asked all of them to pray to God and follow the spell he read as he got one paddle into the water and stirred it seven times. Miraculously, they could see the scarf and Kris also shouted hardly to the cliff that there was Kalea lying on the rock. Kris couldn’t wait anymore, he directly jumped off the boat and swam toward Kalea. He got Kalea and felt her heart beating. She was still alive. The day was getting dark, as he was giving her respiration from his. The sky turned into violet, one thing noticed that mysterious thing existed in life. They went back to the village and planned to surf the next day on the East Shore.

By Riza Alun S

Mrs. Lyn lived with her husband and Jack in Texas, America. She didn’t have a child, so she look after his nephew, named Jack. Jack’s parents died by a car accident when he was 5 years old. Jack was a clever student and he was a good boy.
The envelop of letters were founded by Mrs. Lyn under the desk in Jack’s bedroom on Saturday night. Mrs. Lyn took the envelop curiosity and she decided to open the envelop. There were three pages of letters with no tittle and no name of the writer. She wondered who wrote this letter. She wanted to know about the contents of the letters ,but she was afraid to read the letters. Then, she woke up her husband.
Darling, Get up!! Look what I found on Jack’s bedroom.”
Oh I see, I’m so sleepy honey.”
Didn’t you curious, darling?”
No, I didn’t, honey.”
His husband’s respond made enthusiastic of Mrs. Lyn about the letters to be going down and then she decided to open the letters later.
On Sunday morning, she decided to open the letters. She realized that the letters was wroten by Jack before his death. Jack died because he had heart attack when he was 19 years old. Mrs. Lyn started to read the letters.
One day, when I was 10 years old, I asked to Mrs. Lyn about the one who creates the life in this world.
Auntie, Do you know who create the life?”
People believed that the one who create the life is God, Jack,” His aunt answered.
Do you believed in God then?” asked Jack curiosity.
I’m not Jack, your life was over when you died, that’s all. There was no heaven or hell, and there was no God.”
That was the began of my life being an atheist like My Aunt. When I was 18 years old I moved from Texas to Massachusetts because I was accepted at Harvard University. I lived in dormitory with Antonius, my roomates and also my classmates.
Antonius had a good religion because his father was a pastor in the Church. He always went to the Church to pray. One day Antonius asked me a silly questions. I didn’t know he was serious or not,but I thought that Anton was Joking at that time.
Jack if you died tomorrow, Did you ever thought about heaven?”
I didn’t believed that God was exist, so I didn’t think there were a heaven, my aunt told me about that when I was child, why you believed that God was exist, Anton?”
My father always told me that all the creature in this world was created by God, Stars, the moon, and human was created by a God. God gave me a life, a soul and a body to lived in this world, that’s all the greatness of God, so I believed that God was exist in this world.”
Mrs. Lyn had done to read the first page of Jack’s letters. She thought about what Antonius said about the greatness of the God. “She wondered why Jack died when he was a young boy. Where is the greatness of the God when other couples had children but he didn’t gave me a child? I thought that my husband and I were always had sex normally. My husband ejaculated and put out his sperm in my vagina. We were had sex when I’m on vertile condition, I must be pregnant and had a child on that condition,” She wondered to herself. Afterwards, Mrs. Lyn continued to read Jack’s letters.
I was shocked with Antonius answer. After that time I felt that God was exist in this world. I did a research about religion to find out and to prove the existence of God. My First research was about Protestant religion. I found that God was a wicked. Then, I concluded that God was a wicked because he let Jesus did cruxification when Jesus wanted to spread a religion for the God, but the God just let him die.
I also tried to research about buddhist religion. I thought it was great. Many people believed to buddhist religion and it made me interested. They also seemed to be one with nature and I thought it wass the most interested about Buddhist religion. But the more I explored it, I realized that Buddhist was not a religion of God, it's just a good lifestyle.
The last one, I researched about Islam. Many people believed to Islam because they thought that it was a perfection of other religion. However, I thought it was the same with other religion. When I did a researched about Islam, they talked about Jihad. I didn’t understand about it, why people did a suicide mission to killed infidel people. I thought that God didn’t wanted us to killed people. However in Islam when we killed infidel people we were did jihad which mean that we did it for the God.
I asked to God to took my life if he was exist in this world. I didn’t believed that you were exist in this world. Maybe you could ends up my life with heart attack or something horrible than heart attack . I knew that I couldn’t prove your existence when I died, but I could tell my aunt and her husband that you were exist in this world through this letters.
Mrs. Lyn had done read all the page of Jack’s letters. She seemed frightened. Her heart was beat hard when she had done read Jack letters. Her hands was shake when she grab the letters. She felt that the God was exist although previously he believed that God does not exist. She felt that the God watched her right now. Then, she came to her husband.
Why did you so frightened honey? Is there anything that disturbed you?” asked her husband.
The God was exist darling, we must believed that God was exist,” answered Mrs. Lyn.
Why did you said that God was exist, honey?” asked her husband.
I found the God on Jack’s letters, you will found it if you read it.”
Not long after Mrs. Lyn found the God on Jack’s letters, she must lived alone because her husband was died. Unlike his wife who accepted the existence of the God, his husband decided to suicide because he couldn’t afford anymore to thought about the existence of the God.

By Rizal Yunianto

Honey, I’m pregnant,” she said with a smile on her face. The smile that I’ve never seen recently.
Really? Oh thank God.”
I hugged my wife and kissed her. It was the happiest day of my life. We’ve been married for almost 6 years and this is the first good news that I’ve ever heard. Our marriage was not as good as we imagined. We were both busy with our own jobs, she’s a nurse, and I was a salesman. I hoped that a new family member would lighten things up.
In the first month, things were starting to get better. She became more friendly with neighbours. It was such an improvement since she was a shy person. She never talked to stranger before. It’s good that she made a new friends because of my job which is required a travelling from town to town.
I sometimes asked her to quit her job or at least took a break. Her job as a nurse was making her exhausted.
I don’t want anything bad happen to the baby,” I said.
Don’t worry, I won’t push myself too hard,” she said, trying to convinced me.
After all, we need the money,” she continued.
I couldn’t argue with that because she’s right. My job as a salesman alone won’t enough to paid our bills. We also needed to think about our child’s future. We had to save our money for our child education. I didn’t want my child to became like me, a salesman who had too much debt.
One morning, when I was getting ready to do my job, I watched a news. One of the news explained about the kidnapping of pregnant women.
A kidnapping that target pregnant women are happening in the city. The last victim, Michelle Ridley, 32 years old, were found dead after reported missing 3 days ago. She was found in the trunk of her own car in the airport parking lot. She was seven months pregnant. The fetus was missing. It seemed that the kidnappers cut the fetus and removed it because there was a wound in her stomach that caused by a knife. Michelle was one of many victims of the pregnant women kidnappers. The kidnappers are now on the loose. We adviced you to stay at home in the night, especially if you are pregnant, because the kidnappers hunted the victims at night and they picked random pregnant women,” the news anchor said.
It really scared me. I had to leave my wife alone to go to the other town, while there was a kidnapper of pregnant women out there. I tried to convince her to stayed at home, but I already knew the answer. We needed the money.
Honey, do you really want me to leave you alone ?” I said. “I could tell my boss that I am sick and have a week off,” I continued.
No, I am fine, I can ask my friend Amy to come by here. She also pregnant, so we will take care of each other. I won’t leave at night alone, don’t worry about me,” she said with confident.
Okay then, I’ll leave now, just be safe. Okay?”
Okay, you too.”
Seven month had passed and nothing bad happened to us. At least not yet. We started buying clothes for our baby. We also named our baby Michael if it was a boy and Lucy if it was girl. Pretty common name, I knew. However, my wife started to get weird. I didn’t know if it was an effect of a pregnancy, or something else. She started coming home late. I asked her if anything went wrong, she just answered no, I’m fine.
One day, I had to leave for a couple of weeks. I felt uncomfortable for leaving my wife alone when she was seven months pregnant. As usual, she told me not to worry about her.
A few days when I was at work, she called me.
Honey, I need your help,” she said.
What happened?” I asked.
Just come home okay, I really need you,” she said. Its was like she was crying.
I panicked. I tried to called her again, but she didn’t answered. Then, I remember about the kidnapping. Is my wife safe ? I asked myself. I started to think about the kidnappers took my wife. They would kill my wife and took the baby, just like they did with their other victims. I came home as soon as possible. It took a few hours drive from where I was to my house. I didn’t stop for a moment. I kept thinking about my wife, and my baby.
After a couple hours, I finally arrived at my house. It was starting to get dark. The front yard of my house looked dark because the lamp was’t turned on. I ran to the house and opened the door. It was dark. I tried to turned on the light. After the light was turned on, I couldn’t find my wife. I searched every room and screamed her name to find my wife. When finally I found her. She was in the basement, lying on the floor. Her cloth were covered in blood.
Are you okay? What happened? Why are you covered in blood?” I asked her everything that came into my mind.
Our baby... in the bathtub,” she said with a weak voice.
I ran to the bathroom. There was blood everywhere. In the bathtub, I found a small baby lying on it. I rubbed the baby slightly to see if it was still breathing. I wrapped the baby with the towel and brought my wife and the baby to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, I kept thinking about the baby, It was too soon for the baby to be born. My only thought that my wife just miscarried.
After a few hours of intensive care, a doctor talked to me.
I’m sorry sir, we did the best that we could, but we can’t save the baby,” said the doctor.
What ... what about my wife?” I said with tears streamed from my eyes.
That’s the problem sir. She is fine right now, but what worries me is that she had no sign of giving birth.”
But how did that happened?”
We still investigating this case, we asked your wife about it and she said that she cut her abdomen to remove the baby, but we also didn’t find any sign or wound on her stomach.”
So, where did the baby come from?” I asked in confussion.
We don’t know sir, but I think that the baby isn’t yours.”
What do you mean ? She was pregnant.”
We will asked the police about this matter and find the real mother of the baby.”
I couldn’t say anything. The baby that I was waiting for a long time, now’s gone. Worse, doctor said that it wasn’t my baby. Then, I remember when she was four months pregnant, she said that her stomach hurt. I asked her to go to the doctor, but she refused it. Said that it’s normal on pregnancy. After that, I saw a change in my wife. She didn’t want me to look at her stomach anymore. Said that it made her look silly. I didn’t want to argue with her, so I just did it.
The biggest mystery was, where did the baby come from? If it wasn’t coming from my wife, whose baby is it? Where did she get the baby? A few hours after my conversation with the doctor, police finally arrived. They asked me a few questions, and asking my permission to searched my house. Of course, I let them did that. The police searched was surprising. They found a dead body in our bedroom. I didn’t know that there was a body there because when I got home because my wife called, I just looking for my wife. I didn’t expect that there was a dead body in our house. There was a wound in her stomach from a knife. It meant that my wife cut her to took the baby’s out. What really crept me out was that the body later identified as Amy, my wife’s friend. She killed her friend and took her baby. I didn’t know that my wife could even do that.
After all these years, I realized that I’ve been lived with a monster. She’s not the woman that I used to know. When I looked at her outside her room in the hospital, she smiled at me. Not a smile, more like a grin, and I could hear she said something.
I’d kill to be with you again.”

By Septyan Adi Prabowo

It started when I with my girlfriend was in the way to my home. We across a street after we walked around in the city. And then a car hit me.
Honey, are you okay?” says my girlfriend when I laid in the ground with my blood splattered around my body. And then I was unconscious.
I woke up in a room. Everything was white in this room. When I open my eyes, I just remember that I was hit by a car before I lost my consciousness. I saw a boy near the window in my room.
Takeshi? Is that you?” I asking to that boy.
Ah, you’re awake? Yeah, it’s me, dude,” He answer me with a big smile.
Where is this?” I asking again to Takeshi.
You are in hospital, Hiroshi. Do you remember what happened to you yesterday?” He asking me.
Yesterday?” I try to remember. “I was hit by a car?” I says.
Yeah, you make us worry. How are you now?” He try to make sure about my condition.
I’m okay, I think,” I answer him and I try to sit in my bed, but my body felt so heavy and I coudln’t move my body.
Don’t push yourself Hiroshi, just take a rest,” He says
Eventhough my body was too heavy to moved, but I could speak normally. I was talk with Takeshi, he is really my bestfriend. I really talked very much with Takeshi at the time until suddenly I heard my room’s door opened by someone. Firstly I thought that it was my mother. But I really surprised, because it was not my mother, it was a beautiful girl who came to my room. She was smile to me and start to talk to me.
Hi, how are you? How do you feel?” She asking me.
Ah.. I’m fine, but I just can’t move my body,” I answer her question.
Why this girl asking that question, like we already knew each other. At the time, I didn’t remember anything about this girl. At first I thought that she was Takeshi’s girlfriend.
Emhh.. Takeshi? Is she your girlfriend?” I asking to Takeshi with an innocent face. “You are so lucky Takeshi, this girl is so beautiful,” I continue my words.
What? This girl??” Takeshi says with a shock face. He look didn’t believe with my words. Takeshi and the girl looked each other with shocked faces. I just in my bed, but i knew that there’s something wrong.
Oh, come on Hiroshi! It’s not funny!” Toby says to me with angry face.
I’m not joking dude, I just asking about this girl,” Once again, I says that words with an innocent face and a little smile in my face.
I saw Takeshi’s face, he looked so angry and didn’t believe. I saw the girl’s face, she looked like going to cry. I didn’t understand what happened at the time.
Wait here, I’ll go ask to the doctor!” Takeshi says with angry face, and he left my room.
Now, there were just a beautiful girl and a sick boy in the room laid in his bed. Both was in silent. I couldn’t say anything. I was afraid to make a stupid question like before, and make this girl felt sad. She walked to the window, I saw she watching outside the window with a sad face. Tears flowed from her eyes.
Ehmm.. sorry? Why..are you crying?” I try to start a conversation with her.
Ah, no, it’s nothing,” She says with a little smile.
But, you’re crying. Are you okay?” I asking.
I just feel so sad, because my boyfriend didn’t remember me,” She says.
Oh, that’s why you look so sad? It’s okay, I’m sure that oneday your boyfriend will remember you,” I says, and she started to smile in her sadness. At the time, might be he thought that why her boyfriend talk like that.
Oh, I’m sorry, what’s your name?” I continue to speak.
You can ask to Takeshi about who I am,” She says. “I’m leaving now, I will come to see you again tomorrow,” And she left my room with a smile in her sad face.
I couldn’t say anything when see left me alone in the room. I didn’t understand what happened with me, with her, and Takeshi. I so confused. Did I now this girl? Why was she crying?
I was hospitalized for 8 days, and that girl always came to see me everyday. When I’m home from hospital, I asked to my mother about that girl. Why was she always came to see me eventhough Takeshi was not in there. Almost everyday I asked the same question to my mother, and my mother always said that sooner or later I will knew who she is.
One night, I was sleep after I went to check up my condition in hospital. I was dreaming. In my dream, I saw that girl. She looked so sad, she’s crying. I tried to ask to her, but, when I moved my foot step by step, she looked so far and far. Until finally she was disappear in a bright light. For a few days, I always saw the same dream. And it’s happened almost everyday.
Mom, tell me, who is she?” I asking to my mother while we are in a breakfast.
Sooner or later you will remember, Hiroshi,” My mother always answer me like that.
But mom, this girl always come in my dream, almost everynight in my dream.” I says. “Just tell me mom, who is this girl?” I asking the same question.
Oh, she always come in your dream?” Asks my mother. “It’s mean that you will be remember who she is,” Explain my mother.
After that, in the next day I went to a psychiatrist. I went by myself, my mother said that I’m not a little boy anymore, so I have to do everything by myself. When I was in psychiatrist, I told everything that I remember since I was hospitalized until I got the same dream.
I just want to know who is this girl, doc,” I says.
My answer is very simple, I hope you can understand,” says the doctor.
So, do you know who is this girl?” I asking to the doctor wiht curiosity.
She is a very important girl in your life so far,” says the doctor.
What do you mean, doc?” I can’t understand with his words.
Like I said before, she is very important girl in your life,” says the doctor.
I still couldn’t understand about what the doctor said to me. If she was very important to me, then why I could forget about her. Even I couldn’t remember her name. In my way heading to home, I passed a church and a park in the opposite. I came to this park. I sat in a chair. Glance, I could remember that I was ever came to this park with a girl. She gave me a necklace with a pendant that looked like a key. But eventhough I remember about the necklace, I still couldn’t remember about the face of this girl. I brought that necklace in my pocket. I held that necklace in my hand and try to remember about my past. I was daydreaming. I didn’t realize that someone sat next to me.
I know that you will be in here,” she says and break my daydream.
You? The girl that always come in my dream!” I says with a little surprise.
So, I always come to your dream? Now, can you remember me?” asks her.
I was in silent. I couldn’t say a single word. I just kept thinking and saw her face. I saw she smiling. She looked so happy to see me. She take something from her pocket. It was looked like a box with a keyhole on it.
Open this box. May be it can help you to remember my name,” she says and she handed me that box.
This box?” For a moment I felt confuse. I remember that I held a necklace with a key on it. I wanted to remember this girl. But I’m not sure if the box was match with my key.
It’s okay, if this your key is not match with the box, it’s mean that I’m not an important person for you,” she try to convince me.
My hand started to move, I put the key on the keyhole of the box. And the box opened. There was a picture and 2 rings inside the box. I was surprised that it was my and her picture inside the box. I started crying, I felt so sad, but I also very happy.
I’m sorry for forgeting you. I’m really sorry,” I apologize and crying.
It’s okay Hiroshi. Now ... can you call my name?” asks her.
Naomi ... I’m sorry ... I Love You!” I says and huge her.
Let’s go home and tell your mother and Takeshi that you already remember me.” She says in my huge.
She looked so happy, she was crying and smiling when I held her. After that, I promise that I wont forget about everyone that really important for me, especially Naomi. I really wanted to remember her name everyday in my live, because she is really important for me.

By Shalliny Florencia

That night, Satria was sitting alone in a deserted cafe. He looked nervous, sound of rain splashing increasingly made him uneasy. Shortly the cafe’s door opened, and there appeared two people who had been awaited by Satria. "Hey! Why do you look so neat? Did you attend an inviation before coming here?" Said Reza, Satria’s friend who had been awaited by Him. Satria was in silent. His sweat was pouring.
Satria, please meet my friend, Bunga. She’s an English department’s student,” said Reza. Satria and Bunga started shaking hands and introducing theieselves to each other.
Time went so fast. Satria and Bunga seemed interested to each other. They got along really well. Bunga skill on singing gave a very good impression to Satria, and vice versa, Satria’s skill on playing guitar impressed Bunga.
A few months later, Satria and Bunga was in a relationship as lovers. Their conversation in the cafe a few months ago was in fact their love story start point.
Babe, I want to ask you something. Why are you playing music? For what is it?” asked Bunga to Satria at a restaurant in Semarang.
Hmm.. This is actually what I want to be in the future. Eventhough I’m an architect’s student, I really want to be serious in music,” Satria answered while he was chewing his food.
And what about you?” asked Satria.
I love singing. If I meant to be a working on that career, why not?” Bunga answered while slurping her ice tea.
Without realizing it, Satria started doing his career in music. A recod label helped Satria’s career natioanlly. Same as Bunga. A music producer interested to her unique voice that Bunga started to be as famous as Satria. Their career went well. Their everyday life was full of their own business. Still and all, they were supporting each other. It’s hard to make a date like they used to every weekend, but they still tried to spend their time together for some times in a month, and they still kept in touch by phone or text everyday.
In a fine afternoon, Bunga tried to call Satria after Satria didn’t reply her messages, he didn’t even answer the calls. Satria started to hard to be contacted. Bunga could only get informations about Satria from television. When Bunga was watching tv, she saw a commercial which was promoting an event, and there was writen that Satria’s band would be performing. Bunga immediately noted the time and place of that event she just saw.
It was the night which Satria would perform. Bunga could not wait for any longer to see her boyfriend live performance for the first time. Bunga hoped that Satria could see her from the stage, and that Satria would hapy to see her coming. Satria and his band mates came out up to the stage and said hello to the audience and his band fans. When Satria was busy being interactive to the audience and the fans, Satria noticed that there was his girlfriend, Bunga. Satria was shocked but happy knowing that and he pointed her forefinger to Bunga.
It is making me happy that tonight, at this show, I have my girlfriend seeing me and my band playing. I’m feeling so on fire!” said Satria which was confirmed by Bunga’s cheerful smile.
After the performance on stage, Satria immediately sent a message to Bunga. She asked if Bunga could see him at the backstage. Bunga undertook Satria’s demand.
I really missed you,” said Bunga while she was trying to hold her tears from falling.
I missed you too. I’m sorry for not giving you message. Are you healthy?” said Satria with her hand on Bunga’s cheek.
Alhamdulillah, I’m healthy. I have a favor you to do, I promise that it’s not gonna be hard to fulfiled. I hope you can do it for me,” said Bunga.
What is it, honey?” asked Satria.
I want you to always reply messages from me, or at least call me twice a month, or once a month it’s okay. Can you?” begged Bunga.
Bunga’s wish made Satria in silence for a while. It seemed that Saria was thinking so hard to organize the words to answer Bunga.
Can you??” Bunga tried to repeat her question once again.
I am sorry. I can’t promise you to fulfil that. This job makes me very busy. I want to be professional in this career. I want to be a successful person. If I’m success, you too will be proud, won’t you? This is not only for me, this is for you,” Satria answered.
Bunga was in silence and she could not hold her tears for any longer. She finally cried. She didn’t expect that Satria would answer her that way. She didn’t expect that those words would come out from the lips of a guy she met almost a year ago, from a guy who stole her heart at the first sight. Bunga started to mind the first time she met Satria, how care Satria was to her until they decided to be together.
I don’t know that you could be like this, so selfish like right now. I’ve always prayed for you from a distance, but it seems that you can’t see it, and even you never pray for me. You’re way too busy with your ambition to be a famous musician. You don’t even care with me anymore. You’ve never asked me about my career as a singer. You only think about your guitar. I think our relationship can not last. Let’s break up. I don’t know if we can still be friends after this conversation, but I wish you a good luck on everything you’re trying to reach. Thank you for everything, Satria. I loved you,” Bunga said as she was leaving Satria.
It was almost a year after Bunga and Satria broke up. Bunga was not continuing her career as a singer anymore. She started a career as an architect. She was a famous and trusted architect in Indonesia. Saria was also success as a famous musician in Indonesia. They never in touch even once. Bunga could only see Satria on tv and Satria could only see Bunga on magazines.

By Tita Rostyana

My name was Emily. I lived in the city that was crowded by the population. I lived in the country where the serial ‘Glee’ began. Yea I lived in Ohio. In this country I had born and lived throughout my life. Well I was so happy to live in this country with my beloved family, my beloved friends, and of course my beloved partner of life who really loved me.
I was born from the family who held up on the loyalty. We belief that the loyalty was the base of the true love that existed in the universe. By the loyalty I had found the craziest people that attract my whole life, and also my amazing partner of life that gave me the great love. I love my life; even sometime I thought that I was the luckiest woman in the world who got the perfect love by the loyalty.
It was rainy at that day. I still thought that it would be the perfect day to have a date, because it was on 24th September. It was the day when Bede and I celebrated our anniversary. Bede was my perfect life partner. He was so amazing, he treated me nicely, and he made me laugh everyday even I felt that I was blinded by his love. However, I thought that it was fair because it was the result of my loyalty to him.
On that rainy day, I woke up so early and made his favorite cake for our anniversary. At that time, my friend Eldon came to help. Actually he is my new friend. We met in the front of the grocery, when he tried to help brought my paper bag. Then since that day we started to make a friend. He is a nice guy even I think he is too kind, because he treats me very well.
Why don’t you just buy a cake in the pastry shop? I think there is good one,” Eldon started the conversation when we started to make a cake.
Because mine is better one.”
Ok, whatever! Then just do it.”
Then just let your mouth closed, and let your hand help me to prepare the ingredient.”
After everything had been ready, I ran under the rain with my umbrella and the cake on my hand. I didn't care about the rain, I just knew that at that time I was so happy to see him in his house on our anniversary. I arrived at his house, but unfortunately his mother said that he was not at home. Then I just gave the cake to his mother and came back to home. I remember that he asked me to come to his house and bring his favorite cake on our anniversary. I didn’t know why he went without gave me any texts or something, but I tried to think positively “May be he has an important thing to do,” I said.
I tried to text him, but I couldn’t reach him for days. I didn't know what was wrong at that time, but what I knew to be loyal I should wait for him. Actually, it was not the first time he acted so strange. However, I tried to show him my loyalty to make him realize and get what had lost at that time.
Everything is wrong, right?” Eldon said when he entered my room.
Nope… He has important thing to do, so he acts like a stranger lately.”
Then prove it! It’s not the first time even sometime you had caught him with his women. But why you are ignoring his freaking attitude with your freaking loyalty?” Eldon tried to make me realize that Bede was not the good one for me.
Uhum…,” I couldn’t make any statements or something, and yea Eldon was right that I had caught him with his women several times.
My mobile phone rang while I was talking with Eldon. It was text from Bede, he didn’t try to apologize or explain about his attitude lately. On that text he just asked me to see him in the café on lunchtime the day after. Of course I accepted his invitation, because I thought that I should see him. However, Eldon didn’t have same opinion as me. Yes, he asked me to refuse and let him to meet Bede.
No Eldon, it is too bad. It would be more complicated if you see him, and why you need to see him? It is my problem. It is between Bede and me, and even you don’t have any right to know more about this. Well I need you, but I just need you to listen no more. So please, stop it,” I tried to give him an explanation. Well I knew that it was so rude, but I just didn’t want any conflict happen between them.
That’s all? So you never realize anything? Don't you feel something all this time? You, you are just… whatever!” He said something that I didn't understand and he left my room with his disappointed.
The day after I went to the café where Bede and I would meet. I’m so excited to meet him because it was more than a week I didn’t see him, and well I missed him so much. As usually, I waited for him and fortunately before the lunchtime finished he came. He looked so excited that day, at first I thought that he was excited because of our meeting, but then…
Have you waited so long? I’m sorry.”
It’s ok. Why didn’t you answer my texts these days? I’m so worried, and you know that I hate to feel it.”
Um I have some works to be done quickly, so I didn’t have any time to answer your messages. I’m sorry.”
Ok never mind. I have something to tell anyway, so I asked you to come here.”
OK?” I wondered what would he told to me, but I prayed that everything he told was a good news.
You know me better than my self, right? And you know that even I do something bad right now, it just to make our relationship better in the future. You know how much I love you, you know how mean you are to me, and you…”
Well I’m sorry Bede, but I didn’t get you…,” I didn’t know what he tried to tell, but I thought that I ever heard this words before. I just wished that it wouldn’t be the same as before, oh my I was so nervous to hear what would he told.
Honestly, I feel that our relationship is too boring. No, it is not you. It may because I feel… well then can’t we break for a moment? I think we need time to stay apart and yea without any interaction or yea you know what I mean.”
Who is she?” I knew what he meant, and I knew it was because there is a woman who attracted his heart. It was not the first time, and well it was the hardest situation and I really hate it.
I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. But I promise that it won’t be long. Please, let me go, I promise that this will be the last. I just want to make sure that you are the best partner for me. I... I don’t know, but you know that I really love you, but I just need to be apart of you sometime. I will be right back to you, I promise. Please, just patient to wait for me. Not long, I promise. Just wait, it is not the hard thing right? Please, would you?”
Alright then, just do it!” I realized that I was really stupid to say yes, but then what should I say? I had no idea, I couldn’t think clearly. What I thought just to be loyal I should wait for him, and it was the only way to make him happy. Then what else? I just needed to say yes, then he would come back, and well it just wished.
It had been two weeks since I let him, but he didn’t come yet. My heart started to doubt his words, and I started to worry him. I didn't have any energy to do all my activities, I just stayed in my room and thought about what he had done.
Why?” suddenly Eldon came to my room.
I don’t know,” I knew what did he mean, but I couldn’t give him any explanation.
Emily please, don’t hurt your self. How long you will stay on this way? How many women that he got to hurt you? What else? You know he doesn’t good enough for you, but why Emily?”
Because he is the one who comforted me, the one who makes me feel save.”
Didn't I? Wake up Emily and realize it.”
You did, and you are better.”
So? You realize it, you know it is wrong, then why? Take my hand, and make the new one. At least let’s make everything better.”
My loyalty…”
Fuck for your freaking loyalty. You know what? You need to respect other to be respected. Before you make somebody else happy, you need to make sure that you are happy. Before you are being loyal to other people, you need to make sure that you are loyal to yourself!” then he left me alone.
I thought about what Eldon had said to me before. Well I thought he was right, I need to be loyal to my self first before I could be loyal to other. I started to think clearly, and I tried ignoring my feeling about Bede. Well I got it. How could I was said as a loyal person when I couldn’t think about my own heart. Yea I just realized that it had been a long time that I never thought about my heart, my feeling, and my self. I was really blinded by Bede. He was the one that I thought every second of my live, in contrast I was ignoring my own self. How stupid I was to wait for the one who never loved me. I couldn’t ruin my self anymore. Then I decided to finish my relationship with Bede, and I began my new loyalty to my own self. When I tried to tell Eldon about my decision, he was the one who really excited to hear my decision. He was the one who help me to begin my new life.
I’m so thankful that Eldon asked me to take his hand, because he was the one who had shown me the real loyalty, and he was the one who proved that the loyalty didn't stand to hurt anyone. Now, I felt that my true happy life began with my real life partner.
I’m sorry. Have you been hungry?”
Nope, but I think I could eat a horse for this lunch.”
Really? Then where should I get one?”
Oh come on Eldon…”
Eldon was the one who changed me and he was the one who changed my perspective on loyalty. By his freaking humor he comforted me. By his honesty I felt safe. By his loyalty I felt loving. Well this was my new began, the began to get the perfect happiness.

By Tri Ati Arrina

Hey Miss!”
Harper Kloss turned on her heels when she felt a hand on her shoulder stopping her from walking. She was about to yell at the owner of the hand only to come face to face with a tall Asian man, taking her breath away. He was dressed in a tailored gray suit, looking absolutely dashing in it. His black hair was slightly long and flipped to one side.
When the tall Asian man didn’t seem impressed by her lack of words, she quickly answered, “Yes?”
You got my bag, Miss,” he said in English with a very strong accent.
Harper glanced around Charles de Gaulle airport. No one seemed to take any interest in the fact that a handsome stranger had grabbed her shoulder. They were all busy trying to retrieve their own bags from the Baggage Claim.
She sighed. She looked down at her burgundy leather hand luggage that she had been letting roll behind her as she held the handle.
This is my bag,” she said.
She had personally chosen the color of the bag to match with her handbag that hung over her shoulder. Harper was very much into the trend. The latest Saint Laurent black suit she wore was the proof.
The Asian man let go of her shoulder and grabbed the handle to the bag instead. “No, mine,” he argued.
Harper sighed again. Despite being hot, she really didn’t have the time to deal with an incident right now. She had come to Paris for a seminar and she was already late for it.
Really, this is my bag. It even has my tag...,” her voice trailed off when she realized there was no tag on it. “Oh God, what happened to my tag?”
See, my bag.”
It doesn’t have a tag on it,” she retorted. “So it may not be your bag.”
Oh,” he frowned as he glanced down at the bag again.
Is there a problem?” a security guy came over to them. He gave the both of them a glance.
Yes, sir,” Harper quickly answered. “This is my bag but this man is claiming it’s his.”
Can I see it, please?” Once both Harper and the Asian man reluctantly let go of the bag, the security man inspected it. “It doesn’t have a tag.”
It must have come off when it was in transition,” the Asian man spoke.
The security looked at him with narrowed eyes. “What’s your name, sir?”
Daesung Kang,” he introduced. “But in your country it would be Kang Daesung.”
Harper was a little overjoyed knowing his name finally. At least she could put a name to his handsome face.
The security nodded. He took the two to the side and placed the bag on a table. An airport staff joined them.
Do you have the lock for the bag?”
Both Harper and Daesung began casting out their keys immediately and handing it over to him in simulation. The security gave them an odd look before trying both the key. To Harper’s dismay, the lock opened when Daesung’s key was inserted.
Oh my God! Where is my bag?” Harper began panicking.
Are you Prof. Harper Kloss?”
Harper stopped and turned to see the airport staff that seemed to have left them to retrieve a bag from the baggage claim. She gasped. “Yes! Thank God I didn’t lose it!” she cried out. “My notes and speech is in there!”
Are you perhaps here for Paris Visual Arts Exhibition?” Daesung asked.
Harper was shocked he knew about the seminar. “Yes! I’ll be a guest speaker there.”
Me too!” he exclaimed in delight. Harper was taken aback. His smile nearly took her breath away. “I’m Prof. Daesung Kang.”
Oh my God!” she squealed. “I should have caught on when you said your name earlier! My brain was too preoccupied on my bag. I actually accepted the invitation so I could meet you! I would really love to discuss your gallery presentation you did last month.”
I’d love to discuss it with you, too.”
Ahem,” the security cleared his throat. “Well, since the problem has been solved, you can be on your way.”
The two flushed with embarrassment. They had momentarily forgotten their situation.
I’m so sorry,” Harper apologized. “And thank you very much for resolving it for us!”
Yes, thank you,” Daesung joined.
No problem,” the security said. And then he added with a smile, “Welcome to Paris.”
The two returned a smile and left with their hand luggage.
How are you getting to the seminar?” Daesung asked beside her.
Taxi,” she replied.
Perhaps you would like to share one with me, Prof. Kloss?” he offered with that dreamy smile. “I hope to get to know you better.”
Harper tried everything to stop from swooning because she did not miss the hint he was signaling to her. “Yes. I would love to.”
He surprised her when he placed a hand on her back as he guided her out of the busy airport. She glanced up at him in a daze. He wouldn’t meet her eyes and Harper could have sworn she saw him blushing.
If she knew that Prof. Daesung Kang from South Korea she wanted to meet was a striking handsome man, she would have flown over to South Korea herself to meet him rather than have waited for two months for this day. At least she didn’t have a one-sided feeling.
Well, she had a full weekend to get to know him and who knows he might just be the one she had been waiting for.

Semarang, April 12, 2015
By Ulin Nuha

In the border of a village, there lived two children in the small house, near the forest. The older son, Muar, worked in the field and the young brother stayed in the house. Muar that always go home at twilight greets his brother before entering home.
Good afternoon my little, please open the door for your beloved brother.”
What are you bringing now?” asked his little brother.
Two pieces of cassava and a fish,” replied him.
Then his brother welcomed Muar and they were dine together at that night. The happy atmosphere in the home were disturbed by something which were watching them from the shade of the trees. In the dark of night, He watched for a moment and then disappeared.
As usual, Muar asks for permission to go to the field.
Don’t open the door for anyone except for me, okay?” Muar noticed.
Okay my brother.”
That day wasn’t like another day. When the sun went to the horizon, a hoarse sound called the little brother.
Good afternoon my little, please open the door for your beloved brother,” the sound called.
What are you bringing now?” the little brother asked uncertainly.
Two pieces of cassava and a fish,” replied him.
After thinked for a moment, he finally opened the door and suddenly appeared a strong giant tiger in front of him. The child couldn’t do anything except silenced, invited the the tiger to eat him.
The day became dark as Muar went home to meet his little brother. He opened the door and found that his little brother was disappeared. Every sides of his house was explored by him and when he saw at the backyard, he found a piece of his brother, the head. He shocked and he cried as he can. He couldn’t believe that his little brother that just in the morning greeted him was died in just a head left. He couldn’t stop his crying until he tired and felt asleep. In the dream, he found an old white man that stood in the light.
He said calmly, “Oh my son. I send my condolences to you for your little brother.”
Thanks Father. I accept it.”
Muar silenced in a moment and then continued,”Father whom stand in the light, can you help me?”
What do you want from me?” He said wisely.
Do you know how to make my little brother revive?”
The old man silenced to think for a moment. Then he said, “I know how to bring your brother in life, but it is difficult and need a lot of sacrifice.”
I don’t mind if it can revive him, what I need now is my brother!” Muar shouted.
What you just need is walking to the north until you find the white pigeon that has a ruby on his head. You can ask the bird the direction. It will guide you to meet the horse that can produces fire in every path of it. The horse will guide you to meet the tunnel made from roots. Walk on it and you’ll find the water of life in the fountain at the end of tunnel.”
One that you have to notice is be kind to anyone you meet during the journey,” he continued.
Thanks kindly Father, I’ll remember your advice,” Muar said.
On the next morning Muar started to go to find the water of life in the end of Root Bridge. He used buffalo skin shoes and a spear. He also bought the supplies for the journey. The head of his little brother are saved in the box and surrounded by a fire to keep it warm while he did the journey, as the old man said in his dream. He walked through the forests and rivers for a few days.
In a forest that he was passing there, he found the beautiful pigeon that trapped in a blackthorn. The bird look suffer, so Muar helped and treated it. He just noticed that the bird had a ruby on the neck. It was small beautiful ruby. Muar sure that this is the bird that he had to follow. After the pigeon was able to fly, he released it and followed behind it. The pigeon guided him to a big house that more precise be called a castle. In front of the house, a princess stood and welcomed the pigeon.
Oh my bird, where did you go? I’m afraid that you wouldn’t come back. I’m lonely here. Who bringing you back here?”
The bird move to Muar and landed on his head. “Are you the man that bring my bird back?” the princess said.
It’s true, my princess. I escaped the pigeon from blackthorn,” Muar answered.
That’s why, you aren’t go home for a few days. Thank you very much my hero. You looks like a hero for me,” the princess said.
No, I’m nothing. I’m just a man who do the journey to look for the water of life to revive my little brother.”
Um, I have heard about the water of life from my husband. He said that someone can find it if he ride his horse. That isn’t usual horse. That is a black horse that the feet ignite.”
But, where can I find the horse?” asked Muar.
My husband has one, the horse are kept in the stables.”
Can I borrow that horse?”
I’m afraid that my husband will angry to you because he will consider you as a thief. He is a prince. He also has magic power that turn himself into eagle and tiger. Now he is learning an ability to make himself eternal. If you fight with him, you will lose. I recommend you to bring two bag for the water, one is for your brother and other is for you if you face the fight. The water will maximize your body potential so you can avoid or defend. I will tell the lie to my husband because I don’t like to my husband since he has obsessed to the magic power and abandoned me. Please take the horse,” the princess suggested.
Okay, thanks in advance princess, I will not forget your help.”
Then Muar continued the journey with the black horse to the north. The horse brought him through the snow zone that the villages and forests are covered by snow. He spurred the horse faster. The horse was as fast as Muar thought he was flew. Just only three days, he arrived at the snow mountain. The horse passed through the mountain easily, maybe because the horse is the best race of them. It jumped from one stone to another like walking. On the sixth day after Muar left the big house, he arrived at the snow plain made from frozen sea as far as the eyes can see. The horse ran quickly through it and at a point the horse stopped in the middle of snow zone. It ignited the feet and the fire burned the area near them and they slowly sink in the snow. He thought that the surface after snow was ground, but apparently it was roots. The horse walked to open the tunnel that covered by snow. That was the roots tunnel the old man said. Because the horse couldn’t passed it, he walked there.
At the end of tunnel, Muar found a small lake decorated by fountain. That was the water of life. He drank it first and got himself recovered. His body that suffered from a loss of power because of long journey became healthy and powerful. He found that his power increased that he became fit and strong. He brought the horse water of life and the flame became bigger. Two bag were filled with the water and Muar spurred the horse to the south. It ran quick, jumped from one hill to another hill. The horse ran faster than before because it had drank the water.
Meanwhile, in the big house where the princess lived, the prince that could transform into an eagle went home. He was very angry knowing that the horse was lost.
Where is my horse!?” the prince yelled to the princess.
It was stolen, I don’t know who. When I was slept, the thief entered here and stole your horse,” the princess said.
Angrily, the prince turned himself into eagle and followed the path of his black horse.
Muar arrived to his home in the corner of village and ran to his brother. He watered his little brother smoothly and the body pat of him that lost slowly grew until it became a perfect body. He also gave the half of second bag water to his little brother and he opened his eyes slowly and lived.
Oh my God, thanks to you that bring my little brother life. Thank you very much,” Muar thanks and hugged his brother. They were crying happily once again.
Can you remember, who killed you at that time?” Muar asked.
I’m not sure, but I remember that I had eaten by a big strong tiger. It has an emerald on the head. I just remember it.”
Suddenly, from the north, an eagle flew down and turned into a man. “So, you’re the kids that stole my horse. How brave you?” Prince said angrily with his eyes turn red because of his anger.
Please forgive me my prince. I’ll bring the horse back to you,” said Muar scared.
Robbing is unforgivable.” the prince said and then turned into a big tiger.
Tha..that! That is the tiger that had eaten me!” the little brother shouted.
Muar immediately drank the rest of water in the second bag and suddenly, his power increased. He put the spear out and ran into the tiger. The prince also ran into him and they got fight. The prince pawed Muar and he dodged it with swing his spear into the prince, but he wasn’t as fast as prince. Muar that only with his power and a spear couldn’t held out the power of the prince that became tiger longer than this. At one moment, the prince were win at position and Muar cornered at the bank or swift river. Muar with his foot pushed the prince to the river and he sank because he couldn’t swim and transformed into water animals.
Muar sat on the ground and looked around. He finally defeated the prince. “Thank you, brother, you save me,” little brother said.
You’re welcome my little brother. Now, let’s us go to the castle. We have to bring the horse back to the wife of that tiger,” Muar said.
They went to the castle and the princess meet them. Muar told everything to her. “That’s okay. Actually I want to free from my husband. He just married me to get my parent’s inheritance, which is this big house and all inside of it. I was prohibited to go out from the castle, so I can’t tell anyone about what he did to me. And at that time you came here and saved my bird. At that moment, I believe that you can save me from my husband and make me happy,” said the princess.
I just want to save my little brother and bring the horse back,” Muar said.
Then, please marry me. Since you defeated my husband and I have free, the castle needs a prince and that is you. I want you to marry me,” the princess asked.
Muar thought and discussed to his little brother. “How about you, my brother?”
I agree with it my brother,” he said.
Then they were married and lived happily ever after.

Semarang, April 13, 2015

By Yohana Febry Chris Suprapto

In a small village which far away from the city, there lived an old woman with a son named Johny. Johny was 8 years old while her mother was in her middle age. Since his father passed away 2 years ago, they lived such a kid without parents. His mother worked as a household assistant at a house to another house every single day. On the other side, Johny must sacrifice his education for they didn’t have much money to afford his school. One afternoon day, when they had a tea while sitting on a branch of a tree in front of their small cottage, Mrs. Anne started the conversation with her son.
Did you miss school already, Son?” asked his mother drinking her warm tea.
Huh? Why are you asking me that suddenly, Mom? Are you okay?” Johny put his hand up to her mother’s forehead. They laughed a bit.
You know I always thank God that I have you as my son. You never complain about what were we going through all this time. You cheered me up instead,” said Mrs. Anne sincerely.
Come on, Mom. Don’t mind me, life’s beautiful!” said Johny with some giggles.
After those short talks, Mrs. Anne looked so enthusiast to earn much money so Johny can go back to school. After a month, she asked Johny to apply for a school again and he agreed it happily.
Around 12 a.m at St. Louise Boston Elementary School, Johny came to the school in order to take some register form by himself. Then a young teacher came over him.
Hey kid, you looked so confused. Can I help you?” she asked.
Mr. Headmaster asked me to go to the office to take the register form,” he answered.
Oh that form? Wait, I’ll take it for you,” she said while taking the form on top of the cupboard. “Here you are, Boy. Don’t forget the competition will be started on next Monday. See you around!” she said in hurry.
Wait.. What?! What competition, Mam?” Johny shouted loudly but she left him away.
On his way home, Johny just couldn’t stop reading the form because he found it so strange. He began to wonder what she really meant with the competition.
Ah, maybe it’s kind of the orientation of new student nowadays? Alright then,” Johny said to himself.
His mother has waited him for hours hoping a great news from him.
How was it, John? Have you registered in?” asked Mrs. Anne excitedly. Johny gave no answer but looked terrible while still reading the form. “What’s wrong, kid? Has something bad happened to you? Tell me,” Mommy asked while inviting him to the living room.
How can I not be confused, Mom. I received such a weirdest rule from this form,” said Johny pathetically.
Well, let me hear that,” said his mom.
First, I must have teeth!”
Are you joking now? You even have too much teeth right since your teeth are such a mess hahaha,” his mom laughed hearing that.
Second, I should be able to say ‘Mama’!
Then his mom answered,
It’s pretty easy! You even be able to talk ‘mimi-mumu-momo’ can you? Hahaha,” his mother acted child-likely.
Third, I have to be able to walk well,” he said.
You are even able to climb up our roof, John. It’s a piece of cake!” said mom patting Johny’s back gently.
Hmm.. This fourth condition was the hardest one, Mom. I should wear a clean diaper,” Johny said with teary eyes.
What?! Do you read it wrongly?? A boy like you will need more than two meters of fabric to make a diaper,” told Mrs. Anne.
Both of them were in silence for a moment.
Ah I see . You can just wear my rags, John. Problem solved!”
Pffft,” Johny sighed deeply. “There is one more condition. I must bring a baby pacifier by myself! What kind of rule is this, mom! Is this rule even exist?” said Johny while in tears.
At last, Johny just took and abided it all sincerely. Before the D – Day, he prepared all his best so he can study anymore. Her mother supported him by providing all he needed for the orientation day.
On Monday morning, right before the flag ceremony was started, Johny made his way to the school field with a piece of fabric covering up his body. His appearance shocked most student there. One of the students asked him.
Hey little brother, why do you dress that way huh? Where’s your uniform?” his question made his friends laughed loudly.
Ehmm.. Uhmm,” he said hesitantly. “I just want to abide the rules as the way it is,” Johny explained.
A while later, some teachers came to them. Then suddenly, Johny opened up the fabric covering his body in front of them.
Aaaaawwww!!” all of student and teachers scream out there while looking at Johny .
Hey John, what do you wear? Why are you dressed that way?” Mr. Headmaster asked Johny.
I’m sorry, Sir. I just abided all the rules as the form it is,” Johny said while giving the form to headmaster.
Mr. Headmaster took a look at the form. He frowned as he read the form.
Oh my God, this isn’t register form, John. This is a form for Baby Health Competition held by our school to celebrate World Child Day,” Mr. Headmaster explained.
As they heard what Mr. Headmaster has just explained, they laughed out loud including Johny who stand still wearing all those stuffs.
Hahahahahaha... Oh Poor Baby Johny!”
Well, that’s enough, John. You don’t need to wear clothes such that cause you’ve already registered to be a new student here. Congratulations!” Mr. Headmaster said while shaking Johny’s hand.
Thanks a lot, Sir,” Johny smiled so shyly while many people still laughing at him.
I’m sorry Johny, this is my fault. It was me who gave you that form. It’s a misunderstanding,” a teacher looked so sorry about what she had done toward Johny.
It’s all right, Mam. The most important thing is I can study here anymore. . I’m so excited and I won’t never wear that diaper again,” Johny said happily.
Hahahhaaahha,” all students laughed together and began to shake Johny’s hand.

Tembalang, April 12, 2015